Tender & breathable cushioned quarter pinnacle socks

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  • seventy three% cotton, 24% nylon, 2% spandex, 1% polyester
  • made in us
  • device wash
  • three pair %, cushioned for additonal consolation
  • sector pinnacle period
  • ventilated panels for breathability & dryness
  • premium cotton sock draws off moisture to maintain toes cool & comfortable
  • suits footwear sizes 4-10
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from the producer

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product description

no nonsense soft and breathable ventilated cushioned zone pinnacle socks are built with premium cotton. They wick moisture to keep toes cool, dry and cozy. Nylon and spandex mesh panels provide remaining breathability


1, 4-10


Black, Black – 9 Pair Pack, White, White – 9 Pair Pack

8 reviews for Tender & breathable cushioned quarter pinnacle socks

  1. Shu

    I first fell in love with these socks a couple months ago, so went to stock up during Prime Days, but not a good result … Ordered nine pairs total and they were ALL noticeably THINNER than the ones I’ve loved, worn and washed for the last couple months ! See picture below — NEW sock on the left foot vs PRE-LOVED sock on the right foot. Can almost see my foot thru the LEFT one! I first thought something was odd when I went for my walk, in my usual shoes, and my feet fell so ‘slippery’ and loose in my tennies that I had to re-tie them TIGHTER ! (I’m lazy, so I keep my tennis tied all the time, just loose enough that I can slip my socked foot inside !) But I’m not a quitter !! In light of the RECENT reviews talking about how thick and comfy these socks feel, I guess I’ll return these for exchange, in hopes of getting a GOOD/THICK batch this time !! Will try to remember to do an update re results of my SECOND chance !) Just be forewarned that there ARE some bad/skimpy batches out there (and hopefully NOT the ‘new normal’). July 18 UPDATE: Just received shipment #2, but alas, same result >> thinner than OLD socks .. BUT, mystery solved as to WHY they’re thinner/slippery! — these DO have less cotton in them than the ones on the MANUFACTURER’S website, as follows … Per manufacturer: 79% cotton, 19% nylon, 1% polyester, 1% spandex. Per this order: 73% cotton, 24% nylon, and 2% each polyester and spandex. For the same ITEM # (2L15RF) — wth !!? Gonna place an order with the manufacturer and see if I get 79% cotton AS ADVERTISED ! (OR, did No Nonsense change/DOWN-grade their ‘recipe’ ??) ugh, sooo much work for a pair of socks ! Read more

  2. Santa Monica Girl

    I love the original No nonsense socks that I purchased at our local drugstore. Those were super comfy. When ordering these online, I read another user’s comment that these seemed thinner than the original version. I ordered them as a try out. These are definitely thinner than the original No nonsense socks that I bought last year. I decided to go to the drugstore and purchase a 3 pack from there to compare. They’re the same. It seems that it’s not an issue of the socks online being different, but rather that No nonsense company has changed the fabric of this sock to be about 25% thinner than the original, perhaps to save the company some money. It’s still a good sock, and fits well, but works out to be double the price of the cotton socks you can purchase in bulk elsewhere, and without the brand name advertising across the top of the sock toes (which I’ve always disliked) Not sure if I’d buy these again. Read more

  3. Eleine

    These are the only socks I’ve been willing to wear for at least a decade! This sock is perfect. It’s the perfect length to not stick up too high out of shoes. It’s padded in just the right places. The material is anti odor and wicks moisture well. They have just the right amount of texture to grip and not slip around in shoes. Thick but not too thick that I need to go up in shoe size. Hold up and never slip down. Last forever: I only need to replace them because sometimes my dryer eats them. Sometimes my roommate’s dog does… I once yelled at my mom for buying me a different brand of socks for Christmas when I specifically asked for these. Every time I’ve ever tried other socks because I couldn’t find these, they were horribly disappointing and were given away immediately. This is the ultimate women’s sock! Read more

  4. Rp89

    If you love no nonsense soft and breathable socks you will be very disappointed in these. The quality has gone to zero! I have been wearing these for years. I bought some 6 months ago perfect. These that I just received are soo thin, and the top of the sock is way bigger than they used to be. Don’t waste your money. Find another brand. Read more

  5. A Mom with Kids and Fur Kids

    Maybe these were great in the past or maybe NO NOSENSE has a quality control problem but buy these in person at a store so you can check them for bald spots. I threw this whole set out because there were threadbare areas. I know these can be good socks because I purchased two sets in white at the grocery store. They’ve been okay. I wanted some in black and they were just trash. Read more

  6. Southern Charm

    I love this brand of socks. They seem to breathe with my feet. What I mean is when my feet get hot, they seem to circulate air around them to feel cooler. They also have a soft feel and stretch to them so they don’t compress my toes or around the top and back of my foot. Some socks hurt my toes when I wear them, but these have a nice “give” to them. I can wiggle my toes in them and they have a lot of give and still hold their shape. They fit very well and are well made for comfort. I like the thinness and feel of these. Now my whole family wants them so I will continue to purchase them. Read more

  7. Barb

    These are the most comfortable best fitting socks I have ever found. I need socks for the gym as well as to wear to work and I have very sensitive feet due to extensive foot surgery and arthritis. They grip your foot so that they don’t slip around and are just the right thickness so that my shoes fit without being too tight yet they don’t let my foot rub on the inside of my shoe. I am so glad I found them on Amazon, I was getting tired of trying to find them in the stores as that is pretty hit and miss. These are the only socks I will ever buy again. Read more

  8. Alexis

    Very well made socks that are not too tight, but are instead very comfortable to wear. When my Mom first saw these socks she said that they look as if they would be too tight, but when she tried them on, she said that they are very comfortable, soft, breathable sock. My Mom didn’t want anything too tight around her ankles that would leave lines on her skin. She’s use to wearing ‘buster-brown’ socks since they have no elasticity. But please note, with all due respect to my Mom, she has always had skinny ankles, so perhaps someone with thicker ankles may feel differently.] The price is great and the company that they were purchased from, namely ‘carnivalsockspot’ packaged and delivered them fast. Read more

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