Teehee girls’s style no show/low reduce fun socks super cost p. C.

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  • 70% cotton, 27% polyester, three% spandex
  • buy many cute pairs of socks for a superb fee!
  • high-quality assure: touch us for any problems you might come upon and we will do all we can to assist!
  • sizing recommendations: girls’s socks size 9/11 (shoe size 6-nine)
  • afforable, cute socks engineered to stay gentle to your feet.
  • machine washable, imported.
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product description

teehee casual no display low reduce socks for girls multipack

  • amusing novelty informal socks for women.
  • no extra scarcity of socks. Try bunch of lovely and a laugh socks regular casual socks.
  • 20 pair percent socks are with gift box. Superb for present idea.
  • pick out between black, white, stripes, and bright color designs!
  • ladies’s socks size sep 11 (shoe size 6-9)
  • men’s socks size 10-thirteen (shoe sizes 8-10)
  • machine cleanable
  • material_type

    Acrylic, Cotton


    Animal Print_18pair, Assorted_10pair, Assorted_12pair, Black_10pair, Black_20pair, Education_10pair, Floral-10pair, Floral_20pair, Fun Foot_12pair, Grey_10pair, Grey_20pair, Leopard and Solid_20pair, Leopard_10pair, Monky and Sheep_10pair, Multi Pattern_10pair, Multi Stripes_10pair, Neon Animal_12pair, Neon Black_18pair, Neon Bright_18pair, Neon Stripe_12pair, Neon Stripes_12pair, Neon_12pair, Rainbow_10pair, Rainbow_20pair, Shoes_12pair, Solid Tip Toe_10pair, Solid_10pair, Stripes_20pair, Tropical Design_10pair, Weather_10pair, White-black_10pair, White_10pair, White_20pair

    8 reviews for Teehee girls’s style no show/low reduce fun socks super cost p. C.

    1. Kayem

      These are socks. I’m sure this seems obvious, but in case there’s any doubt, they are definitely socks. They perform adequately as socks, bestowing my feet with their sock-like essence, so my feet are not naked to the elements. The material is soft, thin, and the socks fit well. If I had a superhero uniform made out of these socks, I would be quite comfortable and free of itching in sensitive areas. As to their sizing, I wear a US size women’s 10 (US 8 men’s). Of course, my shoe size is anywhere from US 9 to US 11 (US 7 to US 9 men’s), depending on the brand and style of shoe, but US size 10 women’s is mostly what I wear. Assuming my feet are US size 10 women’s, I’d say that US size 10.5 women’s will easily fit these shoes, but US size 11 women’s and up will probably be where they are tight. I bought these socks and two other packs of low-cut socks. I needed a lot of inexpensive, low cut socks to wear daily without having to do frequent laundry. It will take about a month to wear all the socks I bought, so I can’t say yet how they’ll hold up in the wash. These aren’t socks that will hold up to rugged use, but that’s not what I bought them for. So if you’re looking for socks, that is what these are. Read more

    2. M.V.Stone

      I liked the fit of my first pack so much, I ordered 2 more packs. It’s got home from a walk – wore this pair one other time, and now they’re going on the bin. I wear a women’s US size 9.5 shoe, smaller feet may have no problems. Read more

    3. j. johnsey

      I gave these one star for their cuteness. I’m sending them back. I didn’t even try them on. I turned a few of the pairs inside out and could not believe the maze of loose strings inside. There is no way, unless you have no toenails, that you could just slip your feet into these socks. Read more

    4. K. Winkelman

      I love the colorful, whimsical, beachy patterns on the socks. Perfect for summer. I wear them mostly without shoes as I prefer to be barefoot in my house. These socks are light enough for our hot summers, perfect for working from home or hanging out, and give me a slight barrier when walking on hard tile floors. Please note, they are not cushiony by any means. If I need more cushioning for my feet I will put on slippers of indoor shoes. My initial concern was the length of the socks and the tightness of the part that goes around your ankle, because many of the no-show/low-cut socks I’ve gotten in the past seem sized for a kid or small adult. I wear a size 8-8.5 shoe, and wind up putting my toe through other socks because they are too small and too tight around the ankle. These fit great. I have room to wiggle my toes and the ankle is not too snug. So glad I found these! Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Do Not Order These Socks If You Are Looking For What They Are Advertising!!! These Socks Are So Thin They Are Like Nylon Socks!!! Nothing Even Close To The Picture!!! And They Are No Where Near 70% Cotton (in my opinion)!!! Read more

    6. baker98270

      These are cute socks. Very thin, no padding at all. There is a fair amount of stretch in the sock, with the “neck” (I don’t know what else to cal it) being minimally stretchy. This seems to keep the sock in place – I wear them around the house or while wearing clog-type shoes, so I don’t know how they would do in a regular shoe with an enclosed heel. The colors and patterns are very bright and they turned out well after a run through the washer and dryer. They come out of the dryer looking like baby socks, but stretched to fit my size-10 foot just fine. My main issue with these is that the toe seams are rough and very uncomfortable. The ends of the seams are kind of a knot of threading, which rubs at my toes. Overall, cute socks but not very comfortable. Read more

    7. Midwest Reviewer

      I am always in search of cotton-based products as I much prefer cotton over any other fabric for most things. It can be difficult to find cotton-rich socks, for some reason, and these are mostly cotton. I’ve bought a couple of different configurations – a pack that is all black, gray and white, and a pack that is multi-colored stripes and bright solids. The longevity of these socks is pretty good considering they are not a thick sock (which is what I want since I live in Florida). They are comfortable, wash well, and fit the bill for me. One thing to note is that they are almost an ankle sock, not really a “no show” sock, but that is not a huge deal to me. For the price, I think they can’t be beat. Read more

    8. Dandelion in the wind

      These are comfortable socks. I’ve worn and washed them quite a few times and they hold up well and still look new. I bought them for the variety colors and so I can mix them up because I never wear matching socks cuz I’m a weirdo like that, lol. And plus, if you lose a sock, you just put it with a different sock. Even though you put your socks in the dirty clothes basket together, do you ever wonder why it’s always just one sock that goes missing? Lol, maybe the dryer gets hungry. Definitely a good buy for comfortable, durability and the amount of pairs of socks you get. Read more

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