Platinum or gold-plated sterling silver round-reduce swarovski zirconia solitaire pendant necklace

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  • cable-chain necklace with spherical remarkable reduce swarovski zirconia solitaire stone (2 cttw), set in platinum plated sterling silver basket
  • cable-chain necklace duration adjustable to sixteen-17-18″, secured with spring-ring clasp
  • this earrings design changed into manufactured with the very best first-rate standards. All efforts are being made to apply sustainable sources and socially responsible companies
  • every swarovski zirconia is laser engraved as a seal of authenticity and guarantees the very best exceptional diamond simulant inside the international
  • imported
  • these silver pieces are constructed for longevity. This piece capabilities a metal plating or flashing, or an electrocoating for a extra lustrous look, but it can wear off with long-time period or heavy use. To make certain the toughness of your plated objects save your rings in a dark, cool, dry place along with a pouch or air tight field and keep away from rubbing plated items collectively. Additionally attempt to avoid publicity to cleaning products and perfume that can each negatively affect your items. Your neighborhood jeweler can advocate you wherein to ship your earrings if you will ever like them replated.
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an amazon logo – cable-chain necklace with round splendid cut swarovski zirconia soliaire stone, set in platinum plated sterling silver basket


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1 cttw, 2 cttw, 3 cttw

8 reviews for Platinum or gold-plated sterling silver round-reduce swarovski zirconia solitaire pendant necklace

  1. willkayl

    This was a last minute purchase for a necklace I wore on my wedding day. Originally I wasn’t planning on wearing a necklace but my mother kept requesting that I did. I wanted something simple since my dress had heaving beading on the top but I don’t like how some pendants have a pronounced V like shape. Because this chain connects on the outer corners of the crystal you get more a U shape which is what I wanted. Read more

  2. TallTexasChick

    Even though the chain was in a horribly tangled mess (which took me 12 solid, focused minutes to undo!), I’m still giving this 5 stars, because the CZ is AWESOME, very pretty. The necklace is comfy to wear every day, which is good, because it goes with everything in your wardrobe. A classic. I have this in the 3 ct and the 2 ct. They both look excellent. OH, and if you have trouble with small clasps, do yourself a favor and get one of the magnetic clasps which you can attach to any necklace. Makes your morning simpler. I got one from Sabrina Silver; “Sterling Silver 6 mm Magnetic Clasp Converter for Necklaces Italy, Large size”. Enjoy! Read more

  3. JuliaG

    I’ve always loved the look of necklaces with a single attached stone. The stone is gorgeous, and looks like a real diamond. I purchased the smallest size of 1cttw. I louped the stone, and it is indeed a Swarovski zirconia. I have been disappointed with some of the larger asscher cut pendants that are listed as Swarovski, but are not. The only downside to this pendant is that the clasp is a little difficult to operate; the rings the clasp attaches to are very small, and difficult to grip. Read more

  4. Adriana

    I am very picky when it comes to jewelry. I was hesitant to buy this product b/c I am sick of buying necklaces that tarnish…but this necklace is a gem!! No tarnishing (despite my sweating, showering, or swimming). The stone size is perfect. Great alternative to pricey diamond necklaces out there. Read more

  5. Kasey

    This is horrible!!! I had this necklace not even a week and its so tarnished and black. Horrible product so disappointing! Read more

  6. ~*~ Sunshine ~*~

    This is a very pretty necklace that I ordered in rose gold to go with some earrings that I already have. The Swarovski stone is so sparkly and lovely, a nice size to be noticed without being ostentatious. The chain is dainty and practical with the optional rings to wear it at 16″, 17′, or 18′ lengths. The only thing about it that I’m not thrilled about it the fixed chain design rather than having the crystal pendant loose on the chain. If wearing on bare skin rather than on cloth, it will often move off center and not hang perfectly, which I find frustrating. If wearing on a sweater, for instance, the problem isn’t as bad. Beyond this small gripe, it’s a lovely solitaire necklace. Four and a half stars! Read more

  7. M.M.

    I got this as a gift from my kids and I looove it so much, I get a lot of compliments. I have the matching earrings in a smaller size which I think ballances nicely. Read more

  8. ZJ

    If I could give this item zero stars, I would. While the necklace is nice looking, it is of very poor construction. I wore it all of 2 times before the clasp broke, rendering it entirely useless. I wish I could return and get my money back, but unfortunately I’m past the return window now. Do yourself a favor and find a better quality product. Read more

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