Womens walllet rfid blockading bifold multi card case wallet with zipper pocket

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  • leather lining
  • bifold closure
  • the cheaper pockets: high quality proper leather + dust-proof cover + simple polybag packing + great craftmanship = an less expensive and excessive first-rate womens wallet.
  • elegant design: our checkered womens bifold pockets features 16 card slots and a couple of zippered wallet for cash, coins. This practical wallet with a snap to buckle up is perfect to organizer all of your private necessities. Beneficial every-day deliver on the way to placed all your playing cards, ids, receipts, tickets and different small items securely.
  • top-quality length: dimensions: eight”l x 4”h x 1″d
  • rfid blocking off: it continues your identity and credit card data faraway from scanning and theft.
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Black, Blue Classic, Green Army, Green Coal, Grey Deep, Grey Light, Navy Blue, Pink Champagne, Pink Lotus, Red Classic, Red Wine, Tan, Yellow

8 reviews for Womens walllet rfid blockading bifold multi card case wallet with zipper pocket

  1. Angeles

    The wallet arrived nicely packaged and safe it was very fancy. The quality of the material is better than i had imagined and very soft, i especially love the color of it because its suddle not to mention the color of the zippers doesnt make it look super cheap like they do with other wallets, the color of the zippers are rose gold. I have many cards that i needed to fit inside but had more than i thought so i have to use the zippered pocket to fit the rest. The card slots are nicely made and it is easy to see your cards and slips them out when you need and it doesnt make the wallet look bulky at all when i close it. What i didn’t like about the wallet is that it is difficult to manage inserting and taking bills from the zippered pockets, i had to fold in half because unfolded the bills get stuck on the sides because the pocket isn’t wide enough so to get them in and out you have to shimmy them a little bit and hope that not all of your money slips out with it, i had also hoped i would be able to use the pockets to throw my spare change in without having to carry a coin purse too but it didnt work out like i thought because the pocket is so deep that i have to really dig to get the right change and when i do that the zipper hurts my cuticles a bit so if i had to make a suggestion it would be not for a smaller pocket on the side of the wallet to throw small amounts of spare change in Read more

  2. Jules

    I bought this for a recent vacation trip I took. I wanted something that would protect my credit cards. It is a beautiful navy blue color and very slender and stylish looking. It holds a lot of cards. I had so many open slots since I wasn’t taking my usual amount of cards like store and restaurant rewards cards. I am seriously thinking of switching my current wallet to use this because of the amount of card holding spaces it has. I find it so frustrating to have so many store/restaurant rewards cards because I can never find one wallet that will fit them all but they are worth having since you get discounted and free stuff. This wallet also has two zippered pouches on both sides which is great to put dollar bills on one side and coins on the other. Some of you may be saying who carries cash these days…but I’m kind of old fashioned and do like to have cash on me and I still use it! LOL. It was so slender and sleek and it fit perfectly into my backpack small pouch purse I use on trips. I definitely recommend this wallet and it’s an added bonus that it has the RFID blocking. Read more

  3. Britt

    I’ve had this wallet a couple weeks and loved it. It looked nice and felt of good quality. When I went to open the snap to get my credit card out today, the one snap stayed attached and plopped right off. Didnt even realize it had happened until I went to snap it closed and couldnt because the other snap was still attached. Read more

  4. Beauty Maven

    How often do you get compliments on your WALLET? What a crack up but that’s exactly what happens when I pull this baby out to pay for something! I hear, “ it’s so perfect. It’s so thin. It’s so efficient!” It’s all those things and really cute too. I got the yellow just to be rebellious. I cannot believe how awesome this wallet is AND it’s so streamlined and affordable. I have lots of cards and I like to carry them all “just in case.” Things like my gift cards from bdays, gift cards for spa treatments. Discount cards to various stores. My Dave and busters play card. Ya just never know when you’re gonna stop into a random place and need a card! Im super pleased with this wallet and I hope they never stop making them! I could use it as a clutch if I wanted to by putting my lipstick in the cash compartment but I’m pretty low maintenance with makeup. I don’t carry touch up stuff anyway. So there’s that aspect too just Incase you cared to know. Read more

  5. QveenofthaClouds

    Fell apart within a week. Not good quality at all! The card slots are not sewn in well at all. Swear they used a hot needle or something. Threads hanging out. Just poorly made and cheap quality. Not even sure of this is an authentic product. Read more

  6. shokarei

    Very very cute wallet. It holds everything I need it to and a little more. If you’re trying to carry less around, this is definitely a must. Very slim. Nothing is falling out. 2 snap closures. The card slots are tight enough to keep everything in but not so tight the cards won’t come out without a fight. The ID slot is the same way-not so snug that you’ll get it in there and never be able to take it out again. Very pleased. Read more

  7. A.M.Y

    Quite pleased with this wallet, waited two months of usage to review and still going strong. Keeps everything organized, multitude of slots and yet does not bulk up your purse. UPDATE: It’s been almost half year that I’ve carried this around and still loving it! Purchased one (purple) for a family member. Seems to be a different material, even more durable I presume. Either way they are both great and I highly recommend this wallet for anyone out there look for style and organization! Read more

  8. Coffee Lover

    I can’t say enough good things about the DESIGN of this wallet. I can put a card in every slot, bills in one zipper compartment and change in the other and it all fits as intended without bulging. I can easily find the card I want at a glance, not to mention I have been asked countless times about it from cashiers/clerks who see all sorts of wallets and want one like this. HOWEVER the wallet itself does not hold up. The one pictured above was purchased in January 2019 and with daily use has disintegrated! The portion where the cards are stored began crumbling apart around this past December and now has finally torn in a couple of spots even though I changed my cards around when it began crumbling so as not to continue to use the same area over and over. That said I cannot find a better design and purchased this again in Grey. If you are willing to pay about $10.00 per year for 2 years for a wallet, then buy this one. The design is outstanding. If you want QUALITY that lasts this is NOT the one for you. Read more

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