Women’s alive full assist manipulate pinnacle pantyhose

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  • panty: 88% nylon/12% spandex; leg: seventy one% nylon/29% spandex
  • imported
  • tights closure
  • hand wash
  • panty: 88% nylon/12% spandex; leg: 71% nylon/29% spandex andhand wash
  • silky-sheer knit clings to your curves for smooth suit and faultless end
  • knit-in spandex gives your legs a lift–facilitates save you leg fatigue
  • supple manipulate pinnacle smooths your look under garments
  • bolstered toe resists put on and tear
  • fashion number 810
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A, B, C, D, E, F


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Barely Black, Barely There, Jet, Little Color, Nude, Simply Natural, Town Taupe, Nude/Jet, Nude/Little Color, Town Taupe/Jet, South Pacific, White

7 reviews for Women’s alive full assist manipulate pinnacle pantyhose

  1. LeCygneLady

    My stockings arrived quickly, and the service was excellent! The fit is as I expected for support hose. I chose according to my height and weight. I always estimate over my true weight because support hose tend to be tight! I ordered my estimated size and washed them before wearing. They are very tight to pull up the first time, but this is desirable since they are support hose. After that it is easier to pull them on. I am wearing my stockings all day long under my jeans, and they keep my legs from getting tired and are very good overall. Wearing these prevents varicose veins, and I feel good wearing mine. I will purchase this product again after these wear out. Read more

  2. Happy Camper

    I am 5’6”, 155 lbs, a size 10. I’m a bit hippy and low slung square butt shape. Ugh in most pants. The D fits perfectly. They are not tight at all around the waist. Gives a smooth hip and thigh and butt lift shape and feel so good, you actually look forward to wearing them. Not a smooth fabric for a pretty leg look. Probably best under pants. I bought 3 more pair. Read more

  3. Athena

    Not happy that these can only be returned in unworn condition. The fit seemed fine but by the end of the day I had to pull them up so many times that I wondered if I should been ordering a size for someone much taller. So there doesn’t seem to be any uniformity in Hanes’ hosiery sizing because I used their size charts for every pair of hosiery I’ve ordered over the past few months and the fit varies so much that I’m reluctant to even try anymore. Read more

  4. PatrickPWahoo

    These have to be the best pantyhose I have ever worn. The minute I put them on I could tell a major difference in the others I wear regularly. I plan on getting several more pairs in the future. If you don’t like thigh squeeze these aren’t for you. I personally like that. The legs are nice an smooth and the brief area is non constricting. Hanes has a great product in these hose. Yes I am a male who wears pantyhose on a daily basis for health and they just feel good. If you too are a man who wears but feels that you have to hide it you don’t. Go to and search for Legwear as unisex fashion. There are many of us straight married guys who wear on a regular basis. Read more

  5. Sarah E

    I have been buying Hanes Alive support hose for 25 years because I stand for 7 to 10 hours each day at work. Over the years I have seen the quality of these decline. The material is much thinner and tears much easier than it used to. The “reinforced” toes used to actually be reinforced with extra, thicker material. I find myself having to re-buy quite frequently because of the runs, tears and holes in the toes that come quite quickly with use. I rotate pairs and never put them in the dryer. Seems like they should last longer like they did before. Read more

  6. JD

    As a healthcare professional I am on my feet all day & frequently standing. The higher spandex in the legs of Hanes Alive works great as a mild type of full leg compression stocking. It’s not graduated compression as it runs the same amount of spandex the full length of the leg, but it sure works to help with swelling & muscle fatigue on those 12 hour shifts. I can definitely tell a difference if I do not wear them to work even on 8 hour shifts. The higher spandex content makes them thicker and thus prevents a true “sheer” effect but by no means do they look like old lady compression hose and they are certainly less opaque than a pair of tights. They are fairly easy to get on- I put them on just like regular panty hose, just need a tad more effort pulling them upward thanks to the spandex. Measuring in at 5’4”, I am not tall, but my 135 pounds runs more to my hips/thighs so I wear a size C. I’ve worn the B but notice they tend to creep down as the day goes on and I have less of an issue with this in the larger size. No extra baggage in the lower leg with the larger size either. I wash in separate laundry bag with my other regular laundry and hang them to dry. Never had an issue with runs or holes doing this. I’ve worn these hose (not the same pair) for at least the last 15 years and they last for quite some time. I replace them as the spandex compression factor wears out, usually get half a dozen pairs and replace every 6 months working full time. Much cheaper than medical support hose and I can usually still wear them to church as they are still in good shape just have lost a little compression in the legs. If you are looking for a true thin sheer pair of hose, these are not for you. They have a good range of colors to choose from to match different flesh tones plus navy & black. I wholeheartedly endorse Hanes Alive if you are looking for something a bit “more” in your pantyhose. I’ve worn control top and regular, sheer & reinforced toe. I’ve had no real issues with any of them but tend lean toward control top (to keep the compression factor support going) and reinforced toe since I wear them with socks & regular shoes much of the time and walk a lot. Hope this review helps folks make the right choice and that if they do buy them, they work as well for them as they do me. Read more

  7. fastscryber

    I love the look and the feel of these pantyhose. However, they are very “tight” with not much stretch. I supposed that’s how they maintain the full support and control top. I had previously ordered size B which, according to the chart, is what I should wear. However, not too long after receiving them, I ended up puncturing a hole in them because they were so tight. So this time, I ordered a size C. There is not much difference in the two sizes. I still need to be careful when stretching them on – they need to be “stretched” on; otherwise, they won’t reach up high enough. I am 5’5″ and weigh 110 pounds, so I am thin and this is therefore not an issue because of my body size. Otherwise, I really love these pantyhose – the look, the feel, the comfort, the control. I just wish that because of the tightness of the weave, they were made larger so I didn’t have to stretch them so much, which is what causes me poking holes in them :/ Read more

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