Sterling silver cubic zirconia halo pendant necklace (round & princess)

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  • sterling silver necklace providing a cubic zirconia pendant encircled by means of a pave-set cubic zirconia halo
  • cable chain with spring-ring clasp
  • crafted in . 925 sterling silver
  • imported
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Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Princess Halo, Round Halo

8 reviews for Sterling silver cubic zirconia halo pendant necklace (round & princess)

  1. Bazinga!

    This pendant is so beautiful and it looks so much better in person than in the pictures. In my opinion, there’s no telling between this and a real one and for the price it seems like a steal. I could easily compare it to a similar swarovski brand necklace but is also at a fraction of the cost. My chain came in good condition but I do not plan on using it. This pendant seems too “expensive” and heavy that having a dainty chain makes it obviously fake looking. I bought another chain to go with it Sterling Silver 1mm Box Chain (18 Inches) I’ve attached pictures of necklace, using the original chain and the chain I bought. I also added a picture of it beside my engagement ring which is the real deal, btw. Hope this helps anyone else looking to buy this beautiful necklace! Read more

  2. Glenda

    Let me first say that I ordered this same necklace back in November 2016, and it was PERFECT! I ordered it as a gift for my sister, so I decided to order another as a gift for the future. Unfortunately, I ordered it in December 2016 but just now decided that I’d like it for myself. Just inspected it to find that the rose finish is all worn off (or maybe never applied properly?). Both the chain and the pendant itself are dark and tarnished looking. The first one was so perfect, I’m really surprised this one got through Quality Control. Again, the original was perfect – good quality, perfect finish, and just absolutely beautiful! I’m posting this in hopes that someone might be able to help me replace this – I can find no link to actually contact the seller regarding the product – and to warn others to inspect it immediately upon receipt to be sure it is of the proper quality! Read more

  3. Lydia .C

    I was thoroughly disappointed by this product. I bought 7 as bridesmaids’ favors, with the intention of having them worn the day of my wedding. In my opinion, they don’t make very good gifts as the back of the pendant make them look cheap. Additionally, while they look very elegant on, they turned color before the day even ended. (Please note: I had a destination wedding and the product was worn in extreme heat.) Read more

  4. Spenser2

    Well as my title said… This is a great item if you like cursing. First of all it took me over 30 minutes to untangle the chain and we all know how much fun untangling chains is. Then it took me another 30 minutes of cursing to try to hook the clasp because it is so tiny even an elf couldn’t use it. I finally got it on with the chain untangled and numerous tries to hook the teeny tiny little round hook which should have been larger or at least lobster claw. So after about an hour of cursing I finally had it around my neck. It is hard to give an overall opinion because it makes you so frustrated just trying to untangle a chain that never should have arrived like that. It had several knots in it so it wasn’t just a tiny little issue. However I will say it is pretty. Does it look expensive? No, in my opinion it does not, it looks fake and of course it is fake so I guess it looks exactly like it’s supposed to. Would I buy it again? Probably not. I don’t know if I will send it back or not because of the price point I don’t know if it is worth sending back and it could be worn now and then as a nice accent because as I mentioned it is pretty if you don’t expect a great deal out of it Read more

  5. jessie lakeview

    Very pretty but I think I received the one the disgruntled employee packaged, what a tangled mess! After several, and I do mean several, minutes of untangling I finally got it straightened out. It is lovely and I’m glad I bought it. Read more

  6. Amazon_Customer

    I expected more from the Amazon Essentials Sterliving Silver Cubic Zirconia Halo Pendant Necklace as my previous Amazon jewelry purchases had met my expectations. The Halo Pendant did not as the pendant has a plastic feel when held in my hand. Also, the necklace is a bit thin and cheap looking. I did buy the Honolulu Jewelry Company chain as suggested by another reviewer and the Honolulu Jewelry Company chain did improve the necklace’s beauty. I have uploaded a photo of the pendant. Overall, the necklace is not the best but it’s not that bad either. Recommend with caveats given. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    The tag is so small it was just impossible to remove. The clasp broke because of the problem with the tag. However, a replacement was sent immediately and arrived as expected. This time I knew how to get the tag off and had no problems second time around. This is an exquisite piece of jewelry. I purchased this necklace for a friend and she is thrilled. She only wears good jewelry and one would never know this is not the real deal. Excellent quality and would recommend. Read more

  8. iLoveJordyn

    Ordered this item a little over 3 months ago and both the back of the charm (the setting that holds the cubic zirconia piece) and the chain is tarnished. It’s too late for a refund but I expected more considering this is amazon’s collection that claims to be sterling silver. (I knew that it was platinum plated but It said that sterling silver was what the necklace was made of) Read more

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