Unisex weekender 38mm watch

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  • made in united states or imported
  • adjustable olive green 20 millimeter nylon slip-via strap suits up to eight-inch wrist circumference. The case finish is polished
  • cream dial with full arabic numerals; 24-hour navy time
  • silver-tone 38 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • indiglo light-up watch dial
  • water proof against 30 meters (one hundred toes): in general, withstands splashes or short immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
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3 reviews for Unisex weekender 38mm watch

  1. Cris

    After losing her previous Timex watch, I decided to buy my mom a new one. I was looking for something bigger than the typical women’s watch because she was complaining that the one she had before was difficult to read due to its small size. Similarly, she didn’t like the ones that have leather straps since every time she cooks, she gets her hands wet and we all know that water and leather are not compatible.Knowing all that, I knew that I had to get her a nylon strap because actually my own Timex watch has that kind of band, and she liked it. Besides that, the nylon strap is lighter than a metal one and more resistant than the one made out of rubber. Above all, the main feature that I was looking for, it was a backlight. Timex is well known for the Indiglo light (see the pictures) , and in my opinion this brand is one of the best choices out there. I was initially planning on buying a digital watch, but she liked analog watches more. Fortunately, I bought this watch when it was on sale for $22, and it was a good deal for all the features that can came with it. When it arrived, she began using it right away. At first she said it was a little bulky, but now she can read it without any problems.The watch is 38mm width by 9 mm thick, and the strap length is 26cm (10 3/6″). The band has a width of 20 mm if anyone is wondering that and wants to change the strap. On the other hand, you can hear the well known sound of the “tic-tic” if you put your ear close to the watch, although it isn’t that loud.It also comes with the instructions. Although it is really easy to use, and the watch doesn’t have too many features, it is good for somebody who wants to take a look at it.The only drawback is that this watch doesn’t have the date, which is something that always comes in handy. On the whole, great deal for the features and quality that you can get with it.Read more

  2. My my and Dirty Jeans

    I have long wanted a watch, may sound like a simple desire, but I am financially challenged. The watch was $24.97,When I bought this watch, I was sort of skeptical as to the quality and if it was really genuine.After placing my order, the watch was promptly sent and received and in a well protected order box.When I took the watch out, I was so excited to put it on my wrist..Tada I had my watch.It is a simple but grand watch, the face has both hourly numbers and under it has military time (13 /14/ 15 etc). The second hand is long and well defined I can see it as it ticks and not have to squint to track it. The band is great no trouble with it bothering me in any manner. I have, deliberately, when washing dishes and taking it with me in a shower, to prolong it to the water with-out any problem from the watch itself or the band. The band dried out very fast (BTW -Body Heat??- IDK)I can hear the seconds Tic Tic first, I was worried about it, thinking it might be a craftsman issue but now I only hear it when I listen for it.I have placed it on both wrist. To see, if I had any trouble with its weight or clinking on things since I hadn’t worn a watch, since Basic Training. I didn’t have any issues and I soon got used to it.I now look at my watch more often then my cell phone or the clock on the task bar to see the time.Thank youTimex for helping me get a watch I am proud and happy to have on my wrist.Read more

  3. Carolina A

    I bought this watch because I googled ‘cheap watches’ and this was the first result that came up.I wasn’t expecting much- I was about to start a job that was predominately outside, and I needed a reliable way to tell time. I didn’t have the money yet for something really nice and more suited for the outdoors, and I figured this would get me to my first paycheck before breaking. Because I had brought the watch with replacing it already in mind, I didn’t treat it with care whatsoever, going about my daily business as I pleased. Surprisingly, my first paycheck came (and went), but the watch did not break. I figured, hey, it’s probably going to break soon anyway, so I might as well wait until it does and get my full use out of it.This damned thing lasted for almost 2 years. I had no idea how it lasted through everything I put it through- extreme temperatures (sub-zero F to over 110 F), an industrial fryer (still have a nasty scar), exploding bags of chili, showers, pools, unexpected barn animal fluids, mud, snow, dropping it out of a moving car (by accident), throwing it off a cliff (for fun) and the neverending dirt and dust–the face is all scratched to hell with my initials carved into the back, the band is faded and slightly smells of french fries, and there’s a huge scrape on the edge where I nearly died while rock climbing- but the face still lights up, and the hands still tell time.Revisiting the page now, it seems it’s gone up in price by a bit. But I definitely got my money’s worth, and it still hasn’t broken. If you don’t want any bells and whistles and just want a watch- this is for you.Read more

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