Silk reflections women’s alive sheer to waist guide pantyhose

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  • 77% nylon, 23% spandex
  • imported
  • tights closure
  • hand wash
  • fiber content: p: 86% nylon 14% spandex l: seventy one% nylon 29% spandex
  • gadgets consistent with package: 1
  • notice: percent order qty based totally on a couple of devices
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A, B, C, D, E, F


Barely Black, Barely There, Jet, So Pacific, Travel Buff

8 reviews for Silk reflections women’s alive sheer to waist guide pantyhose

  1. Love4Boys

    They ARE 1)sheer to waist- I do NOT want the girdle in the panty. 2)sheer toe- I wanted sheer hose in a pretty color to wear to work OR with sandals and a dress. 3)NO CONTROL TOP- I do NOT want the girdle in the panty. I am tall and slender but I’ve had four kids and I need help with the veins ONLY. 4) FULL support hose- I do NOT want the old lady thick brown medical hose. I need the support in the legs because of varicose veins. I’m not sick, I want to look fashionable. Yippeee ! I have had a devil of a time finding these hosiery FYI they ARE 77% nylon and 23%spandex. UPC 012036092256 If Hanes ever stops carrying these, I’m sunk 🙁 Read more

  2. Mikki

    I’ve never had a problem with tights sizing before today, so this one sets a record. I’m 5’5 and 145 so I thought I’d be safely inside the “C” size but the crotch doesn’t come past mid thigh and they ran before I even got them completely on so I can’t even return them. The sizing on the package looks different from what is on the listing, but I’ll have to double check that when I get back home. Aside from the fact that they’re unwearable, they are nicely sheer (I got the black which looks like the photo). The control top does it’s job, though I’m not sure how well it will work once I go up a size. Read more

  3. Sarah

    I buy these every year for carnival in Trinidad. They are excellent quality, extremely durable, and make your legs look flawless. I even cut the seam at the toe (because if you’ve ever played mas in Trinidad, you know what feet go through for those two days, so every bit of freedom counts) and never have a problem with them rolling up or laddering. Only once did I have a problem with them ripping, but that was because of some metal pieces on my costume constantly hooking to them. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    These have been my go to pantyhose for years. I am a male, 6 foot tall and weigh 220, the size F fits great for me and the compression provides relief for my legs. I have mild varicose veins and they have not gotten worse since wearing these pantyhose. The pantyhose are very durable. I wear them every day and they last several weeks for me. The hose usually stretch out or get thin before I get any runs or tears. I have noticed some reviews complaining about the smell of these pantyhose. These pantyhose launder well in a mesh bag in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. I wash them with Woolite and a tad bit of fabric softener every week. Makes the hose silly soft and the smell is of your fabric softener. I usually find good prices for Hanes Alive on Amazon. My only wish is that Hanes would run a good sale on these at some point and provide a few more color options in the sheer to waist style. Read more

  5. Larra Vanden Bosch

    I wish I could tell you how these fit, but I can’t. I opened them up the day before my interview. I’m happy I did that because there was a hole in them on the left leg. Never in my life have I seen that before. I didn’t return them because it wasn’t worth it. I will, from now on, only buy these locally. I’ve never, in the years I’ve bought nylons, with an hole in them. Imagine my surprise. I’m just happy I didn’t wait until the day of my interview to open them up. Silk Reflections is good, but not this pair. I’ll buy locally from now on. Read more

  6. Liz

    The color was nice. I got the barely black hoping that it was a tad more opaque than the picture and it was. However these are a bit small and I even got a what I thought would be a size up. Both of those things would have been fine, but these were not sheer to waist. Another reviewer said they’d be good for a playboy bunny and while that was not my intended purpose, I was wearing a leotard with these. These tights have these panels in the inner leg stopping just below the crotch and as is probably obvious they go farther than my leotard. I cannot wear these with it and am extremely upset with these. Read more

  7. Kelly Berner

    I give this item 5 stars for fit and firm support. I knocked off a star due to color. Turns out, Little Color has a lot of color, which was not the look I was going for. I bought these for Latin dance. The great thing is that they are sheer to waist (with exception of a small, square reinforcement area at the crotch) and are sturdy enough to be used as tights but still more sheer. They would also be great for work. I will buy more in another color. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I ordered these original thinking they were the Hanes Sheer I normally purchase; I love this line because the nylons are barely visible. However, the Hanes Alive are even better! They are slightly thicker than the Hanes Sheer and not as quick to get runs. The thicker material is better for cooler weather, holds up longer and yet it still retains the “barely visible” feature! Read more

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