Silk reflections women’s knee high beef up toe 2 percent

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  • 85% nylon, 15% spandex
  • knee-highs-hosiery closure
  • hand wash
  • silky core leg
  • reinforced toe with comfy band
  • fashion range 00775
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product description

silky, tender and delightful – that is how your legs will appearance each day. Silk reflections hosiery pampers you with super healthy, sense and flexibility. From the important styles to the more female and high priced, silk reflections hosiery is the cloth cabinet necessity that rewards you with a touch luxury.


One Size


Barely Black, Barely There, Class Navy, Jet, Ltl Color, Natural, Nude, Pearl, Soft Taupe, Town Taupe, Travel Buff

8 reviews for Silk reflections women’s knee high beef up toe 2 percent

  1. Diana R.

    I think these kneehighs must be factory seconds or “irregular” but are being sold at full price. Take a look at how different the reinforced toes sections are in the photo; one is very broad and the other very narrow, and the broad one can be seen on my foot while wearing shoes. Disappointed in the irregular product being sold at full price, not worth the frustration. Read more

  2. Becky

    These are my FAVORITE knee highs. I work in finance and wear knee highs almost every day. I have tried pretty much every brand on the market and these are the best in terms of appearance, fit, and durability. I like to buy them in bulk and wish they sold them that way here. As it is, I buy most of mine at the outlet mall and only get them here when I am in a pinch. Nonetheless, highly recommended. P.S., don’t worry that when you look at them right out of the package the weave will look a little large. They go on smooth and beautifully. Read more

  3. Bhamster

    I have to wonder if these are genuine Hanes Silk Reflections knee highs. I’ve had them before and they have lasted much much longer than this present set. Yes, it was an unbelievable price for 6 packages (but it was like pulling teeth to get them to send me all six–they came two at a time, each time my having to write and complain that I hadn’t received the full order). But EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear a new pair, by the end of day, there’s a run or a snag in them. These things used to last me a very long time and I can’t believe I’ve suddenly become extremely careless in the wearing of my knee highs. It’s like I can barely get them out of the package without snagging them. So either these are knock-offs or the quality has gone way down. Read more

  4. jacob duke

    These are nice. They fit well, and seem to be lasting through several washings. But they are a little shimmery. I thought I wanted that because I don’t like my pants to stick to my hose. So my pants do slide over these nicely and don’t get caught up. But the shimmery look makes it more apparent that I’m wearing hose (which is just not that fashionable). They are not super apparent, but you probably can’t get the smooth feel without the shimmery look. Also the built in toe is good to protect the hose from snags, but in some shoes the toe will show. Read more

  5. Logan Lyn

    These things get holes and runs so easily! I will be super careful putting them on and still get a hole or run instantly. I love the sheerness but my god, its impossible to wear them without ruining them completely. Like a one-time use type of thing. Read more

  6. CR

    I have been buying Hanes Silk Reflections Reinforced Toe Knee Highs for many years. They are my favorite brand; they hold up well, fit well and seem to last quite a while. I usually buy them in department stores such as Macy’s but I bought two sets of these knee highs when I saw them on Amazon. Today I wore my first pair and was very disappointed. The reinforced toe area does not completely cover my toes….my small toe is totally uncovered and the overall part of the reinforced area is very small. Read more

  7. ktimenow

    I was happy to finally get the right shade (most knee highs are too pale or too tan for me) and they fit well, but I did not like the sheen. Also, they did not last long at ALL – I only got 2-3 uses out of a pair before they developed holes. Will not buy again Read more

  8. Sheri

    I buy these all the time and really like them. I like the ones with a mini padding on the ball of foot, but cannot find them any more. The reinforced toe helps, but i would really like similar reinforcement on the heel. That is where most of my snags occur. But i would buy again as the color is perfect and the elastic top band is pretty comfy. Read more

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