Three pairs clip on jewelry huge hoop rings set non piercing rings for girls girls gold plated rose gold silver hypoallergenic earrings

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  • you may get after ordering:3 pairs 60mm large clip on jewelry,includes 3 hues: rose gold, white gold,gold and a few extra earring backs
  • clip on earrings made of tender latex cushion, suitable for non pierced ear,will no longer motive ear allergies
  • light-weight and high polished,new closesure layout,clean to wear and take it off,hypoallergenic, lead and nickle unfastened, confortable for sensitive ears
  • our at ease and stylish hoop jewelry are mainly designed for those who don’t have pierced ears.
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product description

  • product name:3 pairs clip on hoop jewelry set
  • orders consist of three colors, rose gold, gold, silver
  • fabric: stainless-steel,latex cushion
  • suitable for non pierced ear,will now not cause ear allergic reactions
  • consists of three colors: rose gold, white gold,gold and some greater earring backs

    our comfortable and stylish hoop earrings are specially designed for people who do not have pierced ears.

    clip on rings made from tender latex cushion, appropriate for non pierced ear,will no longer motive ear allergic reactions

    do not put on for a long term for the primary time,your ears want time to get used to it

    if you feel it is a little tight, you could make it apart. If you feel it is a bit free, you may make it closer.

    the ring’s durability is good, don’t worry, it might not be broken.

    length contrast

    size evaluation


    40mm-1.57", 50mm-1.97", 60mm-2.36", 70mm-2.76"

    8 reviews for Three pairs clip on jewelry huge hoop rings set non piercing rings for girls girls gold plated rose gold silver hypoallergenic earrings

    1. Maya Shaw

      Very cute hoops. A great option for those of us without pierced ears. There are a couple of cons with this product, though. First, they are a little tricky to get on just right and they don’t lay flush like other earrings do so it requires some maneuvering. Second, they are a little irritating on the lobe. Not unbearable, but something to keep in mind if you have sensitive ear lobes. Overall, great product and I will more than likely purchase again :)Read more

    2. Malika94

      Love these great purchase!! They stay on. I personally don’t feel them at all. Super cute and look real.Read more

    3. Skylar

      By far the most comfortable clip on earrings I have ever worn as well as the lightest. I really love the colors definitely are exactly as shown. They don’t feel flimsy at all or like they could break at any giving moment.The come in their own packages with extra pieces in each pouch. To my already pierced girls/guys you can wear these as well just take the pieces off.All in all I love the product and definitely will be shooing here again in the future.Pro tip: Clip the earrings in the right spot to avoid the pain and for them to lay flat like normal earrings. If they aren’t placed right they will hurt and cause soreness.Another Tip: You can use the extra backs and turn normal earrings into clip ons. Just take the clear tip of the needle of these earring and place it on the needle of the other earrings and stick the backs on like you would with these and there you go.Hope this was helpful.Read more

    4. Fran S.

      I’m 81 and like a modest earring to wear everyday. With three pairs to chose from I can put some variety into view.All are brilliant in color, yet blend in and frame my face and short hair style. The no-pinch feature and extra pads are awin-win addition. Perfect purchase.Read more

    5. 16” extension

      Love these earring, are nice and do not weight a lot also do not fall of my earlobe.The only con is the rose gold it’s very light so kind of looks like a light gold color. Other than that perfect!Read more

    6. Jacqueline Strayve

      I purchased these after recently having my first baby and realizing if I continued to wear my favorite hoop earrings, I was going to have a ripped earlobe from the baby pulling on them. These are adorable and make me feel young even though I am getting little sleep and feeling older just from being a momma. They are comfortable, but you have to pull them apart ever so slightly if they feel too tight. You can easily adjust them for your comfort. Very happy with purchase.0Read more

    7. Joanne Austin

      They’re cute & don’t hurt at all. The packaging was cute tooRead more

    8. Marissa

      I really love these hoops! Perfect size, and I like how they come with the 3 different colors. They also come with lots of extra earring backs. They’re a bit uncomfortable after a few hours , but quite a few clip-ons are, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve only worn the silver ones , but plan to wear the others soon. Highly recommend!Read more

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