Womens gentle opaque knee high socks (p. C. Of three)

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  • 85% nylon, 15% lycra elastane
  • made in usa
  • device wash
  • nylon combination sock with banded top for stay-up consolation
  • knee high length
  • size 1: 4’eleven” to six’0″ and 100-two hundred lbs; length 2: five’2″ to 6″zero” and one hundred seventy five-three hundred lbs.
  • 3 pair percent
  • made in u. S. A.
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product description

hue smooth opaque knee high our #1 trouser sock is ideal for boots and shoes supplying opaque insurance without the majority. Functions a awesome gentle nylon/spandex combination with opaque coverage and shape-maintaining suit. Banded pinnacle for stay-up consolation. Seamed toe for introduced durability. Hits simply below knee. Made in u. S. A.. Hue 부드러운 불투명 니하이 삭스는 당사의 1위 바지 양말로 부츠와 신발에 완벽하며 부피가 크지 않은 불투명한 커버를 제공합니다. 매우 부드러운 나일론/스판덱스 혼방으로 불투명 커버와 형태를 유지하는 핏이 특징입니다. 제자리에 고정되는 편안함을 유지하기 위해 밴드 처리된 상단. 내구성을 더하기 위해 솔기 처리된 발가락 부분. 무릎 바로 아래까지 내려옵니다. 미국산. Hue 부드러운 불투명 니하이 삭스는 당사의 1위 바지 양말로 부츠와 신발에 완벽하며 부피가 크지 않은 불투명한 커버를 제공합니다. 매우 부드러운 나일론/스판덱스 혼방으로 불투명 커버와 형태를 유지하는 핏이 특징입니다. 제자리에 고정되는 편안함을 유지하기 위해 밴드 처리된 상단. 내구성을 더하기 위해 솔기 처리된 발가락 부분. 무릎 바로 아래까지 내려옵니다. 미국산.


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Black, Espresso, Navy, White

8 reviews for Womens gentle opaque knee high socks (p. C. Of three)

  1. K Silvana Schaut

    Found a great pair of knee high “never fall down” socks a few years ago. Never had socks that stayed in place before and I can’t express how much easier my life was after finding them, especially at work where I’m on my feet all day. Unfortunately, they recently wore out and I could neither remember the brand nor where I got them. I was nervous about being disappointed with whatever I chose next, that they would be too thick, too thin, too tight, too loose, and worst of all fall down with every other footstep. Luckily, I came across these and they are perfect. They go right up to the knee so I have full coverage, they are thinner than cotton athletic socks but thicker than nylon hosiery, and they never fall down but they don’t cut off circulation or make my legs swell. They have reinforced “cuffs” at the top and reinforced toes. The toes have a seam and are more squared than rounded (so not really for open-toed dress shoes/heels), but I don’t notice any discomfort or annoyance. They are sturdy but not like “old lady” support stockings. I forget all about them once they’re on which makes them, IMO, a perfect sock. They wash up nicely in a bowl of Woolite and dry quickly. Well worth the price. I’m ordering more. I got size 2 as a woman who is 5’6″ tall and 160 lbs. Perfect fit, exactly what I wanted. Read more

  2. granmie

    Just a heads-up agreeing with others about the sizing… The size 2 indicates on the packaging that it will fit weights of up to 300 pounds. I weigh 140 at 5’5″ and I do not have swollen or very wide calves (I fit into regular calf width boots). The bindings on the tops of these knee-highs just fit my upper calves and do fit pretty snugly. They are a little thicker in texture than budget-priced knee highs, and I’m glad to have found them in my search for black and navy knee socks. But the size charts are simply misguiding – don’t be afraid to size up, even if your calf width is only the least bit muscular or just not very narrow. Read more

  3. Shash

    I fell in love with these after finding them the first time at Macy’s, but they only had one pair so I went to Amazon where I bought 9. They are thinner than socks and slightly thicker than stockings, so they last much longer than stockings. They go all the way up to the knee, so are perfect with trousers, unlike many others sold as trouser socks that are more mid calf in length. The cuff manages to stay up perfectly but somehow does not constrict the way every other pair I have ever owned tends to. I only wish they made a patterned stocking in the same thin texture as the knee highs. Read more

  4. BeautyAdornsVirtue

    These weren’t quite as fabulous as expected. They fit pretty well and are not too short, which is a problem I run into a lot with knee-high hosiery. But they are not “socks” as I would define a sock. There are no real formed toe and heel areas, and the squared-off seam at the toe is a pain, literally. I have to keep taking my shoe off to adjust the seam so it’s not in a position to grind a sore spot on my toe(s). I also had imagined them as having a soft sock-like texture, when the material is really very much like tights, just a nylon tube. Not especially warm on cold days. Just okay. Not sure if I’d purchase again. Read more

  5. Mermaid222

    The description as I ordered was PACK of THREE. I received one pair of socks. The description has now been changed but the picture still displays three sock. What a rip off. Read more

  6. Sally Nussbaum

    I had such a hard time finding opaque knee highs in department stores that I was glad to find them available online. They are what I need with trousers worn with dressy shoes, or longer skirts. Don’t know why stores stopped stocking them, especially stocking them in size B. these HUE knee highs are stretchy, don’t ride down, and don’t make a compression mark by only being elasticized on the top rim. I got them in black and would like to see them offered in taupe and grey also. Read more

  7. Isabel Cutler

    I am 5′ 5″ tall and bought size 2. The socks were longer than necessary – could pull over my knees. Unfortunately, the top band was very tight and uncomfortable. I returned them. There is no shaping to these socks. They are not cotton as they are incorrectly described initially. They are just a straight tube of fabric with a seam at the toe end. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I have very large legs and most knee highs cut into my leg at the top. These are AWESOME. I am so glad I found them, they fit great, do not fall down, and are not too tight. (I bought size 2). Read more

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