(tent leather higher jazz shoe slip-on for women and men’s dance shoes

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  • a hundred% leather
  • artificial sole
  • high first-rate leather upper and arch insert layout
  • cut up sole, eva sole patch and heel
  • fabric lining, flat heel, about 0. 4″
  • 4m—heel to toe eight. 5 inches/216mm
  • size: please measure your feet period first and pick out consistent with the dimensions records of linodes (tent) leather upper jazz shoe slip-on for women and men’s dance shoes
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product description

the upper fabric is tender leather-based and the liner cloth is texile, that’s each at ease and durable.

the heel is flat and light with break up sole layout that could offer a great support and grip for dancers.

this shoe is properly designed and made with incredible material, which is secure, flexible and durable for girls to bop or have other sports activities.

size and heel to toe of linodes jazz shoes:

4m— eight. Five inches/216mm

4. 5m— eight. 66 inches/220mm

5m— 8. Eighty two inches/224mm

5. 5m— eight. 98 inches/228mm

6m— nine. 13 inches/232mm

6. 5m— 9. 29 inches/236mm

7m— nine. 45 inches/240mm

7. 5m— 9. 6 inches/244mm

8m— 9. 76 inches/248mm

8. 5m— 9. Ninety two inches/252mm

9m— 10. 08 inches/256mm

9. 5m— 10. 24 inches/260mm

10m— 10. 39 inches/264mm

10. 5m— 10. 55 inches/268mm

11m— 10. 7 inches/272mm

12m— 10. Ninety four inches/278mm

13m— 11. 18 inches/284mm

14m— eleven. 5 inches/292mm

the way to measure

that will help you locate your ideal length, we’ve a way under:

1. Put your naked foot on a sheet of paper;

2. Draw strains at the location of heel and toe;

three. Degree the duration among the two strains;

four. Locate your length in standard length desk primarily based for your dimension.


4 Women/3.5 Men, 4.5 Women/4 Men, 5 Women/4.5 Men, 5.5 Women/5 Men, 6 Women/5.5 Men, 6.5 Women/6 Men, 7 Women/6.5 Men, 7.5 Women/7 Men, 8 Women/7.5 Men, 8.5 Women/8 Men, 9 Women/8.5 Men, 9.5 Women/9 Men, 10 Women/9.5 Men, 10.5 Women/10 Men, 11 Women/10.5 Men, 12 Women/11.5 Men, 13 Women/12.5 Men, 14 Women/13.5 Men


Black, Brown

8 reviews for (tent leather higher jazz shoe slip-on for women and men’s dance shoes

  1. SimonaSaule

    Pros: Made nicely, seem like comfortable, if it is your fit. Cons: Run large. My foot is 7 medium width, After reading the reviews I went from 7 (thats my Nikes, Sketchers-relaxed fit sneakers size), to 6.5 and they are still too big. Should have ordered at least 6. And still the fit is interesting. It is good that they have free return option with amazon prime, cause it is not so easy to find your fit. I am returning them and dont think I will order another size, cause they dont feel right for Zumba (slippery, no ankle support). But they might be good for other dancing lessons, like ballet for non-profs. If your foot is narrow, not high arch I would even recommend going from 7 to 6, cause in time they have a tendency to strech. (I can easily insert a finger, photo included). Read more

  2. Chiquita

    Bought these for my 16 year old son for a musical he is in. He normally wears an 11 1/2 in tennis shoe and the size 12 fit perfectly. Read more

  3. Edward Moroney

    I needed to order jazz shoes for my daughter when she auditioned and earned a role for our local community theater. It was a first time for us, so I had no idea which of the shoes online to order. Ultimately I decided on these based on the good reviews and I’m glad I did! They were perfect. Fit as expected and good quality.theyve stood up to the last three months of rehearsals and still look great. For reference my daughter is a size 5-6 depending on the shoe. Read more

