Women’s air cushion liner

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  • eighty four% cotton, 12% nylon, 3% spandex, 1% polyester
  • imported
  • hook and eye closure
  • gadget wash
  • breathable with mesh pinnacle and cushioned ventilated sole
  • ultra low, no display liner with silicone grip on heel for live-put put on
  • first-rate soft creation
  • 3 pair p. C.
  • suits shoe sizes 4-10
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product description

hue air cushion liner socks characteristic a low profile silhouette with adequate breathability and ventilation. Constructed with moisture manipulate for ideal comfort. Seamed toe for introduced durability.


One Size


Black, White

8 reviews for Women’s air cushion liner

  1. Jane M

    Love, love, love these socks! They have a high cotton count which is great for sweaty feet. I can’t stand those polyester socks! They make your feet burn and it’s like wringing out wet washcloths after a few hours!! These stay put. Really. I have some that I’ve had for a few years and wanted to add a couple more pairs. I tossed 3 pair of cuter Sperry brand because the heels ALWAYS slipped off even with a silicone tab. Not these babies! They stay put. They are the right height for a lot of my casual shoes, Chucks, Vans, cute tennies. Yes, they will stick out of skimmer shoes, but I have other socks for those. Highly recommend! Wash well. Wear nicely. They don’t pinch your toes (I’m an 8.5). They don’t strangulate your ankles. What’s not to love?!? Read more

  2. katherine_p

    I bought these to wear with short boots – I live in a mild climate and rarely wear socks, but wanted a thin sock that would not peek out of the top of my bootie. I tried all three pairs that came in the three pack and not one of them would stay up on my heel as soon as I took a step. They don’t come up nearly far enough and whatever little elasticky thing on the heel that’s supposed to make it stay is too small to be useful at all. Read more

  3. Yara

    I got very tired of buying the little liners from Target and having them bunch up in my shoe. I thought these were a little expensive but wanted to give them a try. These have become must-haves in my daily wardrobe. I have ordered more of these to keep stocked up in my sock drawer because I favor these over regular socks for casual wear with my chucks. The original pairs I bought have held up very nicely. They are as soft and cushiony as the first day I wore them. Pros: They do stay up They are made out of a soft material They feel relatively comfortable. Cons: They come up really high on your foot. Even in loafers or Toms, you can see the sock. Read more

  4. CH

    ***Update*** 5/4/16 These are still must-haves in my daily wardrobe if I am not wearing flip flops. I have ordered more of these to keep stocked up in my sock drawer because I favor these over regular socks for casual wear with my booties and chucks. The original pairs I bought have held up very nicely. They are as soft and cushiony as the first day I wore them. The only thing I notice is that the super thin gel material that clings to your heel has worn down a bit, but overall it has not lost its functionality. They are still far better and longer lasting than any other liners out there. Go HUE! for producing the most comfortable liners to wear with all sorts of shoes. These do no slip off and make you feel secure to walk miles without having to adjust them. Size/fit is just right. I have worn them with low profile chucks “Dainty Ox” for ladies. These shoes require very low socks, but it has to cling to your heel so the sock doesn’t slip off when you walk. These do just that! They are made so well and with high quality material. Stretchy and snug. The back of the heel has about a 1-inch patch made of super thin gel material that clings to you at all times. Even if I stand on my tippy toes or flex my feet, it will not slip off. I love these so much I have worn them with black ankle boots and even running shoes when I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to change socks. It is highly absorbent to prevent that clammy feel in your shoes. I will be back for more in the future. Read more

  5. Lets Go Shopping

    They are mostly “no show” as advertised and can be seen in my pictures with a pair of casual shoes. I’m a 6.5 shoe size so thats the small end of their ‘one size fits all’ scale and they’re just too loose on me. This causes them to slip down and bunch up in my shoe both being very uncomfortable and letting my shoe rub the back of my foot, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. They put little silicone sticky parts on the back of the sock but it’s just not enough. Otherwise they seem fine and I imagine they’d work well on a larger foot. Meanwhile my search continues for a functional “no show” sock. Read more

  6. Kristin

    I never liked “no-show” socks as they always slip down on me. However, I hated the way my Skechers Bikers looked with socks sticking out (very unfashionable!) and needed something to go with my BOBS as well. These are perfect and wonderful. I put them a little lower on the top of my foot to go with the BOBS and pull them up a little higher on the Bikers (otherwise the label on the tongue rubs bare skin) and they stretch enough to do both without slipping off my heel. Not only do they stay in place while wearing all day, but even when pulling the shoe off, they still do not slip off heel thanks to the silicone patch. I line dry them to maximize the life of the silicone (a lesson learned with my SOMA no-line panties!). I wear a 10M shoe and these fit great for me! Read more

  7. Mokotch

    Best no show socks I’ve owned or seen. They work with my Sperry’s and they’re actually durable. They have decent padding and reinforcement, and you can’t see my toes when they’re on. Another quality HUE product. The heel looks slightly awkward but it’s comfortable and stays in place without showing. I am a size 8 to 8 1/2 Read more

  8. MGG

    Well, another winning buy from Amazon. I was concerned when I first put on this liner as it is so low cut I thought for certain they would fall down inside my shoe. I have been wearing these all day, for the first time, and they have not fallen down once. Additionally, they are comfortable and completely invisible/hidden -do not show at all! Very impressed with this low cut bootie. And, I was VERY impressed when I opened the package to find there was a beautiful scent to these -so nice it could actually be a perfume! I’ll be buying more of these. Kind of sorry I bought another brand at the same time that haven’t come yet… wish I would have just bought more of these! Oh well, you’ve got to try things first! Read more

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