Platinum-plated sterling silver swarovski zirconia spherical-cut 3-stone ring set

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  • conventional three stone ring set with swarovski zirconia (3. 8 cttw)
  • platinum-plated sterling silver band, size five for a secure fit
  • this beautiful ring is perfect present for buddies and cherished ones
  • each swarovski zirconia is laser engraved as a seal of authenticity and ensures the highest fine diamond simulant in the global
  • imported
  • these silver portions are constructed for durability. This piece features a steel plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a greater lustrous appearance, but it can put on off with lengthy-time period or heavy use. To make sure the sturdiness of your plated gadgets keep your jewelry in a darkish, cool, dry location such as a pouch or air tight box and avoid rubbing plated gadgets collectively. Also try to keep away from exposure to cleaning merchandise and fragrance which could each negatively affect your objects. Your local jeweler can advocate you wherein to send your jewelry if you’ll ever like them replated.
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an amazon brand – conventional 3 stone ring set with swarovski zirconia (three. Eight cttw)


5, 6, 7, 8, 9

8 reviews for Platinum-plated sterling silver swarovski zirconia spherical-cut 3-stone ring set

  1. Carrie

    Beautiful! The rings fit together nicely and looks genuine. Over a month and half later and they still sparkle and shine. The plating on the back of the rings looks a little dull but that’s from normal wear. I wear this set every day. The stones get a little cloudy but if you wash them with mild dish soap and a soft brush they shine right up. I still love this set. **The last picture is after 4 years of wear! Still stunning and sparkly!***. Read more

  2. Laura R.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I wish it was real!!! LOL For the price, the quality is amazing! I’m very happy with my purchase. These are the rings i will use to travel. Don’t want to lose my real wedding rings! Read more

  3. RB

    This is a really pretty ring if you like bling. It’s an 8 mm (2 ct) center stone with two 4 mm (.25 ct) side stones. I love the proportion of the smaller side stones to the center but for me, the center is too big. I love it for some sparkle on my finger but it just looks too big on my size 4.5 finger. If you like big stones, get this ring, it is beautiful and it looks fairly real as long as you don’t examine it too closely. I wish Amazon would put better descriptions on their rings in terms of the stone sizes. I had no idea how big these stone were until I got it. I actually got this set just for the 3 stone ring, I don’t personally like the band because I find that type of band to be uncomfortable. But it is pretty and probably looks more real because of the small stones. The stones in the band look to be around 3 mm each. Together it is a nice set if you like big stones and a LOT of sparkle on your finger. Read more

  4. Little Bean

    I received this ring on time, though it was not in a box as some others were, just in 2 separate little baggies. While this ring looked nice in person, one stone was already missing out of the wedding band. The stone was in the bag, unfortunately I can’t use this as I intended to. I originally got this as a stand in for my original wedding band for when we go on vacations. But after seeing it come already damaged I question if this would really be worth it? How long will it last going hiking or to an amusement park? If you bump it on something are other stone going to be lost as well? I think it may be worth it to spend a little more and hope you get better quality. Read more

  5. AmazonCustomer

    Love love love this ring set! The center stone is an 8mm (I measured it with my calipers). That is equal to 2 carats. The set is so pretty and sparkles like mad. The 2 rings sit flush next to each other with no gap. It is so comfortable to wear. I cant even feel it on my fingers. Nothing pushing or poking on the sides of my fingers. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for an upgrade to their current set or for travel wear. Very believable! Read more

  6. Nunya

    I love it!! Going on vacation and didn’t want to bring the real stuff. This is perfect! Just got it today in the mail. Came with box and is beautiful. I’ll prob get just the wedding band for my right hand ring too!! I will save it for vacation but will prob wear it anytime I don’t want to wear my real set. This is just as beautiful. Check out my pics. For reference I wear a size 6 and ordered the 6. It is a perfect fit. Read more

  7. Jennifer Campbell

    My husband bought this ring for me as a new Wedding Set! It is more beautiful in person than in any picture. Everyone immediately notices it and comments on how beautiful it is. I’m not going to tell them how much he paid for it because it looks like a really expensive Real diamond set. I received it 3 days ago and I wear it everywhere, only taking it off to wash my hands or shower and it’s still shining bright. I will buy more jewelry cleaner to keep it looking good but so far it’s not needed to be cleaned. It arrived in the most beautiful black box that holds the actual ring box. Both are excellent quality! I was surprised of how nice boxes were since the ring was under $40. It also came with a product insert telling all about the companies jewelry. I am completely thrilled with this set and would purchase it again in a heartbeat and would recommend buying it. If any stones come loose or fall out I will revise my review. Read more

  8. Meme V

    Gorgeous ring. It has a nice weight to it and I get many compliments when wearing it. I’m not a fan of diamonds at all due to the whole “blood diamond” thing. So I was on the hunt for something beautiful, yet conflict-free. It is absolutely breathtaking when the light hits it and is gorgeous even without any light present. The setting is not too high profile that it catches on things. It’s high enough to be seen, but not so high that you run the risk of ruining your ring doing basic tasks. Do not hesitate if you’re thinking of ordering this ring! You will not be sorry. Read more

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