Platinum plated sterling silver cushion cut cubic zirconia stud earrings

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  • conventional stud jewelry offering cushion cut 6mm cubic zirconia stones (2 cttw diamond equal) in 4 prong basket settings of platinum plated sterling silver
  • cubic zirconia (cz) is an less costly, war-free opportunity to diamond that famous remarkable shine and a meticulous reduce
  • ideal rings gift to make bigger a girl’s style cloth cabinet with a traditional, timeless fashion
  • butterfly backing
  • hand-crafted in pure . 925 sterling silver; platinum plating brought to beautify shine and sturdiness
  • imported
  • those silver portions are built for longevity. This piece features a metal plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a more lustrous look, but it may put on off with long-time period or heavy use. To make certain the sturdiness of your plated objects save your earrings in a dark, cool, dry region which includes a pouch or air tight field and avoid rubbing plated gadgets together. Also try and avoid exposure to cleansing merchandise and fragrance that may each negatively affect your gadgets. Your neighborhood jeweler can suggest you where to send your rings if you will ever like them replated.
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add a bit sparkle to any outfit with those stunning cushion-cut cubic zirconia stud rings. The 7mm stones have a square form with rounded corners and are cradled in 4-prong settings of platinum-plated sterling silver. With their fancy form and pretty sparkle, these versatile studs are particular and beautiful. Platinum plating at the sterling silver offers those post-set jewelry a rich finish, and also makes them tarnish-proof and hypoallergenic.


1 cttw, 2 cttw, 3 cttw, 4 cttw, 5 cttw

8 reviews for Platinum plated sterling silver cushion cut cubic zirconia stud earrings

  1. km in tx

    after day two these looked terrible and were hurting my ear lobs. not shiney, not pretty i took them and threw them away. I’m a real person and did NOT receive this item at a discount in lieu of a positive review. By clicking “helpful” at the bottom of this review, it will help move “real” reviews to the top. Thanks in advance. Read more

  2. Barbi Santos

    I purchased these a month ago and they are ready for the garbage. The sparkle is gone (I’ve tried cleaning them; no success) and the post has fallen off of the prongs. And of course return date has expired. Not impressed. One star because it can’t go any lower. Read more

  3. Laura McKinney

    I’m so happy with this purchase! I chose the 1 carat tw and they are gorgeous and look like real diamonds! The cushion cut is beautiful and unique! Just lost my real round diamonds and these are prettier! Buy them! The key with zirconia is not to get them too large. Read more

  4. Sharon M.

    Unfortunately I was really disappointed with these earrings. The packaging it came in was wonderful, however I expected the stones to be of better quality, and really shine nicely like other earrings I’ve bought here on amazon. At first I thought they were just dirty from storage, and I cleaned them with a little mild soap and water, like I do the rest of my cz items, but that didn’t do anything at all. I can however say that the platinum setting looks and feels nice. If the stones they chose would have been nicer, they would have been perfect. Read more

  5. Cris

    I purchased the 3cttw and although they are really nice, they were much bigger than I had expected them to be. I highly recommend to anyone, whatever size you’re thinking of purchasing, go one size down. Overall the earrings are nice, I like them and will purchase more in the future. Read more

  6. Kerissa K

    Looks pretty real, very impressed. I’ve purchased a lot of CZ plated earrings from amazon, and it’s hard to tell what will look real because all the pictures will look the same. Some come and you can tell how fake they are because they overdo the “sparkle” factor. I would say this one looks the most realistic, and also the plating is great. I have really sensitive ears, and even with “plated” studs, I’ve had to put a coat of clear nail polish over the part that touches skin because it still is irritating. 5s all across the board. I’m actually ordering different sizes now. Read more

  7. Ariana

    Great pair of crystal stud earrings for the price. The best way I can describe them is sturdy. Even though they are fake I see them lasting a long time (of course not if I lose one). I have little ears and these look somewhat larger than I would like but thats alright. Read more

  8. Happy Vegan

    I am a real person, I paid for these earrings and I have very sensitive ears so I was extremely skeptical. I have to say I’m shocked at how great they look, how they haven’t bothered my ears at all, and they haven’t tarnished or lost shine and it’s been about a month. I will definitely update this review if they turn green or start hurting my ears. I will buy these over and over as I lose them, because I can never lose a real carat again. That is the worst feeling. Such a waste. A stud earring is tiny and so easily lost if you’re like me and keep them in all day every day. I have woken up missing an earring and now it won’t be the end of the world. Highly recommended Read more

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