Platinum or gold plated sterling silver swarovski zirconia antique ring set

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  • glowing vintage-style ring with asscher-reduce swarovski zirconia and band with prong-set faceted rounds.
  • both bands are adorned with prong-set faceted round brilliant cut swarovski zirconia.
  • each swarovski zirconia is laser engraved as a seal of authenticity and ensures the best exceptional diamond simulant in the global.
  • this item runs rather huge, those between sizes have to round down.
  • these silver portions are constructed for longevity. This piece functions a steel plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a greater lustrous appearance, but it could put on off with long-time period or heavy use. To ensure the durability of your plated items keep your earrings in a darkish, cool, dry area together with a pouch or air tight field and avoid rubbing plated items together. Also try to keep away from publicity to cleansing merchandise and fragrance that could each negatively have an effect on your gadgets. Your local jeweler can recommend you where to send your rings if you’ll ever like them replated.
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  • is that this real swaroviski crystal?
  • query: is this real swaroviski crystal? Answer: sure, as advertised. The middle stone is a high best zirconia. Very quite…. By way of cindy stevens on june 17, 2016 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (2) disintegrate all answers

  • is it long lasting?
  • i’ve worn this ring each day for 4 years… It nonetheless appears exceptional. The engraving at the returned hides any scratches, and no stones have fallen out. It has sincerely held up higher than my heirloom platinum and white gold wedding ceremony set, which after 7 years, is quite much a fragile mess. I’m usually pretty skeptical about these things, however this appears to be quite durable. See less

  • middle stone length?
  • my real engagement diamond ring is 1. 25 carats. I purchased this to wear for ordinary and for journey. The middle stone might be a carat. Without a doubt now not bigger. But the diamonds around it set it off so it looks large. I’ve to mention, i don’t like big, faux-searching rings, but this is actually, virtually great. Very formidable, but now not cheesy. See less

  • do the stones fall out easy?
  • question: do the stones fall out smooth? Answer: mine fell out after only 1 month 2 weeks. Certainly one of my three smaller stones at the aspect of my bugger stone by using rose on march 31, 2018 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (nine) crumble all answers


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    3 reviews for Platinum or gold plated sterling silver swarovski zirconia antique ring set

    1. Ernest E Allen

      I was on the fence About purchasing this set for my wife until I read the review posted by Felicita A..who says she is a former jewelry store owner? This person has either not actually purchased this set and seen it in person or does not possess the jewelry knowledge that is put forth in the review!! My knowledge of jewelry is as a purchaser and owner of some fine jewelry pieces..based on that..the first thing I would like to make clear about this set it is absolutely not 4 1/2 carat total weight it would be a real challenge to squeeze 2 to 2 1/2 carat total weight out of the set. If it is in fact platinum plated which I question since within a couple hours of my wife wearing them her finger was turning green under the bands..The metal has a very dull finish which is not compatible with platinum pieces I own..even the platinum plated pieces I have purchased have a little bit of a sheen to the metal this is a very flat dull finish like a sterling silver without plating normally is. Even a polish sterling silver has a bit of a sheen to it this has absolutely none! The Center stone May pass for a 1 to 1 1/4 carat total weight and there is not another 3 carats anywhere to be found in this set of rings…these are all things that I would expect to be pointed out by an experienced jeweler writing a sum up..If I had known that carat weight was not as advertised I would not have purchased them so be aware of what you read…before purchasing any jewelry from this collection Suggest you contact Amazon to verify the carat weight..and that it is in fact platinum plated with a pure metal that won’t your skin green…and don’t base your decision to purchase on someone’s review the claims to know what they’re talking about!! Read more

    2. Felicita A.

      I used to own a Jewelry store online. I sold VVS1, VS1 diamonds. I retired from this business in 2003 but still own great quality items that are kept safely in a vault. I decided to give Swarovski CD a try because I want an everyday set to wear without worrying that my good jewelry can get lost. I bought this wedding set. When I received this set (I bought the matching earrings and pendant necklace too), I could not believe my eyes. I was always accustomed to wearing good, expensive jewelry and this set blew me away. When I opened up the box this set took my breath away. The center stone looks just like a VVS1 clarity, D color diamond. Every facet catches the light and it does not look like some see through glassy looking CZ. The quality cut of this Ascher cut stone is so perfect that the light bounces all around the steps around the entire stone and you cannot see through the stone. The quality and workmanship is so high end, that I fell so in love with it. I received the set 3 days ago and wore it to the doctors office because I have a case of tennis elbow. I received compliments from the doctor and the doctors assistant on how beautiful my “diamond ring” is. The wedding band is so dainty and I love the small stones and the delicate detail all around D the entire band. I love the believable size of the stones on the engagement ring. I have long fingers and the stone sizes are not too small and not too large so it is quite believable. As someone who has worked as a professional who once sold fine jewelry I have never see such clean lines, beautiful migraine work and brilliant stones that rival the finest diamonds. This is a very high end look in rhodium plated sterling silver. The Platinum finish caps it so beautifully. I will never tell anyone I am wearing CZ but, I wanted to share here that if you want to replace your old or lost rings with something that looks high end because of the beauty of the design and the fine detail, get this set. It looks beautiful and believable and I never thought I would enjoy the Ascher cut, because I didn’t know how well a dispersion of light it had and or how high the refractive index would be. Well, I got it and don’t need to measure the fire, refractive index and dispersion, because my eyes are witness to the fire, brilliance and beauty of this set and also because on the first day I wore the set, today, I got compliments and it showed in the delighted wide eyed reactions of these two people. It’s stately, elegant design says that I the wearer has fine, discriminating taste in jewelry. Read more

    3. Ms Jackson

      Simply beautiful ring! Intricately gorgeous. It has such a classic vintage look and feel to it. When I first opened the box I was quite surprised on how real it actually looked. Once I put it on I fell even more in love with the design. It has some weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s comfortable and true to size. I ordered a size 8 and it’s perfect. I have showered with it, washed dishes with it, and even applied lotion with it on and it still has a beautiful shine as in the pictures I attached. I am beyond happy with it and will recommended it to anyone who loves a personal unique ring. Updated Review w/ new pictures: 5/30/2016 Still in love with this ring. I can honestly say I have not taken this ring off since received. I still wash dishes, shower, and lotion up with it and as you can see, it still has a natural shine! (Updated Review 8/11/17) Nothing but love and admiration for this ring still. For the first time I cleaned it since buying and has such a gorgeous shine and sparkle to it. Also paired it with two eternity bands recently and in love! 😍 (New pics reflect this) Read more

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