Wholesome lower back bag tote print small (quilted – black)

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  • size: the most popular length for everyday use. Holds all day by day essentials and then a few. Replaces a medium to huge purse. 17 x nine x 6 inches
  • fabric:
 this quilted black bag offers a touch of style for any event.
  • comfortable:
 a healthy returned bag is the perfect aggregate of favor and function, making style convenient. May be worn go-body for complete returned fitness advantages or over the shoulder to grab and be for your manner!
  • ergonomic: 
designed to mould to the form of your spine, minimizing the strain on your again, neck and shoulders. The frame-hugging contours and adjustable sporting put off twisting or straining your posture. The extra locations a bag touches your frame as you wear it, the lighter it feels… And that’s the secret!
  • relaxed:
 with the primary zip always towards your back your stuff is safe and accessible without taking your bag off.
having the double zippers meet inside the center make getting access to your property a breeze. Absolutely swing the bag round to the the front of your frame at the same time as carrying it across the returned, whilst finished, near zippers after which swing it returned around!

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the healthy lower back bag become advanced with the help of a physician and a chiropractor to determine simply how the ergonomics of the bag ought to best reflect the necessities of the spine. The bag’s ergonomic trademarked teardrop form and the corporation of the inner wallet make the weight feel lighter with the aid of redistributing the bag’s middle of gravity, all whilst relieving stress at the neck, shoulders, and returned. Unique sizes cater to different frame types and the smart pocket configuration spreads weight around the bag and helps to organize your lifestyles.

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  1. Ramona Peterson

    I found the fabric very stiff and uncomfortable. I like my ameribag in nylon but did not like this fabric.Read more

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