Womens women’s 3-% bermuda flip cuff sock

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  • eighty% cotton, 19% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • three p. C.
  • lower reduce socks
  • rubbed, fold-over cuff
  • strengthened gold toe
  • eighty one% cotton, 18% stretch nylon, 1% spandex
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a goldtoe favorite bermuda is a medium weight turn cuff sock spandex for a remarkable fit best for casual wea 골드토가 가장 좋아하는 버뮤다는 중간 무게의 턴 커프 양말 스판덱스로 캐주얼한 옷차림에 적합합니다


One Size, Shoe Size: 6-9, 9-11


Black, White, Brown Mix, Denim

8 reviews for Womens women’s 3-% bermuda flip cuff sock

  1. QueenCatia

    Very disappointed! I am always on the hunt for cotton goods. I have purchased several pairs of Gold Toe Bermuda socks because they are 81% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 1% Spandex which makes for a wonderfully comfortable sock. These are advertised as 81% cotton but they are 50% cotton. I would never have ordered these socks had I known that. I should have read the reviews but I trusted Amazon to have accurate information. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I have always purchased and loved the fit of Gold Toe socks. My first purchase of these online was the Gold Toe Women’s Turn Cuff Socks (pack of 6). The fit was as comfortable as I expected and the color variety was great. I then ordered this 3 pair, denim package. Not the same quality at all! I read the details that are next to the merchandise before purchasing but they didn’t match the product I received. The details state: 81% cotton, 18% Nylon, 1% spandex. The socks I received are 50% cotton, 31% acrylic, 18% Nylon, 1% spandex. I gave them 1 star because the color was nice, but since I cannot wear them, they are useless to me. The one sock I tried on was much too tight. Also there were numerous loose threads stuck on the socks so I had to run a lint brush over them a few times before trying the sock on. Read more

  3. Rynona Wyder

    Gold Toe are deliberately cutting corners. They have lopped off a couple inches of height, as you can see in the picture, and made the fabric somewhat thinner. (Most recent order is on the left, and the right is a sock I purchased years ago.) I find it sad when companies start penny-pinching, and make crappier products — intentionality. I would rather spend an extra dollar, and have high-quality, long-lasting products. That said, I still like the socks, and wear them frequently. I am generally picky about socks, and like a solid medium-thickness, and a high cotton content, and these are that. At my local co-op, I recently bought a super quality, high-cotton-content black turn-cuff sock, with a brand name I can’t recall. If I can find out, I will edit my review and share with everyone! They are what gold toe used to be, and even better. They are phenomenal! …That said, these Gold Toe are fine. Read more

  4. Ginny

    The color is accurate. Socks look nice. I’m very disappointed with this purchase. The major reason that I purchased these socks is because the description stated they were 81% cotton. Not so. Just 50% cotton. My other reason for buying these socks was that they were made in the US. Not so. Made in Mexico. Too much of a hassle to return them. They appear to be true to size. Socks are a nice weight. Not too thick and not too thin. Toe seams are minimal. Read more

  5. nom de guerre

    The socks I received are only 51% cotton instead of 81% cotton. They are: 50% cotton 31% acrylic 18% nylon If I wanted a sock with such low cotton content I could have paid half the price elsewhere. This is typical of Amazon and third party sellers – frequent misinformation, or lack of essential details. They count on buyers keeping the items rather than go through the hassle of returns. This is the future of retail if we keep giving them sales. I’m doing my best to eliminate amazon from my life because they aren’t accountable like brick and mortar retailers. Read more

  6. Katherine

    I thought that these were going to become my favorite socks. They are comfortable, fit well, look nice, and do not slide down. But they started to wear through at the heel after being worn only a few times. My husband had the same problem with the Gold Toe men’s socks. I will not buy these again, as I would have to replace them every month or so. Read more

  7. cmh

    They are going right back, description needs to be updated from the 81% cotton they are currently advertising falsely. Would’ve saved me the trouble of repackaging and dropping off. Pretty color, though. Read more

  8. ML775

    Gold Toe, what happened???? I’ve worn this style of mostly cotton Gold Toe socks before, for several years. They were great. These socks are nothing like them. The socks do not stay up, to the point of being unbearably annoying and unwearable. They keep scrunching down in my shoes and shifting around my feet, even though they seem to fit well when initially put on. They contain less cotton then the Gold Toes I’ve previously owned. The material is coarse, not soft like the older, mostly cotton Gold Toe turn cuff socks I’ve had. I’m so sorry I wasted my money. I wish I’d listened to the other negative reviews but I was so happy with the Gold Toe socks I’ve previously purchased, I thought I’d take a chance. Hope this review helps others. Read more

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