Sterling silver celtic layout oval hang rings

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  • cling jewelry proposing rectangular celtic knot drops in oxidized sterling silver
  • celtic knot jewelry stimulated by using the interlacing and continuous designs everyday in celtic art work, illuminating the interconnectedness and continuity of existence
  • oxidized sterling silver is created via a managed oxidation technique to purpose a natural tarnish. The moderate tarnish is then polished to go away darkened areas in the detailing, maximum drastically to beautify layout elements.
  • fishhook backing
  • hand-crafted in natural . 925 sterling silver; oxidized finish to enhance detail and intensity in earrings layout
  • imported
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history and background of celtic knot artwork

earrings inspired by using the interlacing and continuous designs customary in celtic artwork, illuminating the interconnectedness and continuity of lifestyles.

triquetra – trinity knot

the trinity knot is one of the oldest and most popular celtic symbols. The triangular form represents the celtic perception in the triad, that the entirety happens in threes. The knot is frequently interwoven round a circle to signify the solidarity of the three elements.

the trinity knot is said to stand for an array of elements, which include: beyond, present, future; mom, father, toddler; or body, thoughts, spirit. It’s also believed to represent the three guarantees of a relationship: to like, honor, and defend.

dara celtic knot

the that means of the word dara can be traced to an irish phrase, doire, which means that o. K. Tree. Historic celts taken into consideration the o. K. Tree a sacred image of destiny, power, electricity, wisdom, management and persistence. All these attributes are associated with the dara knot.

the dara knot is depicted in several exceptional methods however is usually symbolic of the root system of an very welltree. Roots of the alrighttree are symbolic of the brilliant supply of inner energy or divine sources we possess.


the claddagh design includes arms holding a heart with a crown on its pinnacle. The hands inside the image represent friendship. The heart depicts love. And the crown method loyalty.

a claddagh ring may be used as a promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ceremony ring, or as a testomony to love or friendship. When it’s miles worn to symbolize a relationship, it could take distinct meanings depending on how it’s far worn. The giving of a claddagh suggests devoted love, friendship and loyalty to that individual.

celtic love knot

as a knot is created by interweaving two man or woman strands, the celtic love knot represents the bond between two human beings. One of the maximum well-known symbols is the sailor’s knot. This image became called the perfect union of two human beings, which has no starting and no ending, but only everlasting love.

the serpent love knot seen inside the irish e-book of kells stands for everlasting existence. A celtic rectangular knot is made using a unmarried line that runs constantly and is assumed to be the mark of loyalty.

crann bethadh – tree of existence

for the historical celts, the tree of life changed into a image of stability and concord. The lore of bushes maintains as a crucial part of celtic delusion and folklore. Limitless irish legends revolve around bushes.

the celtic tree of existence is regularly drawn displaying the branches accomplishing skyward and the roots spreading out into the earth under, symbolizing the belief within the link between heaven and earth. Frequently the tree is contained inside a circle. All of this is to symbolize the never-ending circle of lifestyles.

celtic shamrock

the celtic shamrock is the unofficial image of ireland. The main cause the shamrock is so closely tied to ireland is due to the legend of st. Patrick the usage of it to give an explanation for the holy trinity at some point of his mission there.

although the celtic image can discuss with the holy trinity, it’s also used to represent any triad, including lifestyles, loss of life, rebirth or earth, sea, sky. Shamrocks (usually known as clover) are very standard in eire, so its use in this layout additionally signifies abundance or fertility.

celtic eternity knot

this knot is made out of three distinct factors inclusive of ovals interwoven with an eternity knot. Each oval is meant to symbolize the companions in a dating. The eternity knot symbolizes everlasting love. The symbol taken as an entire is meant to symbolize the marriage of those 3 factors.

the eternity knot itself seems like a maze in an average diamond form. It regularly has squared edges but can also have rounded edges. It symbolizes limitless existence.

celtic go

the ringed pass have become an emblem of celtic identity, in addition to its more conventional spiritual symbolism. The earliest celtic cross is a totally simple pass with a circle. That is concept to have symbolized the sun.

through the years, the crosses have become extra complicated, incorporating interwoven styles and celtic knots. The circle of the celtic move is likewise thought to be a symbol of eternity that emphasizes the endlessness of god’s love.


