Womens flat knit group sock

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  • stripe: 75% polyester, 23% cotton, 2% spandex; stable: seventy three% polyester, 25% cotton, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • three pair %; flat knit crew socks
  • gentle, ribbed top facet stays in area
  • first-class knit for easy in shape
  • best for work or casual wear
  • outstanding with pants, trousers or skirts
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from the producer

no nonsense has high-quality legging alternatives to make you look and feel your fine!

there may be not anything like a extremely good pair of tights to make your outfit shine!

with a ramification of styles from casual socks to game socks, ankle socks besides socks, and a spread of colours, there may be really a favorite in the blend!

high-quality + modern design approach you have got dependable hosiery with made in the america credibility.

product description

no nonsense flat knit group socks are constructed of a gentle a bendy poly/cotton combination, designed with a soft, non- binding, live-in-place consolation pinnacle. Ideal for paintings or casual wear.




Assorted – 9 Pair Pack, Assorted 1, Black – 9 Pair, Black Stripe, Black, Grey Heather – 9 Pair Pack, Espresso Stripe, Espresso, Espresso – 9 Pair Pack, Jeans Stripe, Navy, Navy Heather – 9 Pair Pack, Solid Black, Solid White, Striped-black/Grey, Striped-navy, White – 9 Pair Pack

8 reviews for Womens flat knit group sock

  1. Jackie H.

    Wore my first pair of these socks today, and already the toes have holes in them. I teach and wear good quality shoes to save my feet. I didn’t do any strenuous activity that might explain why there would be holes in the socks on the first day of wearing them. Read more

  2. Kim

    This might sound funny, but I am so thankful that I found these socks. They are thick enough to give me some warmth in the winter, but thin enough to wear with my dress shoes. Usually I would wear a nice trouser sock…sort of a pantyhose thickness, but that’s just not warm enough in my office. My shoes are not fitted for thick socks, but these are a fine smooth knit that fits nicely. I’ve worn and washed them and they are holding up like new. Read more

  3. Krista

    I love NoNonsense socks but I’m disappointed with these. They are very comfortable, although a little tight at the top. I look for socks that have a flat seam as any others rub my toes and hurt. These have a not completely flat but very tiny seam and I haven’t experienced any discomfort. But they are a lot thinner than I expected. One sock had a hole where the tag goes through the first time out of the dryer. Two weeks later another sock had a hole already, no explanation for that one. Very disappointed. Read more

  4. agzhl

    I actually give this sock a 3.5. I’d give it a five if it weren’t for the elastic top that leaves marks on my legs. My legs are not wire thin but not thick either – average. My legs have a small welt ring and itch so bad around where the elastic part is, especially if I wear them all day. When I fold them down so the elastic is around my ankles and there’s already a layer of sock there, it isn’t so bad. The rest of the sock is awesome. Not nylon thin but thin enough to wear with dress shoe. They stay snug to the feet but not in the sense that they are tight and cut off circulation – more, they look sleek and smooth and stay in place, not bunching anywhere, so you can wear them with mary janes or flats and they will look nice. They stay like that all day too. The seam by the toes is barely, if at all noticeable. Would I buy again? Maybe. If I can find some mid calf high socks like these that do not irritate my skin at the hemline, I’d rather buy those, especially for cooler months as I walk to work. If I cannot find them, then I’ll buy these again and just keep folding them down. Read more

  5. G. Hayward

    I didn’t realize how expensive socks were in the stores and how limited the choices were. I’m glad I bought these. They’ve been washed a few times now and remain in good shape. They feel good. Nice and soft. The color blends work with my wardrobe. I bought the black, blue and brown shades. Read more

  6. C.E. Anderson

    I rarely take the time to comment on my Amazon purchases – but this one was extremely bad. The first time I wore these socks with the same sneakers I’d worn many times before I ended up with the worst blister of my life on my heel. No exaggeration – nearly 4 inches across. Initially I blamed the shoes — but I’d worn them many times before.. so once my heel was better I tried one of my other socks. No issue. No blister. I still didn’t want to throw these socks away–but after 3 times through the wash they still smelled of some sort of chemical. That did it — we threw them away. They aren’t cotton, they smell bad and they weren’t soft to wear. Waste of money – I suggest you do not purchase these. Read more

  7. darkmyst1

    I just ordered a second set of these. They fit really well and work in boots. They are also very comfortable, thin enough to fit in my boots but thick enough to keep my feet warm. They also come up high, about mid calf or you can scrunch them down. Its harder for me to find socks i like and these are a good choice for me going forward. Read more

  8. Babzie

    These are super comfortable and just the weight I was looking for: not too heavy, but not really light either. I haven’t had these long enough to know about pilling, but for now, I’m very happy with these. Read more

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