Roy rfid

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  • made in u. S. A. Or imported
  • bifold closure
  • herschel series: click on our emblem emblem on the top of the web page to explore the overall collection from herschel deliver.
  • a couple of card slots
  • forex sleeve and extra storage
  • engineered pink and white striped tab
  • dimensions: three. Five”(h) x 4. Four”(w) x zero. 5″(d)
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product description

a handy inner exchange pocket joins multiple garage options in the bi-fold roy coin pockets.


Classic, One Size


Black/Black, Arrowwood Crosshatch, Black Crosshatch, Black Gridlock Gold, Dark Grid/Black, Dark Olive Palm, Dark Shadow/black, Fiery Red/Night Camo, Frog Camo, Indigo Denim Crosshatch/Saddle Brown, Khaki Green, Light Denim Crosshatch, Light Grey Crosshatch, Lunar Rock/Grey, Navy, Navy/Red, Night Camo, Raven Crosshatch, Red Picante Crosshatch, Summer Tie Dye, Surf The Web/Night Camo, Wine/Navy, Woodland Camo, black

8 reviews for Roy rfid

  1. The Night King

    Feels like pretty decent quality, you can feel where they put the rfid which is great, that’s what your paying for. I put my cards in all the slots available, with no cash.. And the wallet won’t even close all the way. Just a personal pet peeve/annoyance that doesn’t float my boat. But just something to be aware of before purchasing. On the fence about returning it, I’ll see if I can live with it for a week or so. Might cause discomfort for those who like to put their wallet in their back pocket. Read more

  2. dw

    Love this wallet! It’s high quality for the price and the packaging it comes in is fun. My previous wallet was too large and bulky so I was looking for something a bit simpler. I can fit 1 to 2 cards into each card slot, but not much more than that. So if you have a lot of cards and other things you’d like to store in your wallet then this may not be a good option for you. If you’re like me though and don’t carry that many items in your wallet then I would highly recommend it! I can comfortably fit 6 cards and some cash in the wallet with no issues. Pros: *Small *Simple *High Quality *Looks Nice *Good Price *Fun Packaging Cons: *Limited Space Read more

  3. T_Tran

    Pictures are post 6 months of usage. It has been holding up really well. No signs of major wear or damage. Just some slight blue jean transfer on the white label on the front and very slight fraying on the edges. Emphasis on very. Shown loaded with 7 cards (credit card size), 15 bills, and several receipts. It can get a bit bulky if overloaded. I don’t typically keep this many bills in the wallet, so it is usually much thinner. Love the basic design and material. Read more

  4. J Miller

    I bought this wallet because i was expecting there to be a coin section, however there is not. (See the pictures attached). This is just the regular Herschel Supply Co Roy wallet, not the Roy + coin. I like the wallet good enough and will use it until it falls apart, but I also wanted to point out there’s some quality control issues on the one i got. The logo is off centered and sorta canted, and there’s lose threads all over on the inside. Over all, I’m not too happy I didn’t get what I ordered and got a second hand or a seconds one at best. I dont have time to return as I need this wallet now. My old one bit the dust a week ago. Please update your listing and say whether or not you’re selling “seconds” and the right wallet without the coin pouch. Take this for what its worth, buyer beware. Read more

  5. BA

    Wallet is nice. A bit stiff but that OK. Plenty of room for multiple credit cards as well as cash–organize it as you see fit to manage your cards etc. I sorted through my old wallet and got rid of a lot of needless items and now I have this wallet exactly how I like it. Construction is nice, I like the red and white stripes inside–makes it fun. I also appreciate the quality for a non-leather wallet as I try to buy animal-free products as much as possible. Read more

  6. Therese

    Herschel carries two different wallet styles; the Herschel Roy and the Herschel Charlie. The Herschel Roy is the one seen above, with the bi-fold. In the first picture above, I have a leather tri-fold wallet that I first got on amazon and wasn’t happy with. Then it’s the Herschel Roy with nothing in it, and the last one is the Herschel Charlie with nothing in it. The Herschel Charlie is a much slimmer wallet. It does not fold. You can see what the Charlie looks like in the six and seventh picture. The Charlie has four card slots, two on either side, and a small slit in the middle for carrying some cash. Some important differences between the two; the Charlie only has four card slots while the Roy has six. The Charlie also requires you to fold/possibly crumple bills to get them to fit in the middle slot, while the Roy is a bi-fold so bills are stored unfolded. Neither has a coin pocket. Depending on your style, or how much cash you typically like to use, you can decide which way you prefer. Personally, I prefer a bi or tri fold wallet because it’s easier to keep cash organized and it’s easier to take out. In the two photos right before the pocket examples, the Charlie has two bills in it and the Roy has ten. In both, the card slots are full. One more note- in the Roy, there is only one pocket for cash, not two, (this might not be important unless you like to separate bills from ones and twenties for example). One other thing you might notice is that the Roy when cash and cards are stored in it does not naturally stay closed. The wallet comes with a navy blue silicon band around it (both the Charlie and the Roy come with this) that I could guess was mainly for decoration/packaging, but you can use it to keep the wallet sealed if that is your style. In the last three photos, you can see what the wallet’s look like in women’s skinny jeans. Now, the pants I am wearing have decent pockets so it may vary with some ladies or other skinny jean wearers. I would show what they look like in men’s jeans, but I’m not sure how accurate that would be for gentlemen since the jeans would fit me differently. The fourth and third to last are the Roy in women’s jeans; I personally don’t totally mind the partially out look if it helps it fit better. The last two are the Charlie in women’s jeans. Much slimmer indeed, personally I thought back pocket carry looked best. So overall, depends on how you are going to carry it. I would say the Roy would be perfect for looser clothing, jacket pockets, or satchels, and the Charlie if you need a slim, lightweight way to carry some money. Read more

  7. Dean D.

    This thing is really nice. I bought it for my 8 year old and I liked it so much I tried to convince him to trade me for my leather wallet. He refused. The thing I like about this over leather is: it is really thin in comparison. It has the same storage options as my bi-fold leather wallet but it’s lighter/thinner. If you are in the market for a new wallet, consider this. Read more

  8. Heather

    This walet is beautiful, well-made, and unique. It is slim but holds everything you need and is an excellent front pocket, back pocket, or coat wallet. Herschel is a great company and many of its products are unisex and really do work well for both men and women. I recommend this wallet as well as any Herschel product. Read more

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