Silk reflections girls’s lace pinnacle thigh excessive

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  • nylon, spandex, silicone
  • tights closure
  • nylon/spandex
  • stretch silicone-spandex seems like it is custom-made.
  • sexy gentle lace-crowned huge stretch band this is covered with silicone so it remains up securely.
  • sheer toe seems almost bare with open-toe footwear.
  • 15denier sheer appearance.
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Medium, A-B, C-D, E-F, EF


Barely Black, Little Color, Barely There, Jet, Ltl Color, Travel Buff, Travl Buff

5 reviews for Silk reflections girls’s lace pinnacle thigh excessive

  1. Jco

    I have ordered this stocking multiple times. I love the lace detail. It looks like a quality lace and not too cheap looking. I think they hold up pretty well. Other reviewers have mentioned they will roll down sometimes, but i dont have that problem because i use a guarder belt. I will routinely sleep in these and they hold up to constant wear without getting runs in them. The feet (ball/ toe area) are usually the first part to get worn and start to tear. The fit is a little tricky. I am a petite 5’3, 120LBS woman with somewhat small thighs. I hate it when thigh highs cut into my fat and create a noticeable bump on my thigh. According to the size chart size A/B should be my size. I tried that size and they just cut into my thighs and they try to roll down. I went a size up and ordered a C/D and this completely solves the problem. They now go high enough, and there is a smooth transition from my thigh to the top of the stocking. The picture I attached is my legs with a size C/D on. I would would buy these again. Read more

  2. jjboots

    My favorite thigh highs EVER were made by Hanes–they came in an extraordinarily natural-on-me color called “nude”, had a pretty lace top, lasted forever, felt great, and you could order them in medium, which would fit up to 6ft (not this A/B and C/D sizing). These are definitely not as good, but I’ve been trying out different brands and styles like crazy, and so far the closest I’ve found to my old holy grail thigh highs. On colors: I’ve ordered these in Jet, Barely There, Travel Buff, and Little Color. Jet is a standard sheer black. Barely There looks god-awful on me–far too dark/orangey for my pale skin and reminiscent of your granny’s knee-highs. (Obviously these might look beautiful on someone with darker skin; they just suck on me.) But then Travel Buff is unnaturally light, even on someone as fair as I am. It’s not light enough to look white, but not dark enough to look natural, so it just ends up looking a bit unhealthy. Little Color is currently my go-to natural color, although the ideal shade for me would be just a little lighter than this. On sizes: I’ve ordered these in both size A/B and C/D, and I can wear both, but neither is as perfect as the old medium. The A/B fits nicely around, but doesn’t come as high up on the thigh as I’d like. I’m 5’11 and it only hits about halfway up on me. I like them to come up higher because they feel more secure when they fit around the larger part of my thigh, plus you can wear them with shorter dresses/skirts, and they just look sexier, in my opinion. So I started ordering C/D for the extra length. The length on the C/D size is actually perfect, but I’ve noticed they tend to roll down a bit. Not enough to actually fall down or anything–it’s just the very top that tends to fold over. I’m guessing this is due to their being a bit too big around, as the A/B size doesn’t do this for me. (Bring back Medium!) These feel very nice–silky, not scratchy, and the lace top is much prettier than the non-lace kind. The stay-up band is also nice and wide, which for me has been the secret to being able to comfortably keep them up all day. Unfortunately these are significantly less durable than the old kind–some pairs have lasted fine, but on others my toe has broken through on a first wear. (But as others have pointed out, thigh highs are great because you can still use the good half of a pair when you get a snag.) Overall I’d recommend these. I’ll keep looking for something better, but as I said, I’ve tried a lot and thus far these are the best I can find, at least in this price range. Read more

  3. Snow

    My absolute favorite stockings! If you are still wearing panyhose, try these. They look nice. They feel nice. They come in good colors. They keep you cooler. And they stay up on your thighs. However, now that I have said that, they will likely go off the market, because whenever I like a product, it is the kiss of death for it. Read more

  4. Jen

    I love these thigh highs. I hate pantyhose so thigh highs are perfect. Unfortunately finding thigh highs that don’t dig in is hard. These are perfect. They don’t pinch your skin and make those noticeable indents in your fat. They sit nicely, don’t fall down and are incredible sexy. For reference, I am a slightly overweight woman with skinny thighs with some of that flabby fat at the top and these are just perfect. I’ve also been wearing this brand since BC times, (that’s before children) when I was considered thin. If you are thinking of buying pantyhose, these are the winners. I’ve tried many many brands. Read more

  5. maryquitecontrary

    About twenty years ago, I used to wear thigh high hose to work, and they were much more comfortable than panty hose. I bought these to wear with a knee length dress to an early summer wedding. They were fine when I put them on, but at some point during the reception, I realized they had started to slip and were getting baggy. I can only hope that I noticed it before anyone else did. I NEVER had this problem before, and I thought they fit OK when I put them on. Color and texture are nice, but if you buy them, be sure to keep checking to make sure they aren’t sliding down your thighs. Even sliding a little can make them look ridiculously baggy. A very embarrassing problem to have and you might not notice it happening because they are very light weight. I rarely wear hose anymore, but I won’t buy these again. I bought two pair in case I got a run in one, and now it is too late to return the second pair which is also annoying – why a 30 day return window? I am at the low end of the CD size (the sizes overlap). Maybe AB would have fit better but 1% spandex might help too instead of 100% nylon. Order down, not up if you are borderline. Read more

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