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8 reviews for Sterling silver celtic layout oval hang rings

  1. M.A. Singa

    Very pretty earrings, exactly as described. They do have a “925 China” stamp on the back, across one of the center lines, but it is small enough that I doubt anyone will notice it while I am wearing them. UPDATE: These were just received a few days ago, so my first chance to wear them was today. The hooks did not bother my very sensitive ears (so far), but they did keep coming out, even though I had squeezed them to make them a bit tighter. In fact, I felt like they were constantly on the verge of coming out (every single time I checked, this was indeed the case), and one did actually fall out while I was walking my dog – if I hadn’t heard it hit the gravel, I would not have known, and if my neighbor hadn’t seen me looking for it (literally on my hands and knees), it would be long gone. These are very pretty, but a back of some kind is absolutely required if you don’t want to lose them. Read more

  2. zadi

    When I bought these I was very happy with the style, color and weight. They are also hypoallergenic which is a must for me. If you want to hang on to these earrings I strongly recommend that you use earring backs for wire earrings. These earrings do not come with backs included. The first day I wore them I lost one. I liked them so much that I had to order another pair, but this time I also purchased some small earring backs to secure the earring. I would have rated these 5 stars, but I had to give only 4 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ because they didn’t come with earring backs included. I know it’s partly my fault, but I usually rely on the seller to include them and I didnt have any the right size and I wanted to wear them right away. Be smarter than I was and use earring backs! Read more

  3. J

    Bought these as a gift, and they’re even better than I expected. They came in a real gift box, not the cheap kind that has a sheet of cotton in it. The earrings themselves are lightweight but substantial, much better than some of the so-called sterling I browsed past when trying to find the perfect pair. The oxidized treatment makes them look more like something from James Avery than from Amazon. Not counting the hooks, the earrings are roughly the length of a quarter, and they’re stamped .925 on the back — unfortunately my camera didn’t want to focus that well on the small stamping. Read more

  4. evaluation

    I have received multiple compliments on these ear rings which is a nice bonus because I forget I am wearing them. They are very light weight and cause no allergic reaction. Many silver ear rings have contaminants that cause inflammation and itching , but these are definitely hypoallergenic. I have forgotten they are in and fallen asleep with them and still had no sensitivity in the morning. I think they will only get nicer as the silver tarnishes a bit and gives the design more emphasis. I’ve been wearing them for two months every day to test them and they have passed with 5 stars. Read more

  5. Cambridge JD

    This is a really nice looking set of earrings. HOWEVER, be sure to find and use some earring backs, like those plastic beads-with-holes that stores provide on their earrings. This pair does NOT come with them, and they slide out very easily. The first day I wore them, one fell out on the table while I was on the phone at lunch. The second day, one fell out somewhere during the day and is simply lost. So, alas, they were lovely earrings that were exactly what I needed and garnered compliments for the, sadly, less than two days that I owned them. Read more

  6. Charlotte F. B.

    The earrings arrived 3 weeks after ordering them. They were nicely presented in a gift box. However, I was quite surprised to see that they were black – not silver. So….I dragged out my silver polish and worked on shining up the earrings. Eventually the silver color surfaced, but it makes me wonder just how long that will last and whether or not the product description actually matches what what sent. I agree with another purchaser…..put plastic earring backings on them or they will fall out. and you may not realize it until you look in a mirror. They are very light weight. I would rather have put more money towards a more quality product. Read more

  7. J.

    I bought these earrings to give as a gift. They are so lovely that I think I will buy a pair for myself! However, there are two little things that could be improved: 1) If you’re planning to give them as a gift, you’re probably going to want to get a separate jewelry box to give them in. Instead of being packaged in a traditional jewelry box, they’re shipped in a navy velveteen pouch that’s placed inside a clear plastic-topped square box laid out with a messy sheet of cotton lining. The whole thing looks and physically feels very cheap. It would be nice if the earrings came in a traditional jewelry box, especially one labelling them as being 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. 2) The fishhooks don’t come with backers/stoppers. I know that some women don’t wear them with fishhooks, but it would be a nice little improvement. I am going to slide an extra pair of mine onto these earrings before giving them as a gift. Read more

  8. CMurphy

    Overall, a nice earring. I thought they would be a little larger and heavier. That being said, they are lightweight. They did not come with an earring back, and you’ll need them. Mine kept falling out without them. Read more

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