Sterling silver celtic knot round drop twine jewelry

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  • cling rings providing spherical celtic knot drops in oxidized sterling silver
  • celtic knot earrings stimulated by using the interlacing and non-stop designs generic in celtic art work, illuminating the interconnectedness and continuity of lifestyles
  • oxidized sterling silver is created via a managed oxidation process to reason a natural tarnish. The mild tarnish is then polished to go away darkened regions inside the detailing, maximum notably to enhance design elements
  • fishhook backing
  • handmade in natural . 925 sterling silver; oxidized finish delivered to beautify element and intensity in jewelry design
  • imported
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records and historical past of celtic knot artwork

jewelry inspired through the interlacing and continuous designs general in celtic artwork, illuminating the interconnectedness and continuity of life.

triquetra – trinity knot

the trinity knot is one of the oldest and maximum popular celtic symbols. The triangular shape represents the celtic belief within the triad, that the whole lot takes place in threes. The knot is frequently interwoven around a circle to indicate the team spirit of the 3 factors.

the trinity knot is said to face for an array of factors, such as: beyond, present, destiny; mother, father, child; or frame, thoughts, spirit. It is also believed to symbolize the three guarantees of a relationship: to like, honor, and defend.

dara celtic knot

the which means of the phrase dara may be traced to an irish word, doire, which means that okaytree. Historic celts considered the alrighttree a sacred symbol of destiny, power, power, wisdom, leadership and endurance. Some of these attributes are related to the dara knot.

the dara knot is depicted in several one-of-a-kind approaches but is usually symbolic of the foundation system of an o. K. Tree. Roots of the alrighttree are symbolic of the wonderful source of inner power or divine sources we own.


the claddagh design includes hands maintaining a heart with a crown on its top. The hands inside the symbol constitute friendship. The heart depicts love. And the crown approach loyalty.

a claddagh ring may be used as a promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, or as a testament to like or friendship. Whilst it is worn to represent a relationship, it can take one of a kind meanings depending on how it’s miles worn. The giving of a claddagh shows committed love, friendship and loyalty to that character.

celtic love knot

as a knot is created by using interweaving character strands, the celtic love knot represents the bond between humans. One of the most famous symbols is the sailor’s knot. This symbol have become called the right union of two people, which has no starting and no ending, however handiest eternal love.

the serpent love knot seen within the irish book of kells stands for everlasting existence. A celtic square knot is made the usage of a unmarried line that runs constantly and is believed to be the mark of loyalty.

crann bethadh – tree of lifestyles

for the historic celts, the tree of life became a symbol of balance and concord. The lore of timber keeps as a essential a part of celtic fantasy and folklore. Infinite irish legends revolve around trees.

the celtic tree of life is regularly drawn displaying the branches reaching skyward and the roots spreading out into the earth underneath, symbolizing the belief in the link between heaven and earth. Regularly the tree is contained inside a circle. All of that is to symbolize the never-ending circle of existence.

celtic shamrock

the celtic shamrock is the unofficial image of ireland. The main purpose the shamrock is so closely tied to eire is because of the legend of st. Patrick the usage of it to explain the holy trinity all through his project there.

even though the celtic symbol can check with the holy trinity, it is also used to symbolize any triad, together with life, death, rebirth or earth, sea, sky. Shamrocks (normally called clover) are very conventional in ireland, so its use in this design also indicates abundance or fertility.

celtic eternity knot

this knot is constructed from 3 distinct elements such as two ovals interwoven with an eternity knot. Every oval is meant to represent the companions in a courting. The eternity knot symbolizes everlasting love. The image taken as an entire is meant to symbolize the marriage of those 3 factors.

the eternity knot itself looks as if a maze in an basic diamond form. It often has squared edges however may have rounded edges. It symbolizes countless life.

celtic cross

the ringed cross became an logo of celtic identity, in addition to its more conventional spiritual symbolism. The earliest celtic move is a totally simple go with a circle. That is notion to have symbolized the sun.

through the years, the crosses have become more difficult, incorporating interwoven patterns and celtic knots. The circle of the celtic pass is likewise idea to be a image of eternity that emphasizes the endlessness of god’s love.


Sterling Silver, Two-Tone Silver & Rose Gold Plated, Two-Tone Silver & Yellow Gold Plated, Yellow Gold Plated Silver

8 reviews for Sterling silver celtic knot round drop twine jewelry

  1. Mindy Anderson

    These are really cute but I didn’t realize they were SO small. They are smaller than the size of a dime! Sending them back. Read more

  2. Cindy Kelly

    I love them. Wearing them right now. I am a cancer patient who has lost all my head hair so my ears need to be as tastefully and beautifully decorated as possible. Read more

  3. Rachel

    I love these earrings! The size was perfect for what I was looking for. I was so excited when I opened the little box. I wore them all that day and had no allergic reactions! My ears are really sensitive. The only problem is I lost one of them the first time I wore them! I ordered as new pair as soon as I realized I couldn’t find the lost earring! I can’t wait to receive my replacement pair! Read more

  4. Newporter57

    These were worth the $20 I paid. Lightweight, good size, comfortable. I’m not sure if they came with the rubber backs or not, but I must’ve put one on anyway. Nice quality, doesn’t bother my skin, and tasteful. Oh! And they’re Celtic which makes this Irish gal rather giddy! Read more

  5. ~*~ Sunshine ~*~

    I’ve had these in the two tone silver and rose gold along with the matching pendant for a couple of years now. They are still lovely and like new. Every time I’ve worn them, they get noticed and I receive compliments. This doesn’t happen that often with my other jewelry, so it’s notable. These are comfortable to wear and a respectable size, accurate as described in the specifications which states that they are .65 inch in diameter, a little over a half inch. I use a little plastic ear back to secure the wire fish hook on most all my earrings as I don’t want to lose them, but they do have a normal sized, sturdy hook. I’ve polished them lightly a time or two just to keep them at their best. I don’t wear them in the shower or at night, for what it’s worth. I’m also careful to not spray my jewelry with perfume if I use it. If you like the design and a comfortable, well-made, moderately sized earring I think you will like these. I’m quite happy with them for a cost of a bit under $20. Read more

  6. Kmneenie

    I really like these earrings because they surpassed my expectations. They are much lighter than they look. Which is good because that means I forget that I have them on. It also means they are not irradiating my ears. I am highly allergic to certain metals. I cannot not wear most earrings for very long because my ears begin to itch then becomes swollen and uncomfortable. I can wear these earrings with no hint of a problem for as long as I want. I think they are quite beautiful too. I have had many complements too about them while I was wearning them. Visually, they are gorgeous; but, an added plus is how sturdy that they have been crafted. For me, the quality of these earrings are excellent. I am really very pleased with my purchase. Read more

  7. Mary Black

    I like these earrings very much but there is no way they retailed at 70.00. I paid 29.00 sale price with free shipping and that is what they are worth. I’m really tired of the mark up to pretend that things are on sale Read more

  8. J/PViera

    Earrings are very nice. Not too yellow. However, how do you expect them to be worn without backs? I decided to keep them and I only had one back (the white rubber ones for wires). Off to Michaels I go. They should have a small pack of backs. Almost returned them on principle. You can’t gift them his without backs Read more

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