Stick-on suede soles for high-heeled footwear, with commercial-electricity adhesive backing. Resole antique dance shoes or convert your favorite heels to ideal dance shoes [suede-la-r02]

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your model number.
  • turn your favorite high heels into suede-soled dance footwear or update worn-out suede soles on present dance footwear.
  • revel in the best friction houses of suede soles whilst dancing on properly-maintained and easy wooden dance floors – at a fragment of the rate of recent suede-soled dance footwear. Suede soles should no longer be worn on any surface aside from easy timber dance flooring.
  • do not fuss with messy, pungent glues. No glue is needed for this product. Just peel off the protecting liner from the self-adhesive backing and observe your new suede soles to your footwear. It’s miles in reality that easy!
  • do not worry about cutting the right form out of a sheet of suede. We shaped these soles optimally for becoming most high-heeled women’ shoes at the same time as imparting a notable dance enjoy. Nonetheless, if the soles are too massive, you could cut the excess with ordinary household scissors.
  • related products: we also offer suede stick-on dance soles for flat footwear, as well as sheets of suede, all with industrial-energy adhesive backing. Just enter “soles2dance suede” (with out citation marks) in the amazon seek window to look all our adhesive-backed suede soles and adhesive-sponsored suede sheets.
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1 Pair Black, 1 Pair in Brown, 1 Pair in Gold-tan, 1 Pair in Light Tan, 1 Pair in Red, 1 pair in gray, 3 Pairs, All Gold Tan, 3 Pairs, All Light Tan, 3 Pairs: 1 X Black, 1 X Light Tan, 1 X Gold Tan

8 reviews for Stick-on suede soles for high-heeled footwear, with commercial-electricity adhesive backing. Resole antique dance shoes or convert your favorite heels to ideal dance shoes [suede-la-r02]

  1. grandma jpn

    It was easy to stick on the shoes: however, you have to be careful the length you cut. If you don’t cut just right length, it will start to peel off from the excess spot after practice turning a few times. Other than that, It’s convenient way to transform your favorite shoes to a dance shoes. Read more

  2. Marlene

    To turn street shoes to dance shoes it works. The leather has held up walking on the street and even bar floor spills. The glue on the back might need help. On spins it would shift, Perl and restick worked but finding a glue that worked on it to hold in place all night is my recommendation. Read more

  3. Doc S

    My line dance shoes had been danced in until the suede bottoms were slick. But the shoes themselves were still in great shape. These suede soles were the perfect fix. They are very easy to use and I have danced twice since applying them and they are holding tite. Read more

  4. Whimsy Girl

    These are so cool. Instead of buying uncomfortable, uncushioned dancing shoes, I purchased regular comfy sandals and put these on the bottom. They are awesome and work great on the studio dance floor. And my feet are thrilled. I would definitely recommend. Read more

  5. Bmilly

    I purchased these use on my heels as my turns tend to stick on my smooth floors at home. These came off after a few minutes of dancing. I didn’t everything in the directions to prep my shoes. I cleaned the soles and used a scrubber but the adhesive did not stay on. Read more

  6. Lydia

    I wear size 6 women’s shoes, and I had to trim a little, but it was easy to put it on. Now I can dance all night with my favorite boots. Read more

  7. Carmencat

    This product really works! I have been using my shoes for over a month and they are still on. They dance very well too. Read more

  8. deborah M Pavlick

    Although I. New to dance, these seem to do the trick, transforming a normal pair of shoes into dance shoes. Remember not to wear on the street or another possibly dirty or spilled upon floor, because it can ruin the suede Read more

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