Sterling silver light-weight paddle lower back hoop earrings

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  • polished sterling silver hoop rings offering click-top backings
  • imported
  • crafted in . 925 sterling silver
  • high polished
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  • what length are these? No indication.
  • question: what length are these? No indication. Answer: 20mm is the small dime length size. 20 mm throughout, is how silver hoops are measured. With the aid of cassie on november 24, 2020 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (4) crumble all answers

  • what number of mm of thickness?
  • sorry for postpone in responding! The ear-jewelry in query are…….. 2mm thick…… And…. 20mm in diameter. Wish that helps! Rd. See much less

  • are they tested sterling silver? I can’t discover a 925 stamp or a “sterling” stamp.
  • question: are they confirmed sterling silver? I’m able to’t find a 925 stamp or a “sterling” stamp. Solution: i haven’t any concept, but i love them. I wear them daily without any issues. By linda d. Hanrahan on october 9, 2020 fall apart all answers

  • do they flip black or are they coated?
  • query: do they flip black or are they lined? Solution: they’ve not turned black. If they’re covered, they’re now not notably covered. I am very satisfied with my buy. They appear robust, not cheap. They look super. They’ve not harm my ears. By means of pearlymom on october 19, 2020 did not get answers. See more solutions (6) fall apart all answers




    0.75 Inches, 1.2 Inches, 1.5 Inches

    8 reviews for Sterling silver light-weight paddle lower back hoop earrings

    1. May

      They are perfect and lightweight Read more

    2. Mary Eve

      Love my earrings!! Excellent quality. I wear them every day and they’ve yet to tarnish. Easy to put on and they do not hurt my ears, even after all day wear. I have sensitive ears. Anything less than real silver or gold and my piercings begin to hurt. The size is perfect. Not too big, but bigger than your average hoop. They are not real thick, more on the thin size. If you’re seeking thicker, heavier earrings, this pair may not work for you. However, they’re perfect for me. Love the way they look when I put my hair up in clips, ponytail, or while wearing baseball cap. Came in a small jewelry box. Quick delivery if you’re a Prime member. Just to give you a simple size definition: place your fingers in the “o.k.” sign. Earrings are about an inch bigger than that. Read more

    3. BrenH

      I am soooo disappointed! I purchased these because I just lost another pair while riding my motorcycle (flew off in the wind). The other pair (different manufacturer) was well made and I’d had them for over 10 years. This pair came in and I felt they were a little flimsy. Within TWO DAYS they broke and could not be repaired; I wasn’t being rough with them, just putting them on. I returned them immediately. Read more

    4. Nancy G.

      I liked the clasp, but not the size. Even though I thought I knew what I purchasing, the earrings were larger than expected. While I like the light feel to them, I still wanted smaller hoops. Read more

    5. SUPgirl

      These look just like the hoops sold by the dozen to beginning jewelry crafters. Definitely not sterling silver. Stainless steel at best. Im not happy with them. Read more

    6. danusha

      I should have paid more attention to the reviews who talk about how THIN these are they are extremely thin hoops not what i expected from the images shown if you are looking for thin wire hoops then you will love these…. overpriced IMO Read more

    7. athrawes

      The paddleback style is perfect for me. The other styles seem to break easily. Sterling silver is the only kind of earring I can wear as I am allergic to nickel and other metals. Love the earrings – in fact I am wearing them right now! Read more

    8. rgoran2

      I had a pair of earrings just like this and lost them and could not find them anywhere until now. SOOO incredibly happy to have found them here on Amazon – they are my go-to silver hoops! They are very durable for costume jewelry – I had my old pair for like 3 or 4 years – zero tarnishing as most costume pieces will do over time. Perfect size – not small, not large and frame the face very well. I love how lightweight these are. Can’t beat the price, either. I bought 2 pairs (one for backup) and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again should I ever lose both! Read more

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