Women’s romantic lace top thigh highs – sandalfoot

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  • leg: 85% nylon, 15% spandex; lace pinnacle: eighty four% nylon, sixteen% spandex
  • made in us
  • pull on closure
  • hand wash
  • comfort top thigh high
  • romantic lace pinnacle w/ stay-up silicone
  • revolutionary stay up design, leg- sheer nylon/spandex
  • sheer, easy silky lycra leg
  • sandalfoot toe, seek advice from image for length chart
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product description

this lace pinnacle thigh-excessive functions a sheer lycra leg


1, Queen 1, 2, Queen 2, A / B, A-B, A/B, C-D, C/D


Black, White, City Beige, French Coffee, Nude, Red Lacquer

8 reviews for Women’s romantic lace top thigh highs – sandalfoot

  1. Rose

    I’m 18 years old, 6’7″, and weigh about 145 lbs, and I ordered white in size C/D. I love love love these stockings. I had never spent more than a couple dollars on thigh-highs before (because I’m horribly cheap) but I regret that now. These stockings are absolutely worth my money- I’m not very careful with my clothes and tend to rip holes in everything, but these stood up to my antics really well (they have a few runs after wearing them probably about 20 times, but I don’t even really mind. rock and roll, and all that.) The lace top is really nice, the silicone inside works WONDERFULLY at keeping them up, and they fit perfectly. I have kind of chubby thighs but I can pull the stockings up as high as I want without discomfort or horrible mushrooming of my legs, haha. all in all, I highly recommend these! Read more

  2. Christy

    These thigh highs fit me perfectly. Which is hard to find considering that I’m only 5’2 and most thigh highs come up to my groin. These rest just above my knee and fit snugly around my lower thigh. They were a perfect fit. Did you notice that I said “were?” Yup! The material that the leg portion is made of is cheap and pills, pulls, tears, and runs so easy it’s ridiculous. My husband doesn’t have overly calloused hands. He works in an office and only gets his hands dirty a couple of times a week. He ran his hand down my leg and the thigh highs looked like my cat had shredded them! Sexy? Yes. Fitting for short people? Yes. Durable? Not even a little bit. If you’re looking for something cheap to wear once, if you’re looking for some thigh highs that won’t leave your bedroom, these would be a great fit. But, alas, I am still on the search for a pair that fit short women and that won’t run if you look at them too hard. Read more

  3. Caelis

    I almost didn’t buy this pair because of the reviewers that claim to have received blisters from these particular thigh-highs: If you’re allergic to silicone, don’t wear these! I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the reviews, because these are absolutely perfect. PRE-NOTE: I am 5’0, 98lbs, with medium/average-sized thighs. 1. The fit for A/B is JUST RIGHT (bottom of lace hits just above the mid line of my thigh)- if you’re much taller than me or have large thighs, I would get the next size up. 2. The lace and sheerness of the thigh-highs are just like in the picture, extremely flattering! 3. My boyfriend hasn’t closed his mouth yet… I think that says something. 4. As far as durability, they seem to be too fragile for everyday wear (Just get a pair of average pantyhose for that), but they are great for bedroom wear and special date nights. 5. NO sausage effect! Woohoo! 6. These will eventually fall down if you’re doing gymnastics (I did a cartwheel test, and they slipped slightly with each move) but they have an exceptional grip that will stand up to walking around and minor rough-housing. 7. I would order these again and recommend them in a heartbeat. They’re worth every bit of $15 and I got them for 9! Hopefully this helps! (: Read more

  4. fuzzy logic

    Bought these for my girlfriend who has VERY full thighs and is about 5’5″. The fit is pretty good. If you’re dealing with large thighs these are the best bet in the largest Queen 2 size. Texture is good. City Beige is a little lighter then the way the picture shows and you will not get a “sun tan” look which I prefer but then you can’t have it all. It is more neutral in appearance. The price is reasonable when you take into account that this is a specialty size for a particular body type. Read more

  5. Babadook

    Cute and great price. The anti-slip stuff at the top is quite effective too. I have fat thighs, like literally, I walk and everyone on the west coast is like, omg, did the San Andreas fault finally give way, and they’re like, nah, it’s just them thighs. And these are comfortable and actually reach past my damn knee. Read more

  6. Gabrielle112

    Love these! These were my first pair of thigh high stockings, I got tired of having my insides smashed by full pantyhose. That said the lace is beautiful and they stay up very well. The first day I wore them I accidentally scraped the bottom of my high heel on the top of the opposite foot and to my surprise they didn’t rip at all. If after a couple of wears the top loses its stickiness just rub a little alcohol/hand sanitizer on the silicone and it’ll be good as new. Would buy these again. Read more

  7. Tiffany

    I normally wear Hanes silk reflection thigh hi lace top. These are very similar in looks and feel. The difference is that the lace top is slightly wider and has a lower edge, which gives these a more garter look. It’s nice. They are fairly durable. I wear stocking frequently. So they probably have been worn over 20 times and then the band become loose. That’s pretty good value for me. I took a star off cause the band got loose so suddenly, one of the stockings just fell out of my dress. It was so embarrassing. Read more

  8. LissaLou

    The stockings are very soft and smooth. Seductive, too. Why not five stars? Well, sizing. I am 5’2″ and a little chubby, so I bought a Q1. Bad idea. They were long and stretchy enough to roll over at the top. Perhaps it is due to my short inseam, but should be noted that they do have A LOT of stretch. The stockings also lost a bit of rating for the silicone bands. I didn’t read the description well enough, so, my bad. They make it difficult to use garter straps. A worthy purchase. Read more

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