Traditional polo fashion baseball cap all cotton made adjustable fits men women low profile black hat unconstructed dad

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  • one hundred% cotton
  • imported
  • buckle closure
  • kbethos hats because 2001, from big apple
  • one hundred% cotton made. Light-weight / durable / easy
  • adjustable metal buckle back closure, notable healthy for all head sizes
  • various colours to choose from
  • dad hat, low profile unconstructed
  • sample/layout differs from hat to hat
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One Size


00. Black, 00. Green Camo, 01. Black Heavy Wash, 04. Red, 05. Black + Camo (Popular 2 Pc Pack), 07. Black + Red (Popular 2 Pc Pack), 08. Black Vintage, 09. Orange, 1. White, 10. Medium Denim, 11. Dark Gray, 12. Hot Pink, 13. Yellow, 15. Navy Blue, 16. Burgundy, 17. Light Gray, 18. Kelly Green, 20. Purple, 20. Tie Dye, 21. Ivory Stone, 21. Rainbow Tiedye, 22. Black/Mint Tiedye, 22. Brown, 22. Dark Khaki, 23. Aqua/Purple Tiedye, 23. Royal Blue, 24. Citi Camo, 24. Red/Navy Tiedye, 25. Natural Pink, 27. Black Denim, 29. Dark Denim, 30. Dark Forest Green, 31. Coral, 32. Wheat, 34. Desert Camo, 35. Sky Blue, 36. Safari Camo, 37. Neon Green, 38. Mint, 39. Blue Aqua, 40. Peach, 42. Sage Green, 44. Gold

8 reviews for Traditional polo fashion baseball cap all cotton made adjustable fits men women low profile black hat unconstructed dad

  1. V.S.

    When I bought this cap, I wrote that this was a very good baseball cap. High quality and nice colors. Yet, it would not fit well if your head is on the smaller side – it’s pretty deep! Unfortunately, I was completely wrong about the quality. The problem is the buckle – it is made of non-stainless steel iron. Guess what. The first time the cap became wet, the buckle got all rusty, and the rust spread onto the adjacent fabric. I had to throw it away! Read more

  2. CaptainJ

    Greetings from the Captain. Folks, I can say I really love this hat! If you’ve ever seen a car on craigslist described as a daily driver, for me this has been a daily “wearer”. It looks nice, feels nice on my head, and I have no complaints. I’ve just recently started reviewing my purchases, and figured I would start off with my favorites. This was one of them. As such, I’m reviewing this with due diligance after having bought it last year and having proper time for a thorough review. I let my hair grow out a bit and it got tight on my head, but when I paid enough attention to that, I found out how easy it was to adjust. When I’ve noticed it was dirty(as black things can sometimes get), I’ve given it a quick rub with a wet paper towel. For this price, or even much higher, this hat is hard to beat. If I should lose it, I would buy another again. It seems durable enough that I dont think I’d otherwise need to for quite some time. While I am no fashionista, I also am not an old codger who no longer cares what they look like, and this purchase has been one of the best daily/regular use ones I’ve ever made, and at this price even a slow decision maker like myself didn’t take long, if I recall correctly. I highly recommend this purchase. If you found this review at all useful, I’d be grateful if you clicked the button that says so. Thank you, and enjoy whichever hat you end up choosing! Read more

  3. American Panda

    I was looking for a plain dark brown cap. I found it here. It fits great, has room and can be adjusted for when I cut my hair. My head is 7 1/4″ size and the band is all the way extended. I think people with larger than a 7 1/2″ head may have trouble being too small. The only think I didn’t care for was the gold band, I wanted completely neutral or brown, BUT, this is a great deal. Read more

  4. Hanna

    This hat is so cute! I compared it to my Ralph Lauren polo cap and size of the bill and low profile style were identical! Comfortable, perfect size. Nothing much more to say. I definitely recommend this! A great buy!! Read more

  5. Bob’s Your Uncle

    If you are a guy with an average hat size, and like low profile hats, you’ll really like this one. Unfortunately, I’m not an off-the-shelf kind of guy. If only I was just a little taller, a little slimmer, with more hair and a larger head. Well, I accept who I am and I’m very satisfied with this hat. It IS low profile, but not low, low profile. It sits on my head with just a small amount of space between my head and the top of the hat. If I pull it down all the way, it hits my ears. If you are more average guy, you won’t have this issue. And, women will probably love these hats because they usually have more hair to fill up the hat. These hats are priced well. There’s a large assortment of colors. And, the seller offers free returns in case you’re not satisfied. These are light weight hats and completely unstructured. I like the buckle as opposed to Velcro because it provides a neater appearance, Why the one-star rating? Because of this one big negative. The buckle rusts easily. See attached photo. If it wasn’t for the rusty metal parts, I would be pleased with this purchase. You get what you pay for! Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I’m a hat snob. I’m not sorry about it and I’m not apologetic: I love hats and am super particular about how they fit and feel. I was not expecting much from this hat to be honest. It was cheap, so I expected cheap quality, low-fi color, etc. I ordered it on a whim cuz at that price I could afford to take the chance and just give it away if it sucked. I was stunned. It’s freaking perfect. Fits awesome. High quality stitching. Brim is bent just so. It feels like an already broken in favorite the first time you put it on. I’m on here to order another one in red. Read more

  7. James M. O’Connell

    This is my “Everyday Social Hat”. Thanks for not commenting on my appearance, but I’ve got Male Pattern Baldness, and I wear a hat whenever I’m outside: I have no desire to get sunburned on the top of my head. This is the hat I grab when I go outside. Or to the store. Or ‘date night’ with Understanding Spouse. It fits, is a nondescript grey that doesn’t draw attention, looks good, and has no visible logo. It’s inexpensive enough that I don’t mind buying three at a time, so as to keep one at work and one in the car; I’m even thinking about setting this up on a subscription here. The only reason I replace them is because they get dirty, and it’s simply not worth it to clean them. I don’t wear it when working outside; I use a freebie promotional hat with some local company’s logo — something I don’t mind getting covered in dirt or crud. This is my ‘put something on to look presentable’ hat. It’s exactly what I need. Do I love it enough for five stars? No; it’s a hat. Do I like it enough for four stars? Yes, definitely. Read more

  8. Emily S.

    This hat is absolutely perfect! The tracker said it would arrive on the 6th, but it arrived a day early! I am extremely pleased with how the hat fits and looks when I put it on! The adjustable strap is really nice and tightens to my own liking, which is exactly how I expected the hat to fit. The color is even better than the picture, as well. For the price of this hat you would think you’re “getting what you paid for”, but that is not it at all for this product. The quality is amazing and I don’t think I could find a better price! Read more

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