Women’s ahh stated the foot cushioned group

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  • seventy four% cotton, 24% nylon, 1% spandex, 1% polyester
  • made in us
  • item includes fur
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • cushioned
  • crew duration
  • 3 pair p. C.
  • weave kind: knit
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from the producer

no nonsense has great legging options to make you look and feel your high-quality!

there is not anything like a great pair of tights to make your outfit shine!

with a variety of patterns from casual socks to sport socks, ankle socks besides socks, and a ramification of colors, there is in reality a favorite within the mix!

best + revolutionary design approach you have dependable hosiery with made within the u. S. Credibility.

product description

no nonsense ahh stated the foot cushioned crew socks are constructed of tender cotton and characteristic a cushioned sole for closing consolation. The secure top remains positioned and does not slide down. Capabilities easy toe seams to put off rubbing


One Size


White, White – 9 Pair Pack

8 reviews for Women’s ahh stated the foot cushioned group

  1. Juanita

    These socks are not like other non nonsense socks. They are way too small, don’t have adequate stretch, and were packaged unlike other purchases I have made. These socks appear to be cheap imitations of the real no nonsense socks. Don’t purchase these socks! Read more

  2. Diane

    These fit my size 7 foot great, they’re soft, and they don’t leave my feet all sweaty, bind my leg too tightly, or slip down. I’ve been trying to find crew-length socks that are mostly cotton for about a year now. (I hate ones that don’t let my feet breathe.) The socks I used to get (Fruit of the Loom) aren’t available anymore, and I couldn’t find any in Hanes, either (my go-to sock brands). I have a couple of pairs of No Nonsense (I don’t know where they came from–maybe one of my daughters?), so I tried these. I bought three pairs to try them out. When I got them, I immediately ordered another three. Read more

  3. Carol Mc

    Bought my last cotton No Nonsense crew socks 4-5+ years ago. I wear cotton socks every day so they get plenty of wear. I have had to discard several socks recently because they were wearing thin on the soles. I looked in stores for more No Nonsense cotton socks recently but didn’t find them. The brands I found were not predominately cotton. Finally found the No Nonsense brand on Amazon. I read a few reviews that said they were not really all cotton and shrunk after wash, but I went ahead and ordered one package. They are 67% cotton, they fit as they should and when I washed them in hot water and dried them in the drier they didn’t shrink. YEAH!!! Just ordered 2 more packs. Read more

  4. SpikeysMommy

    By far the MOST comfortable, long wearing, socks I have ever purchased. I wear a size 6 sneaker, and these ankle socks fit my small foot absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of stretch and elastic, and they remain in place well without sliding down in my shoe or squeezing my foot too tightly.They may be a bit costlier than other multi packs of socks, but you truly get what you pay for. Wash after wash, I guarantee they will not pill, no elastic falling apart, release even the dirtiest stains with ease, and compliment all my summer outfits. I am so happy, I returned to Amazon and ordered several more pair and I could not be more impressed with their quality. Good-bye Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, these socks are truly “No Nonsense” when it comes to a reliable fit that looks great! Here it is, the Summer of 2017, and I am still wearing the same socks! That’s how well they hold up wash after wash, with no loss of stretch and elastic staying power. So now, I am back to order more…to replace the ones I’ve lost along the way, and that my dryer somehow ate! STILL the GREATEST socks ever!! Read more

  5. Good Golly Gosh

    MARCH 2018 UPDATE: The quality of this sock has HUGELY diminished. They are now thin, do not stay up, twist while wearing, elastic comes undone and they slid down into my shoes bunching up under my toes. I WILL NOT BUY AGAIN. No Nonsense has cheapened a wonderful product. ORIGINAL POST: I have a small (but wide) foot. I wear a size 6 wide tennis shoe. These socks fit me perfect (which means the heel is on my heel and not up at the back of my ankle). The sock is wonderfully cushioned on the bottom, which I really like (can you say ahhh?). They stay put all day (in other words, they don’t slide down into my shoes or ball up under my toes)….again, can you say ahhhh? I have been buying these for about 1 year now and love them! I wash them in tepid to warm water with Tide (with a pre-soak first) and add Downy to the rinse. I dry them in the drier until dry, with no problems. They launder very well, stay in the correct shape and don’t fall apart at the cuff. If you are larger than a size 11 these might be too small for you. I think a tennis shoe size up to 11 could still wear these as they have a wonderful amount of stretch, but they don’t get “stretched out” while you’re wearing them. With 74% cotton my feet don’t sweat in them (which is a huge problem for me with socks with little or no cotton in them). The entire sock is quite comfortable! The only bad thing I can think of is they are bit pricey. Personally, I think they are well worth trying, regardless of what your shoe size is (who knows maybe they are stretchier than I think)! Warning, at first glance they look like girls socks, but just try them on, you’ll be glad you did!!! Read more

  6. Stanan

    What has happened to socks in the past few years???? Seems like they are all too thin and too small! This looked like decent summer socks out of the package, with a little extra cushioning on the bottom, but still thinner than I wanted. But for summer I figured they would be fine. However, they came out of the first wash MUCH smaller, and now are too tight on my size 8 feet. Buying socks used to be much easier… these will go to my 8 year old granddaughter. Read more

  7. The Review Crew

    I have a very hard time finding socks that I like to wear. I don’t like them too be too thick or too thin. I don’t like them to be super tight so that they are tough to pull them on either. However these socks are my dream socks! I now have several pairs in different styles and they are all I like to wear. They are so comfortable and don’t make me crazy like most other socks. These socks are designed so well and are super breathable. I highly recommend these socks to others! I will be buying them again and again! Read more

  8. yogadog1

    Good basic white athletic sock. I know this look isn’t really “in” but I got tired of the ankle socks that instantly disappear into your shoes or unnecessarily show of your ankles (I’m not overly modest, but since when did ankles become a thing?) They’re not as old school as the old 80’s gym socks, so they work for me–I just push them down so they’re kind of bunchy around my ankles. Weird but true. I didn’t notice any particular “cushioning” but that wasn’t what I was looking for. Read more

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