Womens cotton basic cuff sock

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  • 81% cotton, 18% nylon, 1% spandex
  • made in us
  • device wash
  • three pair %; fundamental cuff socks
  • soft, non-binding consolation pinnacle stays in vicinity
  • best knit for smooth in shape
  • may be worn as a cuff or a team
  • remarkable with pants, trousers or skirts
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from the producer

no nonsense has exquisite legging options to make you appearance and experience your first-class!

there’s not anything like a wonderful pair of tights to make your outfit shine!

with a ramification of styles from informal socks to recreation socks, ankle socks as well socks, and a diffusion of colors, there may be in reality a favourite inside the mix!

high-quality + innovative design means you’ve got dependable hosiery with made inside the united states credibility.

product description

no nonsense cotton fundamental cuff socks are constructed of a smooth cotton/spandex combo for comfort and versatility. Quality knit provides a smooth and clean fit in footwear. Wear this sock cuffed or as a crew. 3 pair p. C..




Black – 3 Pair Pack, Black – 9 Pair Pack, White – 3 Pair Pack, White – 9 Pair Pack

8 reviews for Womens cotton basic cuff sock

  1. Chocaholic

    I have no idea, nor do I care, if “bobby socks” are in style or if people are secretly snickering at me behind my back as they sweat into their fungus-infected stinky sneakers with no socks on at all. Me? I like to have clean shoes and socks, and I like for the socks to be thin enough to be comfortable, yet absorbent enough to make a difference. These fit the bill perfectly! No horrid toe seams to pinch, and the cuffs stay up and neat. They are the perfect thing to wear with sneakers in the summer. I got the white ones, which take hot water and bleach nicely, but I’m about to get some black ones so that all that gardening dirt doesn’t show. We wore these as kids (yes, I know that shows my age), and for the life of me I don’t know why they aren’t a standard wardrobe item anymore. Don’t wait to get these for a “retro” event to wear with your saddle shoes and poodle skirt. They’re comfortable, well-made, and inexpensive. I am diabetic and I’d like to keep my feet for a long, long time; so good foot health is important to me. My feet sweat and I change socks once or twice a day. If I haven’t said it already, these socks are perfect. Read more

  2. annacolleen

    These are probably the worlds most comfortable light socks. They are American made too, which IMHO is a huge plus. They are reasonably priced and not bulky in the least. If you like a very lightweight sock for warm weather, I’d recommend these. Read more

  3. E. Farrell

    I’ve bought these socks before and they are pretty good. However, they’re kind of thin, as you can see in the photo. More of a warmer weather sock, but I like them. They’re a cotton blend, 81% cotton, 18% nylon and 1% spandex. I wear a size 7 shoe and bought the 4-10 size socks and they fit just right. They’ve also held up in the wash so far. Nothing special about these socks, but if you want basic socks for a low price these will do. Read more

  4. ♡TheAmazonFamily♡

    I needed new white socks because I am a nursing student, the fabric is soft and thin to allow my foot to fit comfortably into my nursing clogs. They’re flattering on my feet and overall pleasant to wear! I got two orders of this product, love it! If this review helped you make an informed purchase please mark it as helpful ♡ Read more

  5. Faster Shipping

    I was hoping these socks would be like the Buster Brown socks I’ve been buying forever. But they have too much stretch and not enough cotton. I wear a size 8 shoe, so they should fit just fine. My feet are not swollen or over weight, so the problem is not on my end. They shrunk and now fit quite tightly on my feet and ankles leaving indentations. This is such a problem with so many socks out there. That is not a healthy sock to wear, so basically I wasted my money. I should have stuck with Buster Browns all cotton. Read more

  6. MsDeb

    I wear a 6 or 6.5 shoe. Always have trouble with socks as the heel comes up too high and actually would stick up out of shoes. Not so with these socks. They are a perfect fit. Also cool and comfy for warmer weather. I bought 2 sets and came back for another. Read more

  7. Multi-tasking Genius

    True to size, comfortable, well-made from a quality company. My mother-in-law likes this style of sock so she asked for some as a gift. I wasn’t sure which ones to buy so I chose a brand I’d heard of and they didn’t disappoint! She loved them so much and has talked about them so often that my father-in-law asked me if I would please order more for her birthday. You bet! I’m thrilled that she loves them so much. She’s cleaning out her sock drawer and getting rid of her older pairs to replace them with these. If you like this style of sock and don’t like thick socks, my mother-in-law recommends them! Won’t hesitate to order again. Read more

  8. Kassie

    Very soft socks that aren’t too thick or too thin. Can be folded down once or twice. They are a neutral mix between regular socks and girly socks; Not too much of either. Read more

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