Women’s poplin sleep pant

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  • ninety seven% cotton, three% elastane
  • imported
  • device wash
  • sleep in style and comfortable consolation with those classic poplin pajama pants
  • presenting elasticized waist and front tie
  • everyday made better: we concentrate to client comments and quality-song every element to ensure exceptional, healthy, and comfort
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an amazon brand-sleep in style and at ease consolation with these traditional poplin pajama pants

amazon necessities is targeted on creating inexpensive, top notch, and long-lasting everyday apparel you may rely upon. Our line of ladies’s clothing consists of cashmere sweaters, fleece and down jackets, and more, including plus-length options. Our consistent sizing takes the guesswork out of purchasing, and each piece is put to the take a look at to maintain the very best standards in pleasant and luxury.


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Blue Floral Stripe, Blue Gingham, Blue Multi Floral, Blue Plaid, Blue Stripe, Blue/White Floral, Cactus Print, Navy Floral, Pink Butterfly Floral, Pink Gingham, Pink Plaid, Pink Stripe

7 reviews for Women’s poplin sleep pant

  1. ReviewToaKill

    I so loved these PJ bottoms. I wore them straight out of the package and the comfort and roominess were great. Living in a hot state, I am always looking for good, lightweight cotton poplin-type bottoms. We just roast here in the summer in anything else. The colors are cute and of the standard PJ-palette. I was smitten. Then they fell off the top of my “must review now” list. Then I washed them. They shrunk. A lot. They shrunk to the point where if I’m lounging and want to sit cross-legged, the crotch seam pulls. They shrunk to the point where the drawstring that was previously very necessary and useful is now more of an embellishment. They’re great bottoms, but y’all need to size up! Don’t be dismayed if they swallow you at first. Wash them and you’ll be fine. Read more

  2. RuthorDare

    Edit- April 21, 2020; I’ve had these for almost a year now and I’m baffled by those who say these have dramatic shrinkage. I wash these in cold water and air dry when I can, but my husband often does laundry and he tosses them in the dryer on high heat with everything else. Yet these still fit me despite the fact that I’ve gained 20 pounds (corticosteroids suck). They still barely graze the ground, and are still baggy in the legs. However they are more snug around my stomach and butt than I’d prefer, but that’s due to me growing, not the pants shrinking. Original review; I ordered a medium, because I’m 5’4 and my ever fluctuating weight is currently 140. You can see by the pictures that they are fairly baggy on me. The length just grazed the ground when I wore sneakers. From the reviews, I knew that there was a chance that medium could be too big, but knowing that baggy is more forgiving than tight, I took the chance. But I was conservative with my purchase and just ordered one pair so I could gauge the size. (I want ALL of the cute prints!) I’ve been looking for cute print poplin pants for a long time, and I was overjoyed when I discovered that Amazon carried them at such an affordable price! The Amazon Essentials Poplin Pajama Pants are the cutest and most affordable ones on Amazon! They are very reminiscent (style wise, they are close to identical!) to my favorite Old Navy poplin pajama pants. These are my new favorites. The prints are gorgeous! I can’t wait to buy more! The only way they could be more perfect is for them to have pockets. But that’s not enough of a deficit for me to deduct a star, as I seriously adore these! I discovered a long time ago that poplin pants are just as cool and cute as linen pants, but usually much more affordable. The trick is to find cute prints as opposed to stripes or plaids which will always look like pajamas no matter what you wear them with. These pants are perfect for summer! Especially on days when you will be transitioning a lot from outdoors to inside where it’s cool and air conditioned, or knowing you will be out until evening, but won’t have a chance to change into something warmer. The fabric is smooth and cool so you don’t get too hot, but covers your legs completely so you don’t get too cool. I packed mine to take to a family camp in mid June in Oregon when the weather ranges from low 60s to high 80s. They were perfect! I couldn’t have been more comfortable! They even held up beautifully when my husband and I went on a hike and climbed down a cliff to get to a creek. And one last thing I have to get off my chest… It kills me when I read the reviews complaining that these are “not a soft cotton”. Obviously these people didn’t have any idea what poplin was before they ordered them. Lack of knowledge on the customer’s part is not a defect of the product and leaving a negative review as a result shows that they are irresponsible consumers. If you’re looking for poplin pants, look no further! Buy these, you won’t regret it. Read more

  3. Krimpet

    I guess I’m a skinflint but I can’t see paying $30-$40 for something nobody else every sees. I’ve been buying Old Navy pj pants for years because they were cute, the price was right and they fit me. Old Navy’s quality has gone downhill recently, their fabric rips and frays, the stitching comes apart and I won’t even pay their sale prices anymore. I decided to try Amazon since they had few cute patterns available in my size and the price is similar to Old Navy. The fit of the Amazon pj pants is very similar to the way the Old Navy pants fit, I’m 5’3″ 140 lbs and the mediums aren’t too tight and just slightly too long. I like the drawstring on the Amazon pj pants, it’s kind of a substantial corded ropey-tape thing like Old Navy used to have years ago. I’ve already washed the Amazon pjs 3 times and I notice that they’re fading a little but otherwise the fabric and stitching is holding up. I’ll try and remember to write an update in a few months. Read more

  4. OKBlondlady

    These are absolutely wonderful!! As far as those saying they shrink, I’m not sure how they’re washing them; I washed them n warm/dryed on low & they came out perfect! no wrinkles, no shrinking. In fact I was counting on shrinkage because they were a little large. Im a size 6 ordered a medium, really should have gotten a small but they’re pj’s so ok if somewhat baggy. They are poplin, w a small amt of stretch. THAT MEANS they are NOT knit. Cotton poplin is a crisp linen type finish, great for the hot weather, & if you personally do not like clingy pjs. If u are looking for poplin pj’s pants these are the bomb!! of course there r no pockets u guys, its in the definition if u would read. Pockets would b great, I agree but for $14 we all have to b realistic, they’re very economical, well made & comfortable. They do need to b washed several times to remove the sizing otherwise the scratchiness u feel is the SIZING not the actual fabric. Keep u expectations realistic & u will LOVE these! I just ordered 2 more pairs. They do run a tad large, I would order ur normal size if u plan to wash them correctly. If u insist on washing/drying on hot u may have some shrinkage and need to order a size up. Read more

  5. Nativeone

    I wear a size 10, and I’m 5’6″. Lots of the reviews I read had me thinking a medium would be fine but my gut said go with a large. Luckily I purchased a large, they are not super long and they are not as baggy as I was expecting. The crotch is short. If you have much of a bottom these things will be tight. I love the color, wish they had them in solids. Would also have liked the bottom hem to be vented, like scrubs. Will not be drying them in the dryer to prevent any shrinkage. The weight is perfect for what I was needing. It is going to take many washings to get that super soft 100% cotton feel but I can deal with that. Read more

  6. Cj

    These pants are so nice. Cool cotton. There’s nothing like cotton for the summer. I’ve ordered many pants of different brands from amazon and I must say these are the best. You won’t be disappointed when you buy these. Finally I found lounging pants that are perfect for me. Read more

  7. ovcas

    These pants are fine. They’re not my favorite fabric (peach fuzz type). They fit but slightly tight, I order by measurements. But I move in my sleep and I worry the crouch or side seams will rip in my sleep. Wish I’d order a size up, if ur an active sleep and need room to move go up a size. Read more

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