Ponytail messy buns trucker ponycaps simple baseball visor cap dad hat

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  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • hook and loop closure
  • length: guys, girls and young adults – one length fits most w/ adjustable hook&loop back
  • head dimension: 56 cm, 22″, length 7 ~ 59 cm, 23-1/four”, size 7-3/eight) brim: 2-3/four” height: five”
  • ponytail cut out compartment: 3″ x 1/2″ – really rubber band your hair up and slide in, regulate and tighten
  • occasion: everyday solid c. C blank simple adjustable hat with ponytail messy bun compartment, smooth in smooth out. Perfect for a day in sun, visor height bill for uv protection from the solar. Awful hair day, hitting the clubs, dance recital, dance performance, dance war, degree appearing, on foot the dog, going for walks, exercise, gymnasium, faculty, university campus, ball video games, soccer stadiums, all outdoor sports for sun safety for all four seasons. Will compliment any outfit.
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product description

a should have c. C regular brilliant gentle brushed poly 6 panel visor bill stable clean simple adjustable hook&loop baseball ball dad cap hat with ponycaps hollow within the lower back for ponytails and messy buns

all of us wishes a cap like this for all events, adjustable hook&loop again with indoors sweatband. Stiff curved brim. What about a horrific hair day, best key hole for your pony tail. Terrific for all seasons, best for hot or cool climate to preserve harmful solar and uv rays from your face. Fantastic for ordinary put on, or just for amusing! Will praise any outfit. Mix and suit along with your existing cloth cabinet. Amazing for vacations and outdoor activities.


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8 reviews for Ponytail messy buns trucker ponycaps simple baseball visor cap dad hat

  1. Kateryna Burrell

    Price and quality are just 👍🏻. Best hat I’ve ever owned. I love that I can make a pony tail or just a bun and still wear this hat. I have big ears, so I like to tuck them in. The hat is deep enough to do so.Update! It shrunk after the first wash, so I can’t tuck my ears in, lol. Still looks good though. Good hatRead more

  2. rachel ogle

    If I could give this product 0 stars I would! I wore this hat this past weekend to take my daughter swimming and the hat got wet. Apparently there was still dye in the hat because it left splotchy black spots of color throughout my hair! I have tried several things to get this horrid dye out but unfortunately nothing has worked. Now my only hope is that my hair dress can do a color correction to get this out. So this hat will probably end up costing me several hundred dollars.Read more

  3. vet1000

    I have a bigger sized head with thick long hair and I could barely get my pony tail through the opening. Once I did the hat wouldn’t stay on because it was too tight at the bottom of the pony tail, it didn’t matter how loose the Velcro strap was.Read more

  4. Todd Buckendorf

    Love this hat. It’s super cute and the color is perfect! The only thing I HATE is the fact that it’s legit glitter vs a shimmer look on the hat. Which means it looks like a fairy puked all over me and anything this hat comes within a foot of. If it weren’t for that it would have a 5 star rating. I wish the glitter would at least have a solution to keep it on the hat and not all over everything if they had to use real glitter.Read more

  5. Melissa K.

    I like how this hat has a hole for my ponytail. But I am very disappointed in the fit of the hat. The front does not form well around my head. It is more of a trucker style than the picture makes it seem. I was hoping to like this hat more than I do. I wear a lot of hats, but I don’t think I can pull this style off in public. Custom service wasn’t very helpful with returns either. They were foing to make me play for shipping, which wasn’t worth the money.Read more

  6. MamaK

    The fit of the hat is a little off on me, but that COULD be because of my head shape. That being said, I really REALLY like it. I tend to wear my hair in ponytails or rock the mom/messy bun. Now I can AND wear a hat. (I love hats) It’s comfortable and easy to adjust. I can’t fit a premade messy bun in the designated hat hole. I have to put the hat on first with like a ponytail and THEN put it into a bun. This can be a pain as it moves the hat on me and sometimes I have to adjust it several times. But…maybe I will get better at it with more time. I wore the hat for a run and it is very secure when fitted properly. I got a ton of compliments on it AND I didn’t have to wear sunglasses which bug me when running. As an outdoorsy gal/running gal….I think these will be a staple for me!Read more

  7. Abbey Luka

    I love that you can put your hair into a high ponytail/bun but it is large. It covers like half of my ear and somewhat irritates it whenever I wear it. I would by another one if it was smaller.Read more

  8. Amanda

    I bought this hat because I am a new mother. It seems to me that all moms must wear glitter hats, at least that’s how things are where I’m from. I think it might have something to do with the fact that we want to look messy but also want to have something sparkly because deep on the inside we are raccoons and Iike things that are shiny. Whether or not you feel the same, or if you’re not a mom, I think you’ll like this hat. Nothing says I’m definitely not a trucker, despite the fact that I’m probably wearing yesterday’s hair and haven’t showered in Lord knows how long, like a glitter crusted, shiny teal baseball hat that conveniently has an extra hole to wear your ponytail higher. Now all I need to do is find things that go with this random color.Read more

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