Solid shade women’s cotton dress socks group, shoe length: 6-nine/9-12

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  • great & consolation: women undeniable coloration socks are breathable, rosso seam, smooth and comfortable. They are non-binding and non- slip. White group socks are designed to be neither too thick nor too skinny. Our girls commercial enterprise/informal socks are suitable for workplace and everyday use for the duration of the 12 months.
  • care instructions: please, wash on mild cycle in heat water, max 30°c/86°f. Tumble dry on low placing (now not exceeding 30°c/86°f), however it’s far better to line dry simplest. The socks may also appear to have gotten smaller after washing however they’ll regain their original form when you put on them.
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6-9, 9-12


Army Green/Gray, Beige, Beige/Black, Black, Black/Gray, Black/Navy Blue, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Army Green, Dark Brown, Dark Brown/Black, Dark Gray/Light Gray, Dark Grey, Dark Navy Blue/Marina, Grape, Green, Grey, Indigo/Dark Gray, Light Beige, Light Gray/Navy Blue, Light Grey, Medium Indigo, Orange/Dark Red, Parliament Blue, Peach, Pink, Pink/Blue, Purple, Red, Red/Navy Blue, Red/White, Violet, White, White/Indigo, White/Navy Blue, Purple/Pink, Light Coffee

8 reviews for Solid shade women’s cotton dress socks group, shoe length: 6-nine/9-12

  1. Prose

    These socks are…excellent. I wear a womens’ size 12 shoe and I am always looking for well fitting, comfortable socks for work and casual wear. These socks cover both, perfectly. They fit amazingly well wearing ballet flats as well as my Converse AllStars. The colors are wonderful, I have maroon, navy blue, black and pink and just ordered the army green. The pink is very pink, its pretty… more suited for spring but looks pretty with my bright floral tops. I’ve washed them a number of times, they hold their shape and they are very cool and comfortable. Read more

  2. Gina M. Knarr

    The socks arrived when they were scheduled. They fit well and are comfortably. I wanted several pairs of navy socks to wear with jeans and was unable to find just navy in the sock bundles at the mall. When I checked online I was pleased to find that I was able to get a package of three pairs of socks that are all navy. Read more

  3. Marie

    I needed new black socks to wear with dress shoes to work. I ordered these, as the brand I typically buy was not available. I ended up liking these very much. They are breathable, not too warm, and most importantly they stay up. Read more

  4. Josephine

    Trouser socks, which come up to the knee, always slide down on me. Then I found these dress crews, and I think they are going to work perfectly. They also carry my larger size. Very pleased …. would recommend. Well, I now see they are described as trouser socks, but on me they are crew length. I also see in another placed that it says they are crew socks. Confusing to say the least, but they turned out great for me. Read more

  5. Pinkie

    I liked that I had three pairs in one packet; I like to buy more than one pair which makes them more convenient for me. The colors was “airline navy,” which matches my pants and shoes. These socks are very warm, yet thin. I think I will see what other colors are available for them. Thank you! Read more

  6. Karen M.

    These socks were exactly the length and material in a trouser sock I was looking for and could no longer find at Target. The dark grey ones are exactly the color I was hoping for, but the navy blue may have just as well been black they were so dark. I am hoping that after washing a few times the navy ones may look a bit more blue. But overall, I am very excited that I could find these trouser socks again… Read more

  7. Coffeebreakwhatever

    I wanted these for during the warmer months to wear with slacks. I wore the first pair before I washed them and they were great. I washed them on cold and dried on warm and then shrunk. The fit, but there is absolutely no extra for stretch. Once on my foot, the are stretched to the max and not all that comfortable as it makes them really thin out. I was going to return them but with the virus issue, returns were either not accepted or would take a long time so I figure I’ll just wear them and hope for the best. I know 100% cotton shrinks, but know nothing about Bamboo cotton. It apparently, shrinks also. If I do buy these again I will buy the next size up. I am a 6.5 size and I bought the 5-8 size. Read more

  8. S. Taipale

    I haven’t actually worn these socks yet, just tried them on for size and comfort test. I think they are going to be just right for me. I wear an 8.5M shoe and they seem to fit well. If there is a problem after wearing & washing them, I”ll report back, but I don’t expect any problems. I think I am going to love these socks. Read more

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