Womens walllet rfid blockading bifold multi card case pockets with zipper pocket

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  • leather-based lining
  • bifold closure
  • the less expensive pockets: high first-rate pu vegan leather + dust-evidence cowl + simple polybag packing + super craftmanship = an inexpensive and excessive fine womens pockets.
  • fashionable layout: our checkered womens bifold pockets functions sixteen card slots and a couple of zippered pockets for coins, coins. This useful pockets with a snap to buckle up is perfect to organizer all your personal necessities. Beneficial every-day deliver to be able to positioned all your cards, ids, receipts, mobile phone, tickets and other small gadgets securely.
  • top-rated size: dimensions: eight”l x 4”h x 1″d
  • rfid blocking: it maintains your identification and credit card records far from scanning and theft.
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7 reviews for Womens walllet rfid blockading bifold multi card case pockets with zipper pocket

  1. Violet

    This is a great wallet at a great price! It is just what I wanted – very slim and minimalist with the room to store everything I need (except I usually like to have a pen in my wallet and there’s no room for that, but it is certainly no deal breaker. I knew this going in). 1) It was important to me that I get a vegan wallet. I did a search on “faux leather wallet” and this one came up. Be aware that included in the choices above are both leather and vegan choices. The leather ones are a little more expensive, at $19.99. I made a mistake and ordered the Chelsea Black first, which is leather. As far as I can tell, all the Chelseas are leather. I arranged to return it and instead got the Ch Black, a synthetic leather. I am much happier with the Ch Black. For those of you who are okay with a leather wallet, I will say that on top of the fact that it’s leather, there is another reason I wouldn’t like it — it’s soft to the point of being too flimsy (just my opinion). And it looks like it would scratch very easily. The Ch Black is quite a bit stiffer. I like my wallet to feel like it has some substance. 2) It’s just large enough and thin at the same time! One of the pictures I included has this wallet next to my Mundi Fat Wallet so people can get an idea how thin this is. And the only thing I’m not carrying in this one that I did have in my Mundi is the ink pen! I put my checks in one of the zipper pockets. I had to sort of force them in, as the opening is a bit smaller than the pocket itself, but it was seriously no big deal to get them in. I put unfolded cash in the other zipper pocket. Again, the pocket is plenty large enough to hold cash. There is no place specifically for coins, but I don’t carry coins anyway. There are enough slots so that each card has its own, and I like that. I filled up most of the slots. I didn’t see if my iPhone 6+ would fit, but the pocket is long enough to accommodate the length of the phone. I’m not sure about the width, but I didn’t want to overstuff this wallet. I want it to stay thin. I am using it with a crossbody bag; as another reviewer said, it’s perfect for those bags! 3) The texture is awesome. Back to my comparison with the leather one of the same style, this one seems a much more durable texture. It will keep it from showing any scratches it may get from daily use. 4) The packaging tells you a lot. It comes packaged in a thick plastic ziplock bag, and wrapped in tissue paper with a nice sticker holding it together. It’s great that the company is so thoughtful about the customer experience. 5) Cons: Several of the card slots on one side aren’t exactly straight. It’s hardly noticeable, but I am picky and notice everything. It’s still no biggie. I am considering buying another one of these to have when this one wears out. It is an awesome deal and I am very happy with the purchase. I’ll try to come back here and update when I’ve had it a few months and let everyone know how it’s going. If you’re on the fence about this wallet, buy it and see what you think…returns are free 🙂 Read more

  2. Lauren Marie

    I’v had this wallet for almost 8 months now and it still looks new. The material is waterproof and sturdy so it is holding up reaelly well with no signs of wear. The best part of this wallet is that it holds all of my cards, I can see them, and get easy access to them. The zippered compartments are large enough to hold receipts, biz cards, and bills if they are folded. The only negative is that I wish that there was a change compartment on the back so I could keep coins separate from everything else. Overall worth the price, would buy others in different colors. Read more

  3. Helen L.

    Love love this wallet. For my previous wallet, I double up my credit cards into limited number of slots to fit all of them. Once I do that, the wallet was fat & bulky. This Travelambo is wider but oh so thin. It has more than enough credit card slots that I can put each card into its own slot without doubling up. In addition, there are 2 zipper pockets – one for bills and another for coins. Note, I was not able to fit my iPhone7 into one of these pockets. It probably would fit if I didn’t have a protective case for the iPhone. The material for the “Ch. Black” color feels strong with the Saffiano leather look but it’s really hard to tell whether it’s real leather though. I don’t mind it too much for the price I paid though. Read more

  4. khala81

    I’ve had the same wallet for YEARS and decided to get a new one. I wasn’t looking for an expensive designer wallet. I needed something that would fit all my cards (cc, store loyalty cards etc). Came across this wallet and I have never been more happy about a purchase the way I am about this one. I have a several big purses and one smaller purse which didn’t fit my old wallet too good. This wallet fits in that purse with room to spare. The wallet is not cheaply made and looks great. My mom ended up ordering the red one, I have black. Trying to get my bestie to order one too. 4/1/2020: It’s been over a year and my wallet still looks brand new. I’ve had numerous wallets over the years and with regular use, they tend to look worn after a while. Not this wallet. Haven’t switched wallets since I’ve received mine and it looks the same as when I got it. Read more

  5. FL Senior

    I had high expectations for this travel wallet, as I travel frequently. Here are the two biggest problems I encountered over the past two weeks with this product. 1. It opens completely; there is no way to open just one side. When it is open, it exposes every card in the inserts. There is no privacy from prying eyes. 2.It is 13.5″ long when open, and the slots are vertical, not horizontal, so the entire wallet must be opened every time. It takes up a lot of counter space. I am going to have to return it because I require more privacy than this wallet affords. P.S. The snaps and zippers worked fine. Read more

  6. Sandy Piehl

    I was a little skeptical about this product- didn’t think it would fit everything I’m used to carrying in a wallet plus RFID card holder. Wow – was I wrong! This is a very slim solution that holds unfolded paper cash in one zipper compartment and coins in the other. Inside, I use one side of card holders for ID & rewards cards and the other for credit cards. It’s a very handy & secure solution that is very portable if needed. It’s also very well-made (my year-old wallet was chipping at the corners & was beginning to look bad). Highly recommend this one! Read more

  7. qpalzm

    My last wallet was bulky, tattered and needed to be replaced. I can’t believe the quality of this one for such an amazing price. I am about to order another one since I like this so much. It holds tons of cards and is very streamlined. It’s so much less bulky than a typical wallet. It works great as a clutch as well. I do wish that it was about 1″ longer and could hold a few more cards. To insert and take out bills is a slight bit difficult and the extra length would make it easier. Read more

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