  4. seattlejanie

    The shoes seem fine, but going by sizing guide they are too large. Especially considering you need to have them start out fitting very tight because they will stretch. I don’t know any dancers who like their shoes to fit loose & sloppy. You want them to fit like a second skin to your feet. While your toes need to be able to spread, you don’t want your feet sliding or slipping inside of the shoe. Will need to return and order a smaller size. I ordered 7 1/2 and I wear a size 8 to 8 1/2 size street shoe, but it is hard to compare that to dance shoes. Dance shoes need to fit different than street shoes. Also, the lining inside one of the shoes was all bent up & would have been uncomfortable to wear. I hope the next pair will not have the lining rolling up. Read more

  5. d

    The shoe looks like it is three times too small….until you put it on and realize that it stretches at the arch area to allow you to have a hell under your heel and a pad under the ball of your foot. Despite the heel and pad, you will feel as it you are barefoot, but that is part of the design, so buy it if that is what you are looking for. If you want/need something rigid that will offer support all around your foot, this is NOT the shoe for you. It is, essentially, a leather sock, with something solid underneath to withstand the wear of dancing on. If you plan on dancing a lot and want them to last, then have a cobbler add leather or suede sole to the bottom surface (floor contact) so that they last. For the price, just order another pair when these wear out. The fit is comfortable, however, you will want to insert some kind of liner in the front toe section of the shoe, at the very least, if not for odor management, then for comfort. The primary reason for this is the fact the very front of the shoe, where the pads of your toes rest, has NO insole, only rippled leather (extremely uncomfortable. The insole of the shoe falls short about 2 cm or maybe 1″ of the very tip of the front of the shoe, so the pads of your toes will press on the stictching and ribbed material where the leather shoe is sewn to the sole pad. Look at the pictures in the description. Where you see leather ripples/ridges in the toe area….there is no liner, sole, or pad covering this area inside the shoe. Your toes will not be happy. An easy, cheap solution is to purchase, trim, and insert thin shoe liners that reach all the way up to the front of the shoe, and then you will be very happy with these shoes. They are great for practicing or even dancing (socially), but be careful that others do not step on your feet because you will have no protection for the top of your toes. Happy dancing!! Read more

  6. Jude

    Even in Chair Yoga we get out of the chair and do some standing poses. I wear a size 8.5 shoe but I need orthodics in them. So sometimes I have to go up a half size or even a full size. I ordered these and they fit perfect with my orthotics in them! They are super soft leather so it’s like I am barefoot with the support I need. I can do all of the seated and standing poses, not perfectly, but that would take a miracle. Read more

  7. Christina Shea

    My son dances a lot for musical theatre. I just looked up this order and am amazed at how long they lasted, well over a year, but the sole is getting worn down now. They still look pretty good and support him but he is 15 and still growing so I think I probably ordered them on the large side but they are super comfy for him while dancing and if he forgets to take them to class he gets sore if he uses regular shoes. But I need to get the tan color instead of black so I re-measured his feet and will be ordering up by one size and definitely sticking with this brand. For the price I think these performed really well–all the seams are still perfect, nothing ripped or torn, just use shows wear on the soles and on the leather part of the toe, partly from his feet growing. For an adult or kid who dances more than him they will probably last for 6- 12 months. When new, they look just like the picture shows and don’t need to be broken in. Read more

  8. Tom Overthere

    I use these for Salsa dancing only. I’m learning at a dance studio that is VERY protective of its pristine wood floor, requiring dedicated dance shoes ONLY(!). These are just right for that. I like the color (don’t like black shoes) and they’re the same shoe that my amazing Salsa dance instructor wears. I figured I wouldn’t go wrong following her example, and I was right. I just hope they hold up well (my first “Jazz Shoe” and they seem kinda flimsy…). The seller’s size conversion chart worked well. I wear an 11-1/2 American man’s shoe and purchased Size 13 per the seller’s chart. Resulted in a comfortable fit and I can dance for hours in them. Read more

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