Womens dritech superior moisture wicking team sock (12 pairs)

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  • 96% polyester, 2% spandex, 2% rubber
  • imported
  • device wash
  • moisture wicking fibers keep feet dry with air flow channels engineered for air circulation and moisture control
  • arch compression provides introduced support and stability
  • reciprocated heel and toe for advanced suit and luxury
  • complete cushion comfort with reinforced heel and toe affords delivered sturdiness
  • content material may additionally vary with the aid of coloration
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product description

dickies dri-tech moisture control for ladies 6 pairs group sock combines moisture wicking fibers and mesh air flow channels to hold ft dry and at ease.

for over ninety five years dickies has been making hard-duty work products built to stand up to some thing existence throws at you. Dickies paintings socks are built with purpose to deliver superior comfort and performance on and stale the activity.

dri-tech moisture control sock collection features: moisture control to help keep your feet cool, dry, and at ease during the day.

여성용 dickies 드라이테크 수분 조절 6쌍 크루 양말은 수분 흡수 섬유와 메시 환기 채널을 결합하여 발을 건조하고 편안하게 유지합니다.

95년 이상 dickies는 모든 나날들에도 견딜 수 있도록 제작된 튼튼한 작업용 제품을 생산해왔습니다. Dickies 작업용 양말은 작업장 안팎에서 탁월한 편안함과 성능을 제공하도록 제작되었습니다.

dri-tech 수분 조절 양말 컬렉션 특징: 수분을 조절하여 하루 종일 발을 시원하고 건조하며 편안하게 유지합니다.

여성용 dickies 드라이테크 수분 조절 6쌍 크루 양말은 수분 흡수 섬유와 메시 환기 채널을 결합하여 발을 건조하고 편안하게 유지합니다.

95년 이상 dickies는 모든 나날들에도 견딜 수 있도록 제작된 튼튼한 작업용 제품을 생산해왔습니다. Dickies 작업용 양말은 작업장 안팎에서 탁월한 편안함과 성능을 제공하도록 제작되었습니다.

dri-tech 수분 조절 양말 컬렉션. 특징: 수분을 조절하여 하루 종일 발을 시원하고 건조하며 편안하게 유지합니다.


Shoe Size: 4-6, Shoe Size: 5-7, 6-9, Shoe Size: 6-9, Shoe Size: 9-13, Shoe Size: 10-13


Grey Assorted (6 Pairs), Black Assorted (6 Pairs), Black Stripe (6 Pairs), Grey, Grey Assort #2, Black Dotted (6 Pairs), Black Fashion (6 Pairs), Black Heathered (6 Pairs), Black Marl (6 Pairs), Black Solid (6 Pairs), Black With Bluish (6 Pairs), Denim Tribal (6 Pairs), Grey Heathered (6 Pairs), Grey Mix (6 Pairs), Grey With Bluish (6 Pairs), Stripe, Tribal (6 Pairs), White Assorted (6 Pairs), White With Bluish (6 Pairs)

8 reviews for Womens dritech superior moisture wicking team sock (12 pairs)

  1. threeriversgirl

    Don’t even think about it………these are the best socks I’ve ever had in my 70 yrs . I wear rubber boots to muck horse stalls, clean the barn, put horses out to pasture, etc in the AM and then wear my lace up riding boots in the afternoon while riding, so a lot of boot wear for me. All of the other brands of socks have been OK, but these are just so superior in being comfortable, staying in place and last well too. They are never too hot, even in summer heat and also keep my feet warm in the winter. You won’t be sorry if you get these socks…….period. Read more

  2. Dee Vee

    These are definitely better than cheap department store variety Hanes or other brands — for a comparable price. Unfortunately for me, they’re not as moisture-wicking and comfortable as the hiking socks I had gotten from Y U E D G E. If you don’t want to spend enough to get those, and if you don’t have super-sweaty feet, these may do just fine for you. I wear a women’s size 7, and they’re just a wee bit large for my preference, but that means a size 8 or 9 should have plenty of room for their toes. If your foot is smaller than a 7, and if you don’t like extra fabric at your toes, I’d recommend you get something else. I have found with socks that you generally get what you pay for. If you are particular about sock fit and function, and if you need a sock that doesn’t slide down your leg or bunch up at your toes, I’d look at a little bit pricier, better-made options. Read more

  3. RB ATL

    The foot portion is fine, but the ankle is insanely tight. It takes two hands and serious effort for me to tug the sock around my heel and up onto my ankle. And then I have to leave the ankle scrunched up as much as possible so that it doesn’t cut into my lower calf. Even so, the socks still leave deep marks I the skin around my ankle. My shoe size is only 8.5, so it’s not like I have monster feet; the fit is just very poor. Read more

