Womens ecosmart consolation toe seam no show socks, 10-pair percent

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  • white: sixty eight% cotton, 30% polyester, 1% spandex, 1% different fiber
  • made within the u. S. A. Or imported
  • machine wash
  • to be had in shoe sizes five-nine and eight-12
  • smooth cotton-rich knit with spandex for higher in shape
  • wicking cool comfort material
  • full sole cushioning
  • long lasting, reinfoced heel and toe
  • comfort toe seam
  • ecosmart – sustainably made with a portion of recycled fibers
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product description

these add-ons are made with a strengthened toe for durable wear. Their cushioned backside makes them comfy for an lively lifestyle.


Shoe Size: 5-9, Shoe Size: 8-12



8 reviews for Womens ecosmart consolation toe seam no show socks, 10-pair percent

  1. Mr. Electronics

    I am an avid Hanes customer. I bought these because the discriptiln stated that these were mostly cotton. However the package showed it was 55% polyester. 41% cotton the rest is comprised of plastic and other fibers. I want a 100% cotton sock. So I thought this was the sock for me since it stated 69% cotton. Very disappointed about it not being true. Read more

  2. Karla Clark

    I haven’t been able to find the type of socks that I like since the pandemic hit. These were the closest thing I could find to what I was looking for in the appropriate size at a relatively normal price. However, after I got them, I quickly discovered that they were very tight around the ankles. The stretchy seam around the top of them is extremely tightly sown, and doesn’t allow for much room at all. It honestly looks like it is fit for a child. I’ve seen kids socks with bigger openings for the hole than these. Had I known that these would be this small, I probably wouldn’t have bought them, but the damage is done, so I guess I gotta hope that they stretch out. Read more

  3. Trevor

    girlfriend likes them, they ran thinner then the same male verison I have which she tends to steal, think ill look for those in her size next time as she likes the slight added padding in the soles when on her feet all day at work Read more

  4. Dale S.

    I wear a size 7 tennis shoe and buy Hanes socks at my local stores. This was a big mistake. I washed them first, dried them and the first pair was very tight. I thought I’d get use to it. Took them off and pulled on them to try to stretch all of them. Nothing helped. They actually stopped the circulation in my feet. I had to rip them off of me and revive my feet. Never have been so disappointed. I just hope they are fake Hanes or I will never buy a Hanes product again, Read more

  5. mmmshoes

    I don’t know if I got a mismarked package or if Hanes changed their sizing. I have purchased the same socks, same size in the last couple of years and they were fine. This pack, however, is huge. I wear a shoe size 8, so they should fit. But the heel comes up to the back of my ankle, and instead of being “no show,” they come up above my ankle bones. Read more

  6. Customer

    Great socks. Been wearing them for years. The package came sealed/unopened… with only 9 pairs of socks. A “10 Pair VALUE PACK” missing the 10th pair! I’m not returning them or anything.. because f*** it, right? Still, it’s disappointing. Read more

  7. liisa

    Sock Size 9-11 Shoe Size 5-9 are very large on my feet. I’m a shoe size 7.5 (unless I bought the wrong size?) They definitely show if you’re wearing them with sneakers and they’re super thick. I only wear them in the house or in the winter with my boots. Keep your feet warm and protected. Read more

  8. Lee

    These are a little thick – or maybe my old ones have been washed so much they are thin! But I love them. They are comfortable. We walk the dog twice a day and I need to wear my Easy Spirits – these no show socks show a little bit, but Easy Spirits are cut different than sneakers. Very comfortable, easy to wash and dry nicely in the dryer – no shrinking. I have a large foot so was pleased to see a product that lived up to its advertising. Read more

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