Platinum or gold plated sterling silver spherical-reduce tennis bracelet made with swarovski zirconia

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  • tennis bracelet set with round first rate cut swarovski zirconia in cutout settings
  • 7. 25″ in period, secured with safety clasp
  • this yellow gold plated sterling silver piece is ideal for going from day to night time
  • every swarovski zirconia is laser engraved as a seal of authenticity and guarantees the very best great diamond simulant in the world
  • imported
  • those silver pieces are constructed for durability. This piece features a metallic plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a greater lustrous appearance, however it is able to wear off with long-term or heavy use. To ensure the longevity of your plated objects store your rings in a darkish, cool, dry region which include a pouch or air tight field and keep away from rubbing plated gadgets collectively. Also try to keep away from publicity to cleaning merchandise and fragrance that can both negatively affect your gadgets. Your neighborhood jeweler can advise you wherein to send your rings if you’ll ever like them replated.
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product description

an amazon logo – tennis bracelet set with spherical splendid cut swarovski zirconia in cutout settings


7.25" Length, 8" Length


Green, Platinum-Plated, Rainbow, Rose-gold-plated, Yellow-gold-plated


4 mm, 6 mm

8 reviews for Platinum or gold plated sterling silver spherical-reduce tennis bracelet made with swarovski zirconia

  1. YB2003

    Very happy with this purchase. I wore this next to my real 5ct diamond tennis bracelet and as you can see, the larger one on the left is the amazon one and what difference in the sparkle and fire of the stones. Now, whether it holds up as a quality product (ie, no stones falling out or the links breaking), that we will see. I’ll do an update sometime down the line. Read more

  2. Carmen livia

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It looks real. I had a real one but sold it. The crystals look exactly like diamonds. I hope the setting will stand the rest of time. I have worn it only twice so far. Only time wil tell. I got the largest size stones so the setting will be thicker and stronger then the smaller settings. I think that is why so many are having problems with it. These crystals are best for rings to I think not cubic zirconia. I do not know if they make rings from s.crystals. But I will look! Read more

  3. Stacy F

    I purchased this bracelet and love it. The stones really sparkle brilliantly. I’ve had many compliments on it. I was concerned the metal might tarnish since it was plated but that has not happened. I never take this off and it has never been affected by going in the shower. This is high quality at a very fair price. If you’re debating buying it, go for it! Read more

  4. Anon

    I really love this bracelet and the way it looks. It’s very sturdy and has a double clamping system so that it won’t fall off. Read more

  5. gina a welch

    I was looking for a tennis bracelet that was gold plated and with nice size stones….this one is it. I have ordered other gold tennis bracelets from other retailers and the color of the gold plating was very fake…..a very bright brassy looking gold….this one looks like the real thing. The stones are large which is what I wanted. The bracelet sparkles beautifully. Read more

  6. oreosmeow

    First, I love that Swarovski is making zirconia. I’ve always loved their crystals, and the zirconia doesn’t disappoint. In the sun and in low light, the stones sparkle as beautifully as my high quality diamond band ring and I really can’t detect a difference. Can’t wait to wear the bracelet with my mom’s and grandmother’s perfect blue diamonds – the color cast will be different as the diamonds are set in white gold and the bracelet is rise good, but I think it’ll be spectacular! Read more

  7. Coco

    OK I got this product and in just a few months everything wore off of it it now just looks like a cheap piece that I’ll never wear all the gold wore off of it it didn’t stay on mind you I didn’t wear it every day and I never wore in the shower so I wouldn’t order this again Read more

  8. Kris Fagering White

    I get so many complements on it, I have a real diamond one that I wear with it, and this one looks more real, the the real diamonds!! I tell people to guess one is the real diamonds. And they never get it right!! Cool Read more

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