Small 14k gold huggie hinged hoop earrings. 50 inch (13mm) (5mm extensive)

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  • design info: diameter: 0. Five inch (13mm) small huggie hoops. Take a look at snap shots of models and evaluate your earlobe to theirs for sizing accuracy. 5mm wide across width of hoop – seeking out a larger length of huggie hoop? Looptyhoops gives several larger sizes consisting of 8mm, to locate them simply search ‘b07xlnsz42’ within the amazon search bar!
  • fashion: small, huge hoop earrings are often called huggie hoops because they hug your earlobe. They have got a formidable, simple, traditional appearance, perfect for each males and females.
  • fabric: this item is 14k gold and no longer gold-plated. The 14k gold stamp is discovered at the post.
  • closure: hinged at the bottom, to offer non-stop look. Clean to place on and take off. Press slightly downward on submit while attaching and detaching in an effort to shield the notch location of the closure. Comfy to wear.
  • packaging and care suggestions: each pair of 14k yellow gold huggie hoop jewelry comes well packaged in an appealing looptyhoops rings gift container at the side of commands on wearing and worrying on your jewelry and a reduction code legitimate on destiny purchases.
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product description

each hoop comes with an authenticated 14k stamp.


Rose, White, Yellow, Yellow Diamond Cut

8 reviews for Small 14k gold huggie hinged hoop earrings. 50 inch (13mm) (5mm extensive)

  1. Michele Hayghe

    I wear small hoop earrings almost all the time. With the need to wear a mask, I appreciate how secure these little earrings feel, especially after losing one of my slightly larger favorites recently. The hinge on the bottom of the hoop with a short post that audibly clicks into place behind the earlobe makes for a sensible, more secure-feeling design, and the small size means it is less likely to get caught on the mask.Read more

  2. Nelson Martínez

    Are beautiful and perfect, weigh nothing what makes them comfortable, I will buy an equal pair for my husband!Read more

  3. A. DOWD

    These are generally cute and what I was looking for. I thought the straight post would be easier on my ears, however, the curved tip at the end is just wrong. I can’t even get them in! This is a huge design flaw.If you have sensitive ears with tight holes, these are not for you.Read more

  4. Alsatia T.

    I love these earrings. I have been looking for a hinged small gold hoop that was affordable and I found it. I had to order twice because I was having trouble getting one earring safely shut. I received a new pair in 2 days— no hassle. Thank you.Read more

  5. Jennifer Taylor

    I would give them a 10star if I could. They make customers #1. Just had a glitch in one item and they fixed it immediately. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Read more

  6. Denise Armstrong

    I love these earrings. I put them in a hole just above the first hole in my ear lobe. I wanted earrings that I could wear all time and sleep in.Read more

  7. Tabitha Coca

    If you’re on the fence about about these, let me help. I make so many purchases on here and sadly never leave a review. I had to let others know how nice these are. They are instantly my favorite pair of earrings. I can’t wear anything other than gold or platinum as it will literally make me ill. I’d rather spend the money and get something I absolutely love and know will last a lifetime. They are so cute and light. I haven’t taken them off for 3 days. Super comfortable and adorable. I would definitely buy from this seller again.Read more

  8. Elizabeth D.

    The dimensions of these earrings are perfect. I’ve always gotten them in sterling silver and have been wanting a pair in 14k white gold for a while. The price is definitely right. However, the really reasonable price is due to the earrings being extremely hollowed out and therefore the metal is very thin. I have a feeling these earrings will dent/bend/twist if I’m not careful. The deep hollowness also means extra care with getting the clasp post to click into the correct spot. Even with their delicate construction I am very pleased. If the price stays this reasonable, I will most likely purchase another pair if/when needed, since I wear them 24/7.I’m also very impressed with LooptyHoops, and will definitely make another purchase from them in the future.Read more

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