U&i men’s overall performance cushion cotton athletic zone team socks (4-p. C./8-p. C.)

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  • sixty four% cotton, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, 6% spandex
  • imported
  • pull on closure
  • device wash
  • about coloration: this mens athletic socks include diverse collection – 1 pair of blue grey, 2 pairs of light grey, 1 pair of dark grey
  • sizing: suits mens shoe sizes from 7 to twelve *model in photographs is a us mens 9. 5 shoe length*
  • premium materials: the ultra top rate cotton allow the feet to respire and prevent any sort of discomfort for the duration of the day
  • special capabilities: the ultra top class cotton and bolstered arch assist area mixed with the perfect match foot fatigue and forestalls moisture from affecting performance. The heel and forefoot are padded to create a well cushioned experience underfoot
  • four pairs of men’s sector socks enclosed. Endorsed wash earlier than wear and dry on low heat. A slight shrinkage is everyday for high cotton socks after first wash. However high percent of spandex provides our guys’s socks exceptional stretch and elasticity to fit your feet.
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product description

the heel match correctly prevents chafing, rubbing, and blisters on and around the achilles tendon place at ease healthy proposing cushioned sole are best for extra performance.

  • mid cut design makes positive the socks in no way slip off
  • performance cushion zone group socks

    top rate cotton ensures consolation all day lengthy. Heel and forefoot cushion offer protection to the tendons, easing friction and dispersing effect effectively.

    terrific for:

  • running
  • hiking
  • biking
  • strolling
  • athletics
  • operating out
  • each day use
  • approximately colour: these guys athletic socks include assorted series – 1 pair of blue grey, 2 pairs of mild gray, 1 pair of darkish gray
  • sizing: suits men shoe sizes from 7 to 12.
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    Brown, Dark Grey, Navy (4 Pairs), Brown, Dark Grey, Navy (8 Pairs), Dark Grey, Light Grey (4 Pairs), Grey (4 Pairs), Grey (8 Pairs), Navy (4 Pairs)

    8 reviews for U&i men’s overall performance cushion cotton athletic zone team socks (4-p. C./8-p. C.)

    1. Steven Schwan

      I choose socks that feel good to run and walk in, and I like these. Not too thin with a soft feel. I ran several training runs for 2019 Boston Marathon in them, and these were my choice for comfort and function in the days before and after that race. I would have had no problem running the Marathon in them, but chose my race specific socks for that. My purpose for these are to wear to work for 8 hrs, then immediately step into my running shoes for my typical 5-10 mile daily run. I will buy more. I dislike no show and very low cut socks, and I also know the higher cut crew socks are a bit out of style. These are perfect height for me for work and play. Read more

    2. RTUT

      They are good quality socks. If you like a snug wrap around the ankle, don’t by any means let my review stop you. They are well made. My legs and ankles are not large at all but the spandex or what ever is used to keep the sock up over the ankle is so tight it made my ankle swell and retain water. I am hoping with a wash or two they will loosen up a bit. If not for that they would be a 5 star stocking for me. Read more

    3. Lynn Trinh

      The comfort level is much more than expected. Look and feel like smartwool socks. I bought this for both my boys and my husband to try and they all raved about the quality of the fit and the comfort these socks have. The color is the best part for me to sort out their laundry easier. Definitely recommend them. Read more

    4. One Soldier

      Fit: I’m a 9 and they are perfect. I do dry them and they are still fine. Length: kind of like a double tall ankle sock… in between an ankle and crew sock, but closer to the crew. I wear them as casual socks and you can’t tell they are a little short, which I like because it’s summer and so hot. They just make it over my 8” combat boots, like a hand’s width over my ankle. Color as depicted. I love them. The grey go with just about anything dark, the blue with blue jeans, navy khakis, and the ‘brown’ with anything in earth tones. I really like the ‘brown’ (I’m a dude so I’m sticking with the primary colors) and wish I could get more of them , same with the blue. Very very comfortable. I tad bit thinner than some crew but I’ve had crews the same thickness or a little thinner. Read more

    5. tomasaki

      I was looking for socks that were not too high up on the calf but not ankle length and these socks are just right. The weight is thick enough and there is some extra support at the arch. I like these socks very much. Read more

    6. Kindle Customer

      These fit as expected based on sizing. I like the amount of padding / thickness. Also they are nearly all cotton unlike some of the others at this price . Read more

    7. Kim B.

      Cute, well made SMALL socks. If you are buying for a woman’s foot or a youth, these are ideal. However, the average person would probably have difficulty wearing these after washing. I wish these were larger since they really are an attractive sock that seems comfortable. Read more

    8. Griffin V. Stoutenburg

      They are very good. They are true ankle socks , they definitely are softer then my other brand of socks I had. They hug your feet without being really thick like most socks. The bands on the bottom middle of foot helps hugs your feet better than other socks. After the first wash they shrink a little but still fit well, and don’t shrink after that. Read more

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