Women’s q7b866 -tone chrome steel expansion 11-13mm replacement watchband

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  • well suited with timex dress fashions with eleven-13mm case lugs
  • two-tone chrome steel watch band
  • enlargement-band clasp
  • band width: eleven. 00mm

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product description

timex group b. V. Is one of the excellent-acknowledged american watch organizations. Timex’s u. S. Headquarters are located in middlebury connecticut and it has great operations in china, the philippines and india and full scale income agencies in canada, the united kingdom, france and mexico.

the business enterprise started in 1854 as waterbury clock in connecticut’s naugatuck valley, recognized for the duration of the nineteenth century as the “switzerland of the united states.” sister corporation waterbury watch manufactured the first less expensive mechanical pocket watch in 1880. All through global conflict i, waterbury commenced making wristwatches, which had best simply grow to be popular, and in 1933 it made history by developing the primary mickey mouse clock beneath license from walt disney, with mickey’s fingers pointing the time.

for the duration of global conflict ii, waterbury renamed itself u. S. Time employer. In 1950 the agency introduced a wristwatch called the timex. Over the following 3 decades, timex was offered thru a chain of advertisements which emphasized its sturdiness by using setting the watch via “torture assessments,” along with falling over the grand coulee dam or being strapped to the propeller of an outboard motor, with the slogan “it takes a licking and maintains on ticking.” with the assist of former olympic broadcaster, spokesman john cameron swayze, income took off. The organization later have become timex agency, then timex organization and, to this point, has offered over a thousand million watches.

the employer has remained very aggressive and the timex brand keeps its dominance via modern. Its primary market remains america and canada, although the timex logo is bought global due to its capability to capitalize on its strong emblem photograph and reputation for satisfactory.

one of the maximum a success and vital capabilities available on many timex watches is the indiglo backlight device. Indiglo is a emblem name of indiglo employer, entirely owned by using timex for licensing purposes. Timex electroluminescent lamps, branded indiglo, have been delivered in 1992 within the ironman watch line. They were a direct achievement. The indiglo lamp uniformly lighting the floor of the timex’s watch dials in a manner that makes the dial read very easily in lots of exceptional mild settings. In a few more moderen watches the indiglo backlight simplest lights up the numbers, in preference to the whole lcd display, which is done through a specialised film that inverts the lcd transmissivity.

today, timex institution products are manufactured within the some distance east and in switzerland often based on generation that continues to be advanced within the united states of america and in germany. With a big and sundry line of watches, timex has the fashion for everybody. From the locker room to the board room, there’s a top notch timex fashion time-piece for you.

8 reviews for Women’s q7b866 -tone chrome steel expansion 11-13mm replacement watchband

  1. Jane Lebak

    It’s a watch band, and it keeps the watch on my daughter’s wrist. It went on pretty easily once I figured out how I was supposed to put it on (because no one gives instructions for watch bands) and it’s stayed on ever since. Pretty much all the things you want a watch band to do. If anyone is awarding citations to watch bands for excellent watch-holding, I would feel happy to nominate this one. And I never have any clue what to write on these reviews, so, yeah. Go watch band!Read more

  2. Maxine Borcherding

    I bought this band to replace the original leather band which literally fell apart. (Can’t complain though- it lasted for about 3 years of daily wear!). This two tone expansion band is attractive and versitile as it can pair with both silver and gold jewelry. It was easy to put on the watch although for my small wrists, is a bit big. Suggestion: include with expansion bands instructions for removing one or more links if needed for a better fit. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it.Read more

  3. Barbara T.

    This two toned band is versatile and looks great. Item arrived promptly. While I ended up using it for a different watch than was intended, I am very pleased with the result. The pins included did not work in my watch, so keep your original pins just in case.Read more

  4. Mary A

    This is a very nice replacement watch band. I only gave it 2 stars for Easy to Install because I don’t have the tools to install it myself. I had a jeweler do it and it cost more to have them put the watch band on my watch than I paid for the band. That said, I do like the band.Read more

  5. WKB

    I have a fairly small wrist, and this band is just small enough to work. I thought I read links could be removed, but that does not appear to be the case. It came with pins and was no more tricky to install than other watch bands I’ve replaced. Takes patience, luck and some dexterity.Read more

  6. Rita M. Mitchell

    It’s hard to put it together for elderly, but once that was done & I had links taken out, it was perfect. Love it!Read more

  7. K. Leal

    My mom prefers this style band so when looking for a replacement band first place I went was Amazon. I found this TIMEX band — it’s very nice looking, great TIMEX quality and oh so easy to install. Great price tooRead more

  8. ShadyTree05

    I used this band to replace the worn leather band that came on my Timex. Love it! It looks great with the watch. I have had several compliments on it.Read more

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