Slip on shoes for men-style footwear walking shoes non slip lightweight breathable mesh jogging shoes cozy

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  • breathable mesh top: there are thousands of ventilation holes on the knitted top to maintain your toes breathe. We use new basic commute weaving generation inside the knitting upper to offer high elasticity and strengthen it with thermofuse for higher sturdiness.
  • long lasting foam insole: it is geared up with supportive and extremely soft insole to hold your feet tender whilst moving, much like floating on cotton sweet clouds, mild but strong, moisture-wicking insoles help maintain your ft cool and relaxed when moving.
  • non slip outsole: upgraded outsole combines md which substantially enhances elasticity, wear resistance and anti-slip. The anti-skid grooves on the bottom creates traction and provides effect cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant, and anti-slip perform with the floor, best as fitness center footwear for men or tennis footwear.
  • layout for smooth-existence: foam insole and ergonomic ankle protection gives the foot the excellent guide whilst you pass, both interior or outside. We strongly advise to people who stand long very day. Also it’s also ideal for nursing, walking, walking, hiking, motorcycle riding, operating, buying, touring or even gardening.
  • promise: at your service 24/7. Better answers on your one hundred% pleasure.
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there are thousands of ventilation holes at the knitted higher to make your toes more clean and cooling. We use new usual travel weaving technology in upper to provide high elasticity and strengthen it with thermofuse for better sturdiness.

particular arch guide design insole offers the mid-foot the high-quality guide when you pass, both indoors or exterior. We strongly recommend to folks who stand long very day.

upgraded outsole combines md and pu which substantially complements elasticity, wear resistance and anti-slip. The anti-skid grooves on the lowest creates traction and gives effect cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant, and anti-slip carry out with the floor, best as gymnasium shoes for men or tennis footwear.


7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


A-red Mix, B-all Black, B-black, B-all White, B-gray, A-all Black, A-grey Mix

8 reviews for Slip on shoes for men-style footwear walking shoes non slip lightweight breathable mesh jogging shoes cozy

  1. H. Takacs

    First impressions, these are very lightweight. They slip on very easily. The build quality appears quite good. Great deal for the price. Putting them on, they are very comfortable. The weight makes it feel like I’m not wearing anything since they’re so light. The fabric also allows plenty of air in and keeps my feet cool. So I tightened them up and went for a walk, 4.5 miles on sidewalks. You can see the picture of the soles after 4.5 miles of walking. My feet and legs feel good, no pain after wearing new shoes, they were comfortable and provided enough support. I think they’ll last as long as any other shoes. Looking at the tread I won’t be picking up any rocks on the dirt tracks and hikes. That’s nice. There’s no branding, these are just black shoes that look pretty good. For the price these are a great deal, if they were New Balance they’d cost 3x more. I bought some Reebok’s that cost more than these 4 months ago that aren’t nearly as comfortable. The Reebok’s hurt my feet initially, where these didn’t. If anything changes I’ll update this review. Enjoy! Read more

  2. Dan & Family

    I’ve been wearing these shoes for a few weeks now and I absolutely love them. They are extremely comfortable to wear and they fit as expected. They are super light and “airy” on your feet to keep them comfortable. It’s almost like wearing slippers all day, you just slide them on and go about your day. The soles have been holding up as you would expect with sneakers. The inserts in the shoes are very comfortable with little gel pads in areas that you would expect them and when the shoes are on you don’t feel them, you just feel comfort. I definitely recommend a pair of these shoes, I for one will be ordering multiple pairs! Read more

  3. All_Too_Well

    The product details say “fits true to size.” This is only true if you order by your actual EU size, NOT your US/UK size. Click on the chart and you’ll see that a US size 12 equates to a EU size 47. According to Zappos and most other size charts, an EU 47 would equate to a US 14 !! According to Zappos, EU 45 is what equates to US 12. So if I want a US 12 with these shoes, do I order a EU 45 which would be US 10 with these shoes? Edit: I returned the size US 12 (EU 47) and bought US 11 (EU46). They fit like a 12.5 which I would keep and wear because some of my other shoes are 12.5 (and 13 in Nike), but you actually want your toes to fill these – otherwise they look frompy. The gap at the end of the toes depresses and does not maintain its shape unless your toes are at the end pushing it up. I had a 5 star review when it was just the size chart issue that could easily be corrected. Now its a shoe issue. I’m going to order a size 45 EU and see if wearing them tight makes them wearable. I’m really trying to make these shoes work! Read more

  4. Tiffany CherryBlossom

    These shoes are shockingly light. What is great is my husband has a wide foot and these shoes give a generous width so he was happy. They are very flexible and seem to breathe well. They do not have a tongue, they are slip-ons, so you do not have to worry about the tongue flopping around or having to line it up. He said they would be good for walking, gardening, or light athletics. The color and design is nice. For the money, they were a great addition! 🙂 Read more

  5. Ahmad

    This is a great shoes for the price. Couldn’t be happier with such great deal and comfi great quality. Similar to my Nike $100 shoes. The product is great with only minor issue which is not common in shoes the size I got was 12 and it’s equal to 48 EU which was a bit bigger for my size which is normally 11. So if your regular shoes size is 11 then get 11. Other than that everything is great and I highly recommend it. Read more

  6. JC

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Being in covid times, my son needed an indoor pair of sneakers that we lightweight and comfortable. With online learning still the normal, their PE class was also indoors to which they needed to do their burpees, push-ups, stay in place jogging etc. He has had some minor back issues so comfort and stability was what I was aiming for. My son tried the shoes and was immediately impressed and said it was like walking on air. Very comfortable and light when using them in throughout his PE class. Highly recommended and at this price it’s affordable enough to purchase two or three for the price of one mainstream brands! Read more

  7. LR

    The shoes is comfortable and lightweight. The shoelaces is only for aesthetic it does function as tightening the width of the shoes. It is a slip on shoes. Usually a slip on shoes is either for children or women. Which is why I gave this a good rating. Slip on shoes for men, good deal. When I ordered there was no size 9.5 so I opt to order 10 hoping it would fit well, but it is large and it is true to its size. Read more

  8. Kindle Customer

    I needed a pair of comfortable walking shoes and I saw these. The price was what really caught my eye but was skeptical. I thought I would give a try and had nothing to lose. Boy, was i surprised. These shoes are well made , very comfortable and lightweight. The cushioned insoles are a plus. I wear a size 13 and they fit just right. I just sent back a name brand shoe that was three times this price that were way too short. I am really impressed with these and know I will get good wear out of them. Oh, by the way these look great on my feet. Wouldn’t be afraid to wear them any place. Read more

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