Polo ralph lauren guys’s three p. C. Ribbed get dressed socks (6-12 half)

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  • cotton blends
  • three pairs of men’s get dressed socks via polo ralph lauren
  • sock size: 10-13 (fits guys’s shoe size 6-12. 5)
  • barely ribbed
  • slightly ribbed
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  • cotton percent, please?
  • howdy, and thank you to your query. The composition of the army blue model is the subsequent: – seventy one% cotton – 23% polyester – 3% spandex – three% different fiber. Regards, isabelle see less

  • can i purchase 3 pair of the same shade
  • question: am i able to purchase three pair of the equal coloration solution: i did, army blue through dan camp iii on february 18, 2021 fall apart all answers

  • are those skinny socks?
  • query: are those thin socks? Answer: those are “common” to skinny. These aren’t those first-rate thin merino socks i’ve seen before. With the aid of sean g on february 18, 2021 failed to get solutions. See extra answers (four) fall apart all answers

  • are those over the calf?
  • question: are these over the calf? Solution: under by sylvia harms on december 22, 2017 didn’t get answers. See more solutions (1) fall apart all answers




    Black, Black / Navy / Charcoal, Grey, Khaki, Navy

    8 reviews for Polo ralph lauren guys’s three p. C. Ribbed get dressed socks (6-12 half)

    1. DANN

      I bought these on Amazon recently and also bought a couple of pairs from Macy’s. Upon comparison, I have a hard time believing these aren’t knock offs. At first I thought no way Amazon will sell knock offs, but then I realized these are sold by a marketplace seller, not Amazon (they only provide the shipping). There are significant differences in the quality of the Macy’s socks compared to these. The look and feel of the Macy’s sock is much better and the Polo emblem (the horse) much clearer on the Macy’s products. The socks themselves are okay. They are not too thin and they’re comfortable, but not recommended for the Polo connoisseur. Read more

    2. Mark, the Consumer

      On the same day, I placed an order through Amazon for two packs of socks: 1) Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 3 Pack Ribbed Dress Socks (6-12 1/2) in Khaki colors. 2) Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 3 Pack Ribbed Dress Socks (6-12 1/2) in Navy blue color. Both of these 3-packs are advertised with “Soft cotton blend”, something very important to me. Also, both of the 3-packs are sold by the same vendor (FIZAARO). The only difference between the two 3-packs appeared to be the difference in color. I was very surprised to discover that the two packs of socks are nothing alike in quality. Both have the Polo logo. The navy blue socks are what I expect, a soft cotton blend, very comfortable, and like any other ribbed cotton socks I’ve purchased in the past. However, the socks in the Khaki 3-pack are thin, tight, and very small. They are very poor quality, very uncomfortable to wear, and will probably not last the year. When I remove these socks at the end of the day, the skin on my calves is very noticeably affected due to lack of bloodflow. I don’t understand this. Both 3-packs are advertised as size 10-13, but there is clearly a huge difference in size. See the attached photo. The Khaki socks look like something you would give a toddler or a little boy! Don’t bother purchasing the Khaki version of these socks. Unfortunately, they have the quality of a knock-off. Read more

    3. AmazonDevotee

      I have been buying this brand cotton socks for years, but usually from T J ___…. Not sure if these are not authentic but quality is inferior. They seem thinner and the top of the socks do not seem to be well elasticized…. feels like they are already stretched out after 1 or 2 wearings. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I’ve worn Polo Ralph Lauren dress socks for as long as I can remember. Always pleased until I ordered these. They are so thin they are more like women’s hose. Literally I can see my toes when socks are on my feet. Definitely would NOT purchase again. Perhaps I should have sent them back. Instead I am wearing another pair of thin socks on top of the three pair I purchased. Read more

    5. Jlynnbe

      They’re socks… with a horse and rider playing polo logo…. A men’s dress sock. They are kind of thin. I expected them to be a little better quality considering they are Ralph Lauren… but really…. my husband just wears them. But yeah, I’d order them again. Read more

    6. Tamara

      I have always liked these socks. They last really well, even when I run around with just them on. Some of them have lasted six years plus. They never fade. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      These are not especially well made, soft, etc., etc. They are pretty cheap with a logo. Got duped. Read more

    8. amanda vega

      Husband likes these a lot. Comfortable and stylish Read more

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