Womens overall performance wonderful lite no-show athletic jogging socks multipack

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  • 93% polyester, five% rubber, 1% nylon, 1% spandex
  • imported
  • system wash
  • lightweight performance material for minimum bulk in shoe
  • rundry moisture management allows keep feet dry
  • mesh ventilation enhances breathability and luxury
  • arch support for an improved and secure suit
  • comfort toe seam for reduced irritation
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approximately us

saucony changed into founded in 1898. With over a century of jogging in our blood, we’ve developed from a neighborhood manufacturing facility to a worldwide brand in the suburbs of boston, inspiring properly runs global.

we supply runners the energy to project themselves every day thru our commitment to innovation, design, and boundary-pushing merchandise.

what have been pure performance footwear of their era at the moment are passion tasks showcasing our signature styles and silhouettes. Today, originals represent moments in time, like the iconic jazz, that replicate the reminiscences we connect to the occasions where we were at our excellent. All at the same time as staying actual to what makes saucony… unique.

our designs have usually been “notably saucony” and experience appropriate from the moment you lace up. Right here are a number of our most infamous, beloved patterns that constitute the pleasant of the quality of saucony

we recognize saucony is not the perfect word to mention, but there’s a story behind it. Our emblem is stimulated by way of the saucony creek in kutztown, pa, where our emblem began and the water flowed around three wonderful boulders. Nowadays, they stand for the guiding boulders of our emblem: correct overall performance, proper fitness and precise network.

right performance

we supply runners the power to mission themselves every day through our commitment to innovation, design, and boundary-pushing merchandise. We support the whole runner from sole to soul with academic projects, inspirational testimonies, and applications inspired by way of stories. We advocate for runners of every stage with our efforts in the direction of constructing a more accurate within the running community and beyond.

product description

saucony girls’s overall performance great lite no show socks is a perfect aggregate of comfort and support. Incredible for the hardest education sessions. Capabilities arch guide and air mesh venting for lasting comfort. 써코니 여성용 퍼포먼스 슈퍼 라이트 노쇼 양말은 편안함과 지지력을 완벽하게 조합합니다. 가장 힘든 훈련 세션에 적합합니다. 오래 지속되는 편안함을 위한 아치 서포트와 에어 메시 통풍구가 특징입니다.


Shoe Size: 5-10


Black Assorted (8 Pairs), Black Fashion (8 Pairs), Bright Assorted (8 Pairs), Grey Assorted (8 Pairs), Grey Fashion (8 Pairs), Light Assorted (8 Pairs), Pink Assorted (8 Pairs)

8 reviews for Womens overall performance wonderful lite no-show athletic jogging socks multipack

  1. nrosek

    I bought these for my low-cut boots and sneakers. However, just wearing them around the house…they are not of the material you want! Stick with cotton…it breathes way better. My feet sweat in these (ew, I know, gross). They are low-cut enough so I like that and seem to stay put. I just wish I can find low ankle socks that are cotton! Read more

  2. Kaitlyn

    These socks are extremely thin. I already know they’re not going to last long. I expected something thicker and better quality for the price that I paid, and with all the great reviews. But they’re so thin that they’re almost see-through on the first wear, and I’m only a size 8 shoe. They’re also pretty rough. They don’t have any extra support anywhere either. Save your money. Read more

  3. Lori

    These socks looked great and were very comfortable. Did not keep the feet as cool as they were advertised but were fine otherwise. The problem was when we washed them the first time. We washed in cold on gentle cycle. After the wash was finished we saw gray imprints on several pieces of lighter colored clothing. The only thing in the wash that was gray was the socks. So we can only assume the color from the socks bled onto the clothing. I have never had socks bleed before. We were very disappointed as no matter how hard we tried we can’t get the gray stains out of the other clothing. So if you buy these socks, make sure you wash them the first couple time in with darker clothes so no issues for you. Read more

  4. S Smart

    When my husband and I started training for a half marathon, we ordered Saucony brand socks- that was over 4 years ago! 6 months ago it was time to trade them out (way too late, I totally know!). I wore them daily with my tennis as well as for running- they had gotten so thin, but had lasted so well for YEARS! I bought this pack a couple of months ago to replace the originals. They were amazing! I love wearing them daily and they hold up so well. These will always be my go-to socks! Read more

  5. Firehorse

    Love these socks design and colors, but the fabric is not soft and too thin. Read more

  6. Alyson

    Not great socks, at least for me. They are thin and do not give any support at all. There is no cushioning for the toes / heel. The arch support band that “wraps” around your foot was tight and uncomfortable to the point that I could actually feel the band when I had my shoes on. These are getting returned and I’ll try another brand….. 🙁 Read more

  7. Brad Peters

    I love Saucony no show socks! I’ve been buying them for years. This batch however seems a little more thin. They feel like they’d be perfect for summer wear! The sock doesn’t have that supporting more tight feeling around my arch like the previous designs have had. They aren’t as absorbent and don’t seem to keep my foot as dry while running or working out. Read more

  8. JoyNicole

    I work very long days in a medical clinic and am always on my feet. I like socks that are lightweight, breathable, and not padded. These socks are absolutely perfect in my opinion! No padding whatsoever and they are perfect with my work shoes. If you like lightweight socks, these are for you. Read more

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