Women’s ironman transit 33mm watch

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  • adjustable white 12 millimeter resin strap fits up to 7. 5-inch wrist circumference
  • a hundred-hour chronograph with 10-lap memory; 24-hour countdown timer
  • customizable alarm; 24-hour navy time mode; 2 time zones; day, date & month calendar
  • white & rose gold-tone 33 millimeter resin case; acrylic lens; grey virtual show; indiglo mild-up watch dial
  • water-proof against a hundred meter (330 toes): in fashionable, suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but no longer diving
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guys’s and girls’s game watches

at ease, athletic silhouettes with a durable resin strap come collectively to create the best sports activities watch that’s properly-suitable for ordinary put on.

in 1984, timex took the clock off the finish line — and they’ve continued to revolutionize sports watches ever on account that.

the timex ironman transit series is strong and built for active life with its countdown timer, customizable alarms and stopwatch features.


Grey, Black/Silver-Tone, Blue/Rose Gold-Tone, Gray/Purple, Pink/Rose Gold-Tone, Purple/Silver-Tone, White/Rose Gold-Tone

7 reviews for Women’s ironman transit 33mm watch

  1. Squirt

    For the past 2 years I’ve been wearing a very trendy and large but attractive Timex, got plenty of compliments. But I’ve been missing the date factor. And now that I’m retired, some mornings I don’t know what day it is 🙂 Could not find an affordable analog with day and date without it being mens and too big (not sure why men are entitled to know what day it is more than women…lol) Hesitated on getting this type of watch for fear it would be too manly looking. But for the price, DAY & DATE, and attention to measurements… decided to try it. I love love love it!! I have thin wrist and my large attractive watch was really not that comfortable. This one is lighter and more comfortable…not too large or small, not too thick. Instructions are not included but the paper says to go to However, I called the contact # for Timex, got a very pleasant and helpful rep who not only emailed me the directions but also walked me through setting up my watch. Once it’s set, that’s it! I couldn’t be more pleased, and LADIES… YOU WON’T GO WRONG… seriously. The subtle purple is dark with pale lavender buttons…not loud or obnoxious at all!! Now, if this holds up like I’m used to with Timex….. YAY 🙂 NEED TO ADD — this particular model was not on the website manuals page….why I called. Rep said model is newer, not on site yet.Read more

  2. H. Stevens

    First of all, to address all the negative reviews, I would like to point out that the instructions are folded very tightly into a very small rectangle and stuffed inside the plastic watch holder that comes in the box. I have been using Timex watches for a very long time, so I do not require instructions, but I do recall that the last time I read them they were reasonably intelligible.I look for a number of things in a watch. First of all, it must be waterproof because I swim, so that means I need a sports watch. I require a digital interface and since I am retired I also need to know the day of the week, the month and date. I strongly prefer a watch that lights up at night. I have tried wearing fashion watches with my dresses, and been dissatisfied because I cannot read the face in a dark environment. So I really require a watch that fills a lot of functions and looks good doing it. I don’t want the type of watch that has buttons sticking out all over it or looks like a military watch. I want a lady like watch that I can take from the pool to a nightclub. I screened pages and pages of watches on Amazon, and I could not find a watch that did everything I wanted to that also had the appearance I was looking for. This type of watch seems to be going out of fashion, and being replaced by the type of sports watches the take your heart rate and have a lot of other functions.Finally, I came across this watch and it had everything I was looking for, so I bought it. Now that I have it I really like it. It has a discrete appearance paired with superior functionality that I am looking for.As far as battery life goes, I have had a lot of sports watches and what happens is that the little circular strap holder that holds the end of the strap down will break, then the watch will become unbuckled and fall off easily. Unfortunately this requires replacement of the watch which is long before the battery wears out. This happens after about two or three years of use, it is a shame, but that’s the way it is. I have tried a number of different glues and epoxies to try to repair the strap holder, but none of them seem to work. I keep the old watches around just in case a need pops up for a watch with a nonfunctional strap, but I just threw a bunch of them away.Highly recommended!Read more

  3. Meprice

    I like pretty much everything about the watch. I thought it might be a little larger, but the size is fine. The chrome ring around the face kind of blinds me when the light catches it just right. As for setting the watch, it’s very strait forward so ignore the reviews that say it’s hard to set. It took me 1 minute to completely set it with alarms and all. It’s a good looking watch and easy to read. Love it!Read more

  4. Pertchui Gamalyan

    Very happy with the purchase. I have small wrists and usually I have to buckle watches at the very last notch, with this one I only have to go until the 3rd to last, so it’s a good fit for smaller wrists. It’s nice and thin so it does not bother the top of my wrist. I’ve worn it to the gym and gotten a couple of black scuffs on it, they wiped right off just by rubbing or with a wet paper towel. The instructions that came with it were not helpful to set the watch, but it’s very easy to do using the mode and set buttons on the watch. No bells and whistles here really. I just wanted a watch with a large display with the date and time, and this fits the bill. It does have a timer, chrono, and 1 alarm.Read more

  5. ahh

    This watch was very affordable and once set, it was quite reliable. However…The watch came with no user guide which was quite exasperating because I couldn’t make an accurate guess as to how to set or change modes. I had to find my Amazon order to get the model number and find the manual on-line. This was time consuming as Timex has SO many watches. I felt that the steps/procedure for setting the modes were not intuitive. The buttons were not sensitive at all and often did not respond until I pushed them just the right way. I found myself very frustrated with the watch. Once I did get the modes set, I found the watch was quite reliable; however, when I needed to change a setting, I was swearing again.Read more

  6. Gemma W

    Thw gold rim looks very nice and hasn’t scratched within the month that I’ve owned it. It is also waterproof so that’s great when I forget to take it off in the shower (haven’t tested its deep diving capability). Something VERY annoying in the design is only one alarm. All the other sporty models I’ve owned had three alarms. This is the same technology but larger screen so why only one alarm?!The second issue is that the wristband gets filthy easily and it shows up against the white. Of the screen portion. I have no idea how to clean it so I have a white clock on a gray wristband now…Read more

  7. Jean

    I’ve been wearing Timex Ironman watches for over 20 years. To me this is the best looking one! Even though I have small wrists, I’ve often purchased the men’s watches for the larger face (so I can easily read it on the fly!). This watch has an easily visible face but with a smaller band than the usual men’s watch. I like it!Read more

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