Women’s weekender 31mm watch

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  • adjustable blue floral patterned 16 millimeter nylon slip-via strap suits up to 7. Five-inch wrist circumference
  • white dial with complete arabic numerals; 24-hour navy time
  • silver-tone 31 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial
  • water proof against 30 meters (a hundred toes): in preferred, withstands splashes or quick immersion in water, but no longer suitable for swimming or bathing
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the freedom to pick

the weekender collection is all approximately versatility. Without difficulty switch it up with interchangeable slip-through and quick-launch straps. With a big choice of colours and floral strap styles, you have options.

women’s weekender collection

an alternative to slip-through straps, brief-launch straps are versatile and clean to trade.

transfer it up with interchangeable slip-via cloth and leather-based straps. The easy-to-trade slip-thru straps allow you to quickly change your strap to healthy any look for limitless alternatives.

timex created modern indiglo backlight era, converting how the sector told time in the dark.

even more options

discover even greater approaches to wear your watch your manner. Pick out from one of a kind weekender case sizes—the small 31mm case or the great 38mm case.

product description

weekender slip thrudesigned for men and women of every age who’re looking for a stylish, inexpensive, casual watch so as to stay in style for many seasons. The timex weekender series is the right accent for an advanced, casual appearance. Capabilities: indiglo night-light water-proof against 30 meters blue nylon slip-via strap 24 hour time logging capability none motion detection (gps/accelerometer) none display length none speed none


Light Blue, Black, Blue Floral, Blue/Silver-Tone, Blue/White, Dark Blue, Green Camo, Pink Floral/Rose Gold-Tone, Pink/Rose Gold

5 reviews for Women’s weekender 31mm watch

  1. Robert C Anderson

    I love this watch! I’ve been wearing it every day since September, and it’s held up really well. I don’t wear it in the shower, and I do take it off if I think I might get it dirty. I’ve had to take the band off and wash it once (just with handsoap in the sink), and it cleaned up nicely. Being a klutz, I’ve knocked it pretty hard on stuff several times, and it doesn’t scratch easily, thankfully. It doesn’t snag on anything, and the band isn’t scratchy at all. I have really small wrists (5.25″) and I wear the band on the second to the tightest notch. I thought I would have to cut the excess of the strap off since there was so much, but found that I could just fold it under itself which works just fine (see pics). The tick is audible, which I like a lot, personally.Anyway, super happy with it! The pics were taken at the time of this writing.Read more

  2. Livvv

    For me, I had very specific requirements in mind when looking for a watch: 1) I wanted it to have 24hour time on the face, because I work 3rd shift; 2) It needed to fit my tiny 5.25″ circumference wrists and not be bulky; 3) I needed it to be durable because I work in a hospital.This little watch meets all of these requirements! One thing I particularly love is how easy it is to read the face. It’s got great font, spacing, size of numbers, second/minute/hour hands, etc. It’s just a perfect little watch.When the strap gets wet, it is moderately uncomfortable. Some people may or may not care about this, depending on how far up they scrub their hands/wrists when washing them.The indiglo is a pretty neat feature and it lights up VERY bright, cool!The ticking is loud. Personally, I like a loud tick, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re considering getting this watch.I’ve had it for many months now, and so far I have no complaints!Read more

  3. Julie R.

    Got a Weekender for my daughter along with three additional interchangeable bands. It didn’t last six weeks. Stopped working and when we took it off the band to see if it needed a new battery it fell apart. I called customer service and the rep was rude and not helpful at all. I was told my only choice was to either take it to a watch repair or send it to them for service which would take up to 6 weeks. No replacement offered, just a flat monotone recitation of a statement that seemed as though it was said several times daily to numerous dissatisfied customers. I’m so disappointed. My daughter wanted a wristwatch for college so I chose Timex because they “take a licking and keep on ticking”. Well, not anymore. I still have the Timex my mom bought for me as a graduation gift and it still works 40 years later. Obviously the quality is NOT the same as it used to be. Just be aware, with terrible quality products and even worse customer service you are taking a chance and wasting money and time. Just how much time wasted is just a guess because you can’t keep track on a timex.*edit- a supervisor contacted me and is sending a replacement watch. This is what should have been offered at the customer service level but at least they took care of it.Read more

  4. Wendyloo

    I have owned several Timex Weekender watches and I love how durable and versatile they are. The face is large enough to see without being too big. I have several nice colorful straps on hand so I can always change up the look of this watch. I really recommend this watch.Note: Though this has nothing to do with the watch review itself, it’s about the shipping. The first watch I had ordered came broken and it came in a large box with bubble wrap all around. The replacement watch came in a mailer envelope with no protection and was bent and twisted all around. The box inside was also mashed up, however, the watch didn’t have a scratch and is perfect. Amazon, you need some better quality control in your shipping department.Read more

  5. Andy

    I bought this watch for myself and have been using it off and on for about a year and a half now. I generally don’t like to wear a watch because, despite the copious amounts of sunblock I use, I’ve already got a rather conspicuous lower arm tan thing in comparison to the rest of my pasty self going on and a watch only makes matters worse. However when I’m doing public outings, either exercise wise or therapy activities for our special needs son, it is often not possible for me to be holding a phone in my hands, so I do need a watch for those occasions. So, I use it on average 2 days a week, sometimes more sometimes less depending on the week and what is happening.So, the positives about this are that nothing has broken on it, it’s working as it should. The strap has not frayed, there have been no problems with the buckle components breaking, and the silver metal part of the watch face seems reasonably scratch and tarnish resistant. The watch face looks pretty good.You should be aware that the strap itself stains easy as can be. It picks up any tiny bit of dirt (I got the pinkish/coral one) and it doesn’t really wash out well. I didn’t want to use a scrub brush on it because I felt that would abrade the band material and lead to fraying and breaking. A washcloth helps, but still this thing looks pretty nasty band wise at this point. I am rather inured to public opinion due the often times interesting things our little man does in public, so I just keep right on wearing it, but if that’s something that would be a concern for you, you may end up feeling a need to replace the band more often then you’d want to so that it’s appearance matches your comfort level for being presentable, and that I why I removed the star. Otherwise, it’s a solid watch that has been working well, has good durability component wise, and is doing what it’s supposed to.Read more

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