Ponytail criss go messy buns ponycaps baseball cap dad trucker mesh hat

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  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • hook and loop closure
  • size: one length fits maximum w/ adjustable hook and loop lower back (guys, women, and young adults)
  • head dimension: 56 cm, 22 inches, length 7 to 59 cm, 23 and 1/4 inches, length 7 and three/eight inches
  • brim: 2 and three/four inches peak: 5 inches lower back: wide elastic stretchy returned ponytail elastic compartment: definitely rubber band your hair, adjust and tighten
  • event: proper unique c. C particular elastic stretchy criss cross 3 tier compartment pony bun holder design smooth low profile adjustable hat with ponytail messy low excessive mid bun openings, smooth in easy out.
  • light weight, best for an afternoon in solar or at night, visor peak invoice for uv protection from the solar. Awful hair day, exercising, on foot the dog, running, walking, trekking, fishing, boating, camping, workout, gymnasium, yoga, spin magnificence, pool, seashore, holiday, bbq birthday party, school, college campus, ball games, soccer stadiums, all out of doors activities for solar safety for all 4 seasons. Will compliment any outfit.
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product description

a need to have c. C elastic stretchy criss cross three step person compartment pony tail holder exercise session fitness center 6 panel visor invoice adjustable hook&loop baseball ball dad cap hat with ponycaps holes within the back for ponytails and messy buns

anybody desires cc a cap like this for all events, light weight, adjustable hook&loop back with interior sweatband. Stiff curved brim. What approximately a terrible hair day, perfect key hole for your pony tail. Top notch for all seasons, ideal for hot or cool climate to maintain harmful sun and uv rays from your face. Tremendous for ordinary put on, or just for fun! Will praise any outfit. Blend and fit with your current wardrobe. First-rate for holidays and out of doors sports spring, summer and fall.


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8 reviews for Ponytail criss go messy buns ponycaps baseball cap dad trucker mesh hat

  1. S. C

    I love the idea behind the hat but if you adjust it at all to shorten, it doesn’t set well on your head. The elastic criss crosses just bubbled out and looked unattractive. I ended up tacking the elastic together to shorten it and that seems to work for now. Being elastic, they should have started with shorter pieces of elastic to fit smaller heads and it would stretch to fit larger headsRead more

  2. Hanner

    Great concept. I love being able to do a low ponytail or a high messy bun. The hat is adjustable with velcro also. I gave it 2 stars because I’ve worn it 3 times and the elastic is already ripping away from the hat in the back. Very disappointing for the price.Read more

  3. Kate Nassaney

    All I can tell you is CC hats have blown me away from the Fall, winter, spring & summer! Messy bun beanies, high ponytail hats, and now these criss cross ones ?! I literally cannot get enough! Seriously I have this one in mint, pink, the new leopard print and black, navy blue camo, and gray camo…. I might have a slight obsession haha!I love the criss cross how stretchy it is and it actually gets your ponytail up a little higher than the regular ones! Plus you can use the criss cross to find the perfect height for your ponytail or bun! I have no idea how I survived without these- especially their beanies- I can never pull off beanies because my hair isn’t thick or long enough- with this bam it’s perfect. It’s really a true effortless way to look cute !Read more

  4. Renee Tilby

    Great hat, exactly what I wanted. I was worried that it wouldn’t be adjustable because of the elastic but it does have an adjustable Velcro strap as well. Looks even better in person than on the picture, it’s my go-to hat now. I love that I can do a super high pony and wear a baseball hat at the same time.Read more

  5. C. Hung

    Great summer hat: the mesh allows for airflow and minimizes sweating whilst wearing the hat on the sunniest of days. Provides enough shade but still allows me to see without having to tilt my head. Best of all the cross cross back allows me to wear my hair up comfortably! I loved it so much I got one for my neighbor!Read more

  6. Nick T

    A little small. It does not come down as far as it shows in the picture. But it is super cute and I love the back!Read more

  7. Suzi

    This hat is so SO cute! I don’t usually like baseball style caps with mesh but the criss cross elastic is cute and feminine and takes this cap to the next level. I really love the look.A word of caution – if you have a small head, you may be disappointed by this hat. It runs a little on the big side. If you need to adjust it smaller at all, the elastic kind of gaps or bubbles out a bit and isn’t quite as cute as the model.Read more

  8. Alli Howse

    It looks like the picture and everything, and I like this brand (I have a couple of the beanies) but the hat doesn’t fit right on the sides, like it’s not long enough. It kind of puffs out over the ears and it should be a little longer. Other than that it’s cute and it’s nice to wear high buns or ponytails with a hat.Read more

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