Scarfs for ladies chiffon headscarf style scarves print sample shawls wraps

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  • dimensions for headband:this length:sixty three inches,width is nineteen. Sixty eight inches,(160cmx50cm). Extraordinary as a shawl, head wrap, stole or light-weight scarves for women.
  • made of one hundred% polyester,silk feeling headband. Feels extraordinary smooth and easy, light-weight and secure, giving you exclusive carrying enjoy..
  • this silky headband will get dressed up any outfit in any occasion. Consisting of: any sort of coat,jacket,shirt,sweater,blouse and get dressed,heat shawls and wraps for evening dresses or wedding ceremony heat shawl.
  • lightweight and first-class headscarf can be worn all year round in all weathers. You can wear it as spring scarfs for girls or summer season scarfs for women or fall scarfs for girls or wintry weather scarfs for girls.
  • best as a present on birthday, bride, bridesmaid, wedding ceremony, valentine’s day, black friday cyber monday or stocking stuffer for christmas, new year,mother’s day,graduation or other special events.
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8 reviews for Scarfs for ladies chiffon headscarf style scarves print sample shawls wraps

  1. Onna Seibold

    I’m wearing this now as I write my review. I had an online meeting today and am wearing a mint green and black shirt. Wearing this scarf added an easy match and dimension, a great blend to an otherwise bland shirt. Read more

  2. Rosa E

    Love, love this scarf!! The quality is fantastic. Soft and very well made. The colors are vibrant. Ordering more colors. Read more

  3. Nan groomes

    This scary feels glorious to the declates. The enclosed card from source was beautiful to. I hope to purchase more like this. Thank you! Read more

  4. Dina

    Excellent chiffon scarf .It is the same as described. I really liked it. I highly recommend it and i buy more because i use it as hijab. Read more

  5. Jan W.

    I wore it for family pictures and it looked wonderful! Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable Read more

  7. Charlene

    Look at the dimensions because the photos are very misleading. They are really small. Read more

  8. EdW

    Good fabric weight – not too light not too heavy. Fabric does not snag too easily like the other flimsy scarves I have. I would buy the other colors/designs from this collection. Read more

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