Quick release leather watch band top grain leather-based watch strap 18mm 19mm 20mm 21mm 22mm 23mm or 24mm for men and women

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  • watch band cloth: ritche leather watch band adopts pinnacle grain cowhide leather and the lowest layer strengthened matte lining ensures tender and breathable. Gentle leather-based material is more secure to wear.
  • most advantageous in shape: ritche watch bands healthy most wrists. Designed to healthy wrists 6″ to 8″, which covers maximum of the population, but watch geometry also impacts suit.
  • before order: short release spring bars are covered with and incorporated into the watch band, so it is very essential to comfirm that your watch lug width fits precisely. We gives 18mm/ 19mm/ 20mm/ 21mm/ 22mm/ 23mm/ 24mm width watch bands in order to pick from. You may refer the photo or ‘product description’ phase on this web page to measure.
  • use and renovation: 1. If the strap has a mild scratch on the floor, please wipe the strap with cotton fabric 2. Please avoid oil stains. We don’ t propose the use of the watch band within the toilet or swimming pool.
  • notice: we provide a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the watch band you acquired inside 30 days. Please feel loose to touch ritche carrier if you have any troubles, we can assist you to make it proper.
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18MM, 19MM, 20MM, 21MM, 22MM, 23MM, 24MM


Black, Black / Blue / Black, Black / Blue / Silver, Black / Red / Black, Black / Red / Silver, Black / Silver, Black / White / Black, Black / White / Silver, Brown / Black, Brown / Silver, Darkbrown / Black, Darkbrown / Silver, Darkbrown / White / Black, Darkbrown / White / Silver, Espresso / Black, Espresso / Silver, Toffee Brown / Black, Toffee Brown / Silver, Blackish Green / Kahki / Black, Blackish Green / Kahki / Silver, Olive Green / Black, Olive Green / Silver

4 reviews for Quick release leather watch band top grain leather-based watch strap 18mm 19mm 20mm 21mm 22mm 23mm or 24mm for men and women

  1. odin

    Edit: A few days in and I’ve decided I want to return this. I bought a Barton brand light brown NATO style band, and it is much more to my liking than the light brown Ritchie quick release band, which I am returning due to design flaw. I have a review of the Barton, you can find it because I mention Ritchie in the title and several times in the review, and that review covers why I like Barton better Original review: If there is any chance your watch will twist while you’re wearing it, do not use the quick release springs! The band activates the quick release when twisted, causing it all to fall apart. This product is totally flawed. With great difficulty I was able to use some needle nose pliers to remove the quick release springs from the band and replace them with normal ones, and now I am happy with the band. I will not be returning it, a rare 2-star review in which I like the product (with modifications) enough to keep it. The leather has a nice soft quality, but it has a fake feel. It’s almost too nice. Normally leather has imperfections and inconsistencies that make every piece unique. This leather is not like that at all, although it feels real and seems high quality. It does feel a touch delicate though. I will withhold further judgement of the leather until I determine how durable it is. The quick releases were super difficult to remove without damaging the soft leather. At least it felt like I might rip the end loop while I was twisting the quick release knob up inside the leather, like back inside the hole from which it protrudes. That part was difficult and almost ruined the end loops. Read more

  2. JimmyD

    Very, very pleased with this watch band. The leather is great quality and very comfortable on the wrist. It’s firm, yet soft and fits quite nicely… no stiffness or “breaking in” needed. Absolutely love the Quick Release feature (cannot understand why any watch manufacturer wouldn’t use these instead of the old-fashioned spring bars!) I swapped out this black leather to replace a stainless steel bracelet that quite honestly kept me from wearing this watch all that much. The Quick Release is super easy to take on and off, and gives you the flexibility to easily move your band to another watch as needed. With the leather strap, this watch (in my opinion) looks much nicer and definitely wears much more comfortably. I have not tried a Ritche “genuine leather” band, so I cannot speak for it, but I have also tried a Ritche NATO strap that I found to be excellent. I would highly recommend Ritche straps as an inexpensive, yet quality way to change up the look of your watches. Besides the color of the band, be sure to match the buckle to your watch case, as Ritche has several different options! Read more

  3. johnny d

    This review is for the dark brown leather quick-release strap. I purchased this strap several weeks ago. After having purchased other leather straps for a lot more money, I was very surprised by the suppleness of the leather. When I noticed it was Top Grain leather, it made sense. Usually, at this price point, the straps are made of Genuine leather. I was very happy with the quality at this price point. The keepers have not stretched out and remain in good shape. Also, the hardware is very good. I will add that the quick-release spring bars make changing straps a breeze. All in all, a good quality product. I do think it would look better with contrasting stitching. Perhaps white or cream colored thread would work well with the dark brown. The lack of taper and square “tail” of the strap initially seemed odd to me. But that is because I am so used to the shape of a traditional watch strap. I think the straight rectangle helps reduce waste during manufacturing. If that is the case, I am happy with the straight rectangle cut. I will happily buy this product again. Read more

  4. Amazonian

    Updated review: I ended up returning this band because after getting it wet only twice, the black leather dye was starting to wash off and fade. I used a very soft white shower towel to dry it and a lot of that black dye was transferred onto the towel. This band is very scratch prone and the leather creases very easily, directly around the buckle (not very supple leather – pretty much like thin, dry skin type of texture). So be aware – you’ll have to be very careful not to scratch this band around, or else you’l ruin it very quickly. I ordered a second band of the same model and I was very shocked to see that the second band I received was not as black as the first one I reviewed here. I ended up returning them both. With that said, I just spent many days researching, purchasing and testing lots of all black; both leather and silicone watch bands here at Amazon for my Fossil Sport and Skagen Falster 2. I ended up settling with a 7 dollar 20mm black silicone quick release band and I’m much happier because it looks great on both watches. So… If you don’t intend to get this black leather band wet and can live with a very delicate nature of its very thin layer of dyed leather glued on top of course leather, then by all means, go ahead and try your luck with it. Original, day one review: I’ll tell you, I’m a very detailed oriented individual and not easily impressed by a lot of products out there, but in my personal opinion, this band fits and suits my wants and needs pretty much in all areas. It’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. – All black with black stitching. Check. – Black buckle (wish it was matte black though). Check. – Non narrowing band. Check. – Squared off tip. Checked. – Matches the matte black portion of my Fossil Sport’s nylon case posts (where you clip the band ends into). Check. Keep in mind there will be a break-in period to get this band perfectly fitted comfortably around your wrist. At first it’s a bit too harsh / stiff. I put my entire watch / band under the faucet running lukewarm water for about a minute, to hopefully soften the band a little more and, with the watch still on my wrist, I just gently patted it down with a clean towel and let it dry on my wrist. I believe it helped expedite the break-in period. It feels a little better on the skin now. There’s some stitching on the inside of the band (that goes against the skin) but even if you wear it very tightly, it will not leave a mark on your skin. Can’t really attest for the durability of this specific band at this time, but I would certainly recommend this band for anyone that happens to be shopping for a fine looking leather band. Read more

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