-tone sterling silver “be” graffiti charm necklace, 18″

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  • sterling silver necklace providing two-piece pendant with “be” engraved on rose gold appeal and “type, loose, authentic, courageous, sturdy, glad, thankful, compassionate” engraved on silver charm
  • field chain with spring-ring clasp
  • crafted in . 925 sterling silver and rose gold-flashed sterling silver
  • imported
  • those silver pieces are built for durability. This piece capabilities a metal plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a more lustrous appearance, however it can wear off with long-time period or heavy use. To make sure the durability of your plated gadgets keep your jewelry in a dark, cool, dry region which include a pouch or air tight field and avoid rubbing plated objects together. additionally try and avoid publicity to cleansing merchandise and fragrance that may each negatively have an effect on your items. Your neighborhood jeweler can suggest you where to ship your rings if you would ever like them replated.

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product description

sterling silver necklace providing two-piece pendant with “be” engraved on rose gold allure and “type, loose, authentic, courageous, sturdy, satisfied, grateful, compassionate” engraved on silver appeal

hold words of awareness close to your heart with this two-tone sterling silver double tag pendant. Inscribed with nice messages, it makes a beautiful present, or a pleasant little deal with for yourself. The small pendant comes complete with a sterling silver chain.

8 reviews for -tone sterling silver “be” graffiti charm necklace, 18″

  1. Jo Taylor

    I bought 2 and they don’t match the description or the description of other people’s reviews. Perhaps they have changed their source. The “be” disc is substantially smaller than in the pic and has damage at the hole. Looking closely, different fonts than in the pic are used on the entire necklace. The pic also shows a nice smooth flat surface, the items have a definite stamped texture and are curved. The chain is also different. The whole thing looks like something I could have bought for under $5 at my local store. I’ve included the original photo with my two for easy comparison.Read more

  2. Hend Said

    I was looking forward to receiving this necklace but unfortunately the word “be” which was the purpose of the whole necklace was written as “he” as shown in the picture attached.So i do not know what to do with it and demand to be sent a new one.Read more

  3. K.W.

    I ordered this twice, and both times it arrived with the smaller charm hidden behind the larger charm. (I couldn’t just turn it around, because the writing is only on one side of each of the charms.)I finally figured out that the smaller “Be”charm has to be threaded through the chain differently to wind up on top. Silly me!It might benefit the people sending these, though, to put the product in the box correctly to start with.Upon arrival, it is quite pretty.Read more

  4. Dianna O’C

    I am torn giving the stars – because this necklace is truly beautiful – the charm is really quite nice – and I think my tween will love it for many years to come – the problem is the chain. Although the chain is thin, it appears sturdy – but the clasp on ours is quite hard to work – struggle getting it on but the biggest problem I had with this necklace is that is came knotted up – the chain was in numerous knots – I bought this as a gift and wanted it to be wear ready, so I picked and picked those knots apart – it took me over an hour. I will have to buy another chain which is disappointing, but the charm is really really nice.Read more

  5. T. Benecke

    Love this pendant! I bought it as a constant reminder about how I want to live my life. It’s a good size, too. I’m using a different chain – the one thta comes with the pendant is a little too short and flimsy for my taste.Read more

  6. Kathy

    This neckLace is very nice. I read some reviews that said it was cheaply made. They must have fixed the issue because the one I received is pretty and well made.Bought it for a sweet sixteen birthday gift. I like it so much I’m buying another one for my granddaughter.Read more

  7. mss

    Nice necklace for the price. Shiny silver-colored disk the size of a dime with inspiring words (“kind, free, true, brave, strong, compassionate, happy, thankful and at peace”) to compliment the shiny copper-colored smaller top disk “be”. Silver chain quite small, which many young ladies prefer. However, it has a larger attachment piece if you want to replace it with a larger chain. I bought it as a high school graduation gift for a friend’s daughter. Makes a perfect inexpensive, small jewelry gift.Read more

  8. S. Taipale

    This pretty necklace was purchased as a high school graduation present for my granddaughter. She loves it! She is rather small, very pretty and it will look just great on her. Her mother won’t let her wear it until the graduation ceremony! I loved it when it arrived, but the box was very cheap and the necklace was tangled up inside. Once I straightened it out and wrapped it, it was a lovely gift for a lovely young lady, who is about to start college. It looks like a piece of quality jewelry, not at all cheap.Read more

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