Professional ballet slipper dance shoe red ballet pointe footwear with toe pad protector for ladies girls

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  • 12c=18cm=7. 08”, 12. 5c=18. 5cm=7. 28”, 1 b(m) us=19cm=7. Forty eight”, 1. 5 b(m) us=19. 5cm=7. 67″, 2 b(m) us=20cm=7. 87″, 2. Five b(m) us=20. 5cm=8. 07″, 3 b(m) us=21cm=eight. 26″, four b(m) us=22cm=8. 66″
  • 5 b(m) us=22. 5cm=8. 86″, 6 b(m) us=23cm=nine. 05″, 7 b(m) us=23. 5cm=nine. 25″, 8 b(m) us=24cm=nine. 44″, nine b(m) us=24. 5cm=9. Sixty four”, 10 b(m) us=25cm=nine. Eighty four”, eleven b(m) us=25. 5cm=10″
  • size 11c, size12c, length 12. 5c and length 13c appropriate for kids
  • we changed the cat bag to crimson ballet bag excessive fine and financial dance footwear for women, welcomed through expert ballet dancers. Recommended by using profess. Ional ballet teachers
  • cited: please pick the scale as your common put on, for instance, you put on us length eight sports activities footwear, you may choose the size 8 dance footwear.
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we changed the cat footwear bag to crimson ballet shoes bag the element length as beneath: us13c=31=19cm=7. 5” us1=32=19. 5cm=7. 7” us1. 5=33=20cm=7. Nine” us2=34=20. 5cm=eight” us3=35=21cm=8. 3” us4=36=21. 5cm=eight. 5” us5=37=22cm=eight. 7” us6=38=22. 5cm=8. Nine” us7=39=23cm=nine. 1″ us8=forty=23. 5cm=nine. Three” us8. Five=forty one=24cm=nine. 5″ us9=42=24. 5cm=9. Sixty five” us9. 5=forty three=25cm=9. Eight” high excellent and financial dance shoes for girls soft ballet footwear with natural high first-class ribbon tapered box with less inner space for the ft which creates a comfortable and secure in shape the european stability has a curved last that follows the herbal contours of the foot, imparting comfort and injury safety the exterior of the shoe has a extra streamlined look without dropping the width of the platform the shoe has open throat line of the vamp form, and the elastic drawstring, creates a streamlined, comfortable match welcomed by way of expert ballet dancers. Advocated by using professional ballet instructors light-weight slippers to permit your toes breath package protected: 1 pair ballet footwear 1 pair toe pads 1 laptop footwear bag


12C M US Llittle Kid, 1 Little Kid, 1.5 Big Kid, 2 Little Kid, 2.5 Big Kid, 3, 4 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.5 Big Kid, 13 Wide Little Kid, toe pad

8 reviews for Professional ballet slipper dance shoe red ballet pointe footwear with toe pad protector for ladies girls

  1. Haeli

    they are much better than i expected for $40 online. the shank is a bit stiff for my taste, but easy enough to break in. theyre as comfortable as pointe shoes can get. the gel pads are a little thick on the sides and the ribbons fray on the end but they fit nicely. the bag they came with is also super cute. (in the photos, the shoes are tightened the way i adjusted them for my feet. they didnt look small in the heel in the box) Read more

  2. Russian_doll💕

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Absolutely stunning! True to size! I’m a size 8 and purchased an 8! I can’t wait to go to ballet tomorrow as wear them! The only thing is I’d add more padding to it like wool for example otherwise it’s just plain painful if you only wear the gel pads. They look just like my old shoes and I saved $45!!! Ones in stores usually cost around $85! Read more

  3. Valerie

    I liked the point to the lot they’re a little big on me and I got the size I normally am in like normal shoes you know but that’s fine I can definitely a work with it love the shoes got them for my daughter but yeah I love them Read more

  4. America Franko

    Bought this for my little niece and it wasn’t until I received it that I realized this is much too advanced for her she’s 4 and even though these at the time of purchase were advertised as toddler shoes I’m not disappointed these are professional quality shoes for a pretty low price and if my niece sticks with the shoes will be here for her Read more

  5. Aubrey Hancock

    This isn’t a terrible shoe, but it isn’t great either. The box and shank are a bit stiffer than I like, but it’s easy enough to break in. I preferred according to the manufacturer size chart but he shoes were just slightly too big for me. I love that they cone with toe guards and the bag is a nice touch. Ultimately, it’s difficult to buy pointe shoes online and have them fit accurately, but overall this is t a bad purchase Read more

  6. Amber1981

    They fit my daughter perfectly! They seem just as well made as the 100$ pair she has. She says they are comfortable. I love that they come with toe pads and the ribbon already sewn on. Read more

  7. Heather Chamberlain

    Fabulous shoes for my 10 year old daughter who is just starting out! Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    The small size is perfect for Christmas ornament. This set I dyed red, put a flower arrangement in them. They set at the top of my tree in my theatre room. Read more

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