  4. SharJar

    Socks were comfy but after a few washes the threading on the inside started unraveling. Read more

  5. L❤VE LIFE

    I’m trying to catch up on “preparing & sharing” reviews for all my favorite recent “chilly season is upon us” purchases and because reading all the reviews about these socks helped me too. In a nutshell: I must say the quality of these Dickies boot socks are EXACTLY what I’ve come to expect from this brand and are the BEST, warmest, most comfortable boot socks I’ve ever worn! After browsing through all reviews, product description and highlights info on this page to consider my purchase, I admit some of the reviews had me a teeny bit concerned, BUT here’s my personal experience that quickly reminded me of why over the decades this high quality brand continues to be a trusted favorite amongst myself, family and friends. (Big smile!) With joyful conviction, I can happily share from the moment the 6 pair variety multi pack arrived, not only did all 6 really cool design, texture and bright, cheerful color pairs met my boot wearing needs, but exceeded my highest hopes and expectations. Yee-Haw, more big smiles! PROS & What I Really Like: I recieved free delivery through my Amazon Prime membership, order arrived on time and packaged well. Unlike some experiences shared in reviews, all 6 of my sock pairs matched, the same and correct size, none had quality control issues, damage, holes or snagged and thanks to the fantastic quality, all sock have retained their quality and shape through usual wear, machine washing, drying and still fit great! I really like the calf band is comfortable and unlike other types of sock experiences, these boot socks STAY PUT and retain their smooth, snug comfortable fit, until I take them off! With these boots socks, there’s no typical sock “slip-slide-n-bunch” shenanigans before days end or hassle of stop, “pull’er-off-up-on,” repeat as needed nonsense. Not to mention before doing any pulling off, pulling up a sock and boot back on in skinny jean, uh, need to find privacy 1st. (Just say’n…) The benefits of wearing these high quality socks also mean no more discomfort from bunching in all the wrong places of heel, ankle and toe box area, reducing chance of blisters. Next, the thread mix of knitted yarn/thread weave with addition of “dritech” moisture reducing, advanced wicking technology in these sporty looking design style socks helps keep my feet dry, odor free and comfortable. I also appreciate the extra support the blend of yarns with dritech weave provides worn with my boots, which to me personally is reminiscent of very light compression socks and adds extra benefit. I love having a 6 pack to also wear these great boot socks throughout the week with my sneakers, slippers and as pictured, simply keep my bare feet cozy warm on chilly nights. The variety of colors, textures and patterns in this pack are great and at 5’3 these socks fall about 2 inches or so inches below my knees. CONS: If I don’t receive a few more pairs in my stocking this year, but aside from that and as of right now, I haven’t found a one yet! We are a Dickies fan family, count on and love the high quality of this brand, I’m delighted with this purchase and absolutely recommend these socks to anyone for boot wear, sportswear and casual wear. I will also be purchasing these great socks again, for gifts and yes, even to tuck in my own stocking. Sincerely, A Happy Amazon Prime Member Loving My Purchase of These Great Boot Socks Read more

  6. Struxtastic

    I’m slightly undecided on these. They are super comfortable and cozy, EXCEPT for the inner toe stitching. If you have sensory issues, these may not be for you. I took one sock off three times trying to get out what was poking me until I finally realized it was the inner toe stitching. I’m sticking it out in hopes a few more washings will help. They are also very warm. I couldn’t imaging wearing these in the summer or exercising, but they will be great for winter. I’m still giving 4 stars because they are a great, black sock, which seem to be hard to find 🙂 Read more

  7. Jay

    These socks seem very nice, thick, warm, stretchy. The reason I gave these a 1 star is because you can’t wear them with shoes, which is the point of socks. The toe part is pretty thick compared to other socks. That was fine, added warmth I guess. But the seam on the sock is massive and there is extra material on each side. Where does that extra material have to go when wearing shoes? Right into my toes. I have blisters from wearing these socks with shoes for an hour because of it. You can see the little triangle on each side. I have wide feet and I’ve never had this issue is any other thick sock. They are so uncomfortable to wear with shoes. Its a shame because otherwise they seem like nice socks but socks aren’t supposed to cause blisters. Read more

  8. Wendrz

    The socks worked exactly as I had hoped for them to. I am a 6 1/2 in women’s and I needed a thick socks to wear daily in my cowboy boots. These are not too thick but thick enough to be comfortable and they fit like a dream. They come mid calf(I am 5’2″) and their super comfy and the colors are great! Excuse the hay on the socks! Read more

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