Platinum-plated sterling silver swarovski zirconia leverback rings

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  • sensitive drop earrings adorned with prong set round first-rate reduce swarovski zirconia (2 cttw)
  • this set is crafted from high exceptional platinum plated sterling silver
  • an superb staple piece for each person’s collection
  • each swarovski zirconia is laser engraved as a seal of authenticity and guarantees the very best great diamond simulant in the global
  • imported
  • those silver pieces are built for toughness. This piece features a steel plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a more lustrous appearance, however it is able to put on off with lengthy-time period or heavy use. To make sure the durability of your plated gadgets store your earrings in a dark, cool, dry location consisting of a pouch or air tight container and keep away from rubbing plated items collectively. Also try to avoid exposure to cleaning merchandise and perfume which can each negatively have an effect on your objects. Your neighborhood jeweler can advise you wherein to ship your rings if you would ever like them replated.
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an amazon emblem – sensitive lever-lower back earrings with prong, decorated with round first rate cut swarovski zirconia (2 cttw)


Platinum-Plated, Rose-gold-plated, Yellow-gold-plated


1 cttw, 2 cttw, 3 cttw

6 reviews for Platinum-plated sterling silver swarovski zirconia leverback rings

  1. online shopaholic

    **UPDATE: one year later…I wear these at least twice a week and they’ve held up beautifully. Very pleased! **ORIGINAL POST: This is a pretty decent imitation of the real deal. Swarovski usually does great work, and this is another example. I have the earring next to my engagement ring for comparison… my stone is 0.68 carat; can’t remember the clarity, but it’s a high-quality stone. Hope that helps. The gold tone color of the earring’s setting is spot-on, too. No weird orangey tinge. At the time of this review, I’ve handled them only for a week now, so I’ll update if that becomes an issue. One problem other reviewers have had that I have as well: the hinge on one earring is a bit loose and can rock side-to-side. Sometimes it will swing around too far when I close it and end up on the inside of the hook rather than stopping AT the hook. Nothing has broken, and I just try to be careful with them as with my other jewelry. I feel both backs to make sure they’re closed when I put them in. (Maybe I got a dud?) Another point worth mentioning: other reviewers have complained that the stones point down. They do. This style of earring does that. There’s really no way to adjust for it. I have rubies in this style that do the same, and other ladies I know wear similar earrings that also tilt down. They still look great, but if that bothers you, then it may just be that this style earring isn’t for you. Hope this helps. Happy shopping! Read more

  2. Alena

    Those earrings are beautiful and very comfortable. Read more

  3. Honey Solomon

    The one carat size is perfect for me . . . light weight and for me, sleep/shower safe. Reviews allow for differences in opinion and they offer a good way to help others with buying options. At my age (72) I prefer simple and comfy. After losing one of my favorites, the ‘real’ ones were gifts to my daughter . . . much better than a safety deposit box! The CZ is brilliant and the setting is delicate but fragile. The presentation box is a small dark blue box. If these are to be a gift, you might want to consider using a different box. As far as the CZ and setting are concerned, they compare well with diamond earrings! Read more

  4. ConnieColorado

    I finally found a pair of inexpensive earrings that do not irritate my ridiculously sensitive nickel-allergy. After countless problems with earrings I had elected to have a nickel allergy test and sure enough the outcome pretty much screamed – do not even attempt cheap earrings. So I stopped wearing earrings for years – 6 to be exact. I am so glad that I decided to try these earrings. They DO NOT irritate my ears AT ALL! I’ve worn them 3 or 4 times per week since they arrived. I clean them with alcohol after every other wear and – unless I forget to remove them – never shower in them. I also do not sleep in them. They are easy to put in and remove. I am really impressed with the lever back. It flips shut and does not open unless I open it. The metal is very shiny and the crystal looks very nice. Nice enough that I have not thought twice about pairing the earrings with my diamond solitaire necklace. I’ve started stocking up on these earrings because I don’t want to be without them should they end up not being available. You know how it is. Find something you like only to find out that what you like is no longer in stock. Stock up! Read more

  5. C.D.

    For those buying these for a gift, the initial presentation and box is not what you’d get from a fine jeweler—,but neither is the price! (And you might want to remove the Made in China tag as well) The earrings are a little larger than I’d hoped, but not too huge. They’d be THOUSANDS of dollars if real, so a little smaller size would not invite as many questions… CZs have come so far in recent years and I longer see the reason to buy the “real thing”. That holds true for these earrings. The stones have a firey sparkle and look very real. I don’t agree with others who’ve said they don’t. My only complaint (and reason for less than 5 stars) is that the clasps aren’t the tightest. Others have reported this as well. I think they will hold the earrings on fine, but IF these were real stones, I wouldn’t risk it! They seem to snap in place, but can appear to be closed when they are not completely aligned with the hook part (in the ear). Just be aware and check when you put them on. Lastly, I have never had this style of earrings, but if you don’t know, they hang on your ear with the stone facing outward. The sparkly stone will only be seen from the side of your face, not from the front. This is not a problem with these particular earrings, just something to think about when buying this style. It would be better if the stones were able to pivot, but this issue also exists for stud earrings, so maybe not a concern for others. Read more

  6. Ally Reviews

    I ordered the 2 cttw yellow gold-plated set. I love these earrings! They are so lovely and elegant. Pros: -Gorgeous design; elegant and understated. -The 2 cttw is the perfect size for this earring. Not too big so that they look cheap or are too heavy, and not too small to not be noticeable. -The Swarovski zirconia has quite a bit of fire and brilliance. The stones sparkle when you wear them! The earrings also come with an authenticity pamphlet so you know they are real Swarovski’s. -The earrings are high quality as far as I can tell. -They arrive beautifully packaged in a nice, heavy paper box and a black velvet pad. The earrings would make a wonderful gift! -A great price! They seem a lot more expensive than they actually are. Cons: -I’m not sure how long the hinge on the earring backs will last, but I can see that failing with enough use. My ears are not sensitive to different metals, so I can’t comment on that issue. Overall, I find these earrings to be lovely and a great price. If you’re looking for a gift for the stylish lady in your life, these would earrings would be wonderful! Read